Colors of dresses

Top 10 most popular colors of dresses

Top 10 most popular colors of dresses

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  1. White
  2. The black
  3. Red
  4. Green
  5. Blue
  6. Gray
  7. Orange
  8. Beige
  9. Yellow
  10. Violet

Colors accompany us everywhere, they form the basis of our perception. And how many shades can be created on the basis of only a few primary colors - hundreds and thousands. Every year, designers create new color solutions, interestingly beat them and give life to unique tandems.

We have chosen for you the most interesting colors, and also tell you about the most vivid and memorable shades.


Cleanliness, freshness and lightness are not all the meanings of white. It is multifaceted and in the characteristics, and in the perception of its shades. White color associated with angels, accurate and fair people, is the favorite color of brides. He also contrasts better with all colors.

The choice of white dress requires special attention to the decoration. It should be brilliant, shimmering, lacy, gorgeous and unobtrusive.

Light print, floral motifs do not spoil the beauty of the white dress. White is beautiful and that is combined with all colors, with which you can adjust the shape.

The black

Black color always symbolizes a riddle, the highest manifestation of elegance and special style.

Choosing a dress in this color, you can emphasize sexuality and create a gorgeous image.

It is possible and vice versa, to emphasize the severity and conservatism.

To black outfit was not too heavy and gloomy, it is necessary to dilute it with contrasting decor and accessories. Lace, flowers, belts will do. Very much is able to change a simple, but elegant cape. Just do not overdo it, you need to beat the image favorably. Carefully you need to pick up shoes and clutch, jewelry.


Red color along with all possible shades is a source of passion, energy, sexuality.

In the matter of choosing a dress with such a bold color performance, it is worth focusing on the cut and striving for the perfect match of style, body type and color type.

If you take into account all the nuances and choose a good dress, then you will be ensured the attention of others. Red outfit can have frills, flounces and other decorative items that only brighten up the wild nature of a bold dress. Such an image would be out of place in an office style, at business negotiations and meetings.

Among the many shades of red burgundy, Marsala and Koshemerovaya rose most popular.


Bordeaux has a clear life position, strength, purposefulness, resilience.

For a business person, burgundy dress is a real find, as it speaks of solidity, a confident attitude, and conservatism.

For people around you, this color in your clothes will look attractive, which will help you to quickly have your interlocutors to yourself. However, it is not recommended to constantly use burgundy color in their everyday images, since it can contribute to the onset of depression.


A successful and very interesting is the combination of wine-red hue with a brown tone - as a result Marsala is obtained. Hue can be compared to the elite wine of a century of exposure.

It combines restraint and eccentricity, seriousness and elegance, tenderness and courage.Color Marsala perfectly distinguishes various features of the exterior.

Cashmere rose

When you look at the color Cashmere rose, it seems that all the tenderness that exists in the world, embodied in this color perfection. This color should be reserved for the autumn, when so little in nature becomes flower paints.

This shade is distinguished from the usual pink, even cloying color by the presence of a milky tone, which brings tranquility and attractiveness. With the help of cashmere rose color, you can shade brighter pink colors or use it as a base when shaping a calm look.


Green color has a calming effect and vigor. In a dress of this color it is good to start new affairs, present projects at work, start new relationships and start a “new life”.

If the green color suits you and you feel comfortable in it, then you are a kind, calm person.


This shade favorably stands out from the rest of his fellow special saturation. In the autumn-winter period, the emerald outfit is best complemented with elements of green and blue shades. But if you want to appear in a perfectly perfect image, then combine the emerald hue with white things.

Deep lichen green

When a gray tint combines with brown and marsh green, it turns out a unique color - Deep Lichen Green ("Marsh Lichen"). It may vary depending on the material used. With this color you can not combine bright colors, but black and beige, you can safely choose and combine in one image.

Lime green

If you add a little yellow and gray to green, you get a pale, tender, slightly pastel shade of Lime green. He was so impressed by the public that designers continue to use it in their collections.

It is possible to combine Lime shade of green with the same neutral natural and not too intense shades. Another option for creating images are dark colors without glossy shine, but with a drop of gray tone.

Dried herb

The color of dried grass embodies the fragility that coexists with activity. For the beginning of autumn and early spring, this shade is the ideal option. Dresses can be the only element in the image or be supplemented with other contrasting elements.


One of the most beautiful colors is turquoise. On its basis, you can create unexpected and bold images.


Ambiguity is characteristic of this color: on the one hand, it is somewhat sad, and on the other, sublime, solemn and bright. The image created on the basis of a blue dress will be imbued with tenderness, peace and cause confidence from a stranger.

If you choose the right dress is not very dark, but rather saturated blue, you can come to an inner calm, to achieve high spirituality and feel the balance.

If you frequently communicate with people, it is recommended to make an element of blue in your image. This will help to win over the interlocutor, to establish himself as a wise man with a strong character and rational thinking.


The leader among the bright, unusual and versatile shades can be cobalt. This beautiful, moderately saturated color is considered to be the royal blue for good reason. The dress can be luxurious and solemn, simple, everyday, but memorable. Note that the fabric should be chosen expensive, only then the shade plays with all colors.

Mykonos blue

Designers managed to create a shade that very accurately conveys the heavenly blue. This includes several tones that start from the color of a dark sky and magical indigo, and end with a dark color of a blue sky that can only be seen on a clear summer night. Many designers experimented with Mykonos Blue and as a result presented intriguingly beautiful creations to the world.

