Alexandra Vavulina,

Chief editor of the site

Fashion and style - a way of expressing ourselves, which helps each of us look modern and harmonious. Even if a person does not speak about fashion and does not adhere to it, he intuitively chooses his own style. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to reveal the inner “I” and make the image whole and natural, and then the help of experts in this field is needed.

I made my personal choice when I learned to knit and crochet. Interest in the design of patterns and the creation of copyright knitted things, and then mastering the basics of building cutting and sewing led to the world of fashion, beauty and harmony.

Thus, while studying at the Faculty of Philology, a frivolous passion for fashion has grown into a favorite and most important thing in my life. Even then, I seriously began to engage in modeling and tailoring outfits for myself and close friends. The desire to develop in this area was the first step in acquiring professional skills and obtaining a second higher education at the Institute of Fashion and Design.

The first professional experience was obtained as a designer on curtains: she created sketches, consulted and selected fabrics. Then she was a leading designer and engaged in the development of seasonal collections of women's clothing, tracked the assortment of stores and current fashion trends.

At the moment I work with private clients to create an individual image and style. I am engaged in the selection of fabrics, accessories and accessories, design, design and tailoring.

I hope that my published articles will help you in choosing your style and will answer many questions that have arisen when choosing a casual, evening or wedding dress.

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