Bay of Biscay

A new shade with the intriguing name "Bay of Biscay" made even a small, but still a coup on the world podium. Here the notes of peace, which are characteristic of blue tones, the attractiveness and the personification of the birth of a new life are slipping - all that can be found in green.

As practice has shown, the Bay of Biscay can be combined with the color of sea wave and complement all this with floral prints. This solution was introduced by Elie Saab.


If you need to focus on something important, dream and feel the serenity, then choose a blue dress. This outfit is well suited to people who are prone to loyalty and impressionability, travel and new experiences.


Shades of gray can be very interesting, although they are mostly neutral. We are accustomed to seeing clothes of a gray color gamut in an office style, having unjustly forgotten about gray dresses on the floor with plumes, cuts and a bare back. The use of rich fabrics improves gray even more.


The undisputed favorite of world designers is the color of wet asphalt or a terrible sky, which is about to break out in a terrible thunderstorm. Do not be afraid to beat things of this shade, which are well combined even with summer flowers. And you can add a metallic sheen to Turbulence, as was done in models by Alexander Wang.


The color of the raging sea, the shade of the advancing wave, which is colored by a menacing sky, is all embodied in the Stormy Weather shade. Elegant, discreet style, which is closely intertwined with the classics - for such a dress you can find many suitable images, especially since it is perfectly combined with a whole range of other shades.

Futuristic silver

Amazing color, in which there is a twinkling of stars - this is how the Futuristic silver shade can be characterized. Such a bright fabric may seem too elegant and solemn, but the designers did not limit fashionistas to evening dresses only. According to them, dresses in futuristic silver color can be used for everyday looks.


Unique may be called orange color. It is intermediate between aggressive red and yellow. Any dress in shades of orange will attract attention and elevate mood.

During seasonal depression it can be very effective to go out in an orange dress. Just do not add a lot of this color to your image, dilute it with contrasting accessories.


A new shade that puts bright accents on world catwalks is called brocade carp. This color is more interesting and fashionable than orange. Want to be bright - buy an orange dress, want to become fashionable - choose clothes of koi color. For a combination of suitable accessories in purple, green and blue colors.

Fresh carrot

This is not only a useful product that is recommended to be included in your diet. Now so called fashion color in clothes. When the models of the color of fresh carrot appear on the catwalks, the audience is noticeably enlivened.

The brightest images are now created on the basis of this particular color, which harmoniously looks with pale shades of green, gray, yellow. Brown, black and purple - all this can also be alongside clothes in the color of freshly squeezed carrots.

Orange cadmium

If you combine honey and mustard color, you get the color of orange cadmium. This novelty has appealed to many designers, so outfits in such a restrained and slightly muffled solution are often found on the catwalks. In this outfit, you can compete with autumn in her art of creating bright colors, merging with nature and even transfer to the fashion of the 60-70s.


Another fashionable shade that allows a woman to feel more tender, feminine and even a little airy - for the gloomy fall, harsh winter and awakening spring, this image will be relevant.

Creme brulee

It is not necessary to dress in clothes of bright colors to be memorable and special. The proof is the color of creme brulee, which is pale yellow, slightly beige, with its own special chic.


This color reminds us of sunshine, warmth, joy. He is bright and cheerful, able to set the desired holiday atmosphere. And even if you find the opposite meaning of this color, still do not be afraid to wear a yellow dress. The main thing is that it coincides with your character and mood.

Juicy lemon

Not all colors can be used in the basic elements of the wardrobe, since they are created for details. This color is juicy lemon. It looks gorgeous in accessories. Such bold decisions were presented on the catwalks around the world. That only is a bag of juicy lemon color, created by Proenza Schouler. Next to black items of clothing, it looks fresh and bright.

Yellow Oak (Oak Buff)

The embodiment of tenderness is about the shade of a yellow oak. Also, a little bit of brightness was added here, but not as dazzling as in yellow, but soft and unobtrusive. The natural shade, which designers finally managed to create, can be combined with similar, native tones or select bright and more expressive colors.

Out of season you can wear yellow oak clothes, she can always cheer up and eliminate depression without a trace. This color looks great in knitted items, natural knitwear and wool products.


One of the most difficult colors that people with creative kind have always chosen, owners of sublime feelings and non-permanent nature, is purple. Too dark shades have a depressant effect. It is quite another thing - light purple colors. These dresses are suitable for romantic girls, a bit windy, dreamy and a little insecure.


In the Pantone palette, Akai personifies purple. This rich, deep and very interesting shade has found its place in many collections of the most famous designers.

The color of Akai itself is bright enough and does not tolerate neighborhoods with other equally bright colors.. This point will need to be taken into account when creating images. Designers found a way out of this situation and created many related Akai tones that can be easily combined with each other and with other shades. A good option would be to combine Akai and deep black.

Amethyst Orchid

Amethyst is a real decoration for a woman, a reflection of her character and temperament. This color is liked by very temperamental women, strong, highly spiritual, wise and confident.

According to some experts, amethyst should not be combined with any other colors, but our imagination knows no boundaries and prohibitions, so we suggest combining gold elements, yellow, milk and green shades with amethyst dress. It is necessary to select amethyst colored outfits with caution. You need to have a bright appearance, which can not score a self-sufficient precious shade.

Lavender gray

Airiness, practicality and tenderness are present in a gray-lavender hue. This color has its own character and ambiguity. Glittering fabrics, sequins and glittering decorative elements that enhance the play of light add special charm to this color.

The information provided on fashionable colors and unique shades is priceless. It should be used carefully, strictly follow the recommendations, listen to the advice and not check the prohibitions in practice. Play color, subordinate it and make it work for you.

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