Colors of dresses

Colored dresses - extravaganza colors

Colored dresses - extravaganza colors

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The girl in the colored dress is the real embodiment of femininity. Many famous designers, creating collections of elegant dresses, were inspired by the combination of colors and their harmony. In a colored dress, any girl can feel like a bright, delicate flower. That is why this piece of clothing (preferably in several variations) should be in each wardrobe.

Who is suitable?

Most often colored dresses are chosen by cheerful, romantic natures. There are opinions that dresses with a color pattern are suitable only for slim, elegant girls.

In fact, this is absolutely not the case - such a dress will suit any shape, if you choose the right style and color.


A colored dress is a very popular outfit, especially in summer. Among the huge variety of models presented in fashion stores it is easy to get confused, but we will help you choose a dress that matches the format of the event you are going to.


Long colored dresses can be very different - they are light sundresses, flowing evening dresses, and wedding vestments.

Dresses in length in a floor have one undoubted advantage: they approach all - both to thin persons, and chubby.

In the first case, a long skirt emphasizes the grace of the figure, and in the second, it exposes seductive forms in the most favorable light.

The only exception is the tiny, very low girls: long dresses tend to “hide” a few centimeters of height, so high-heeled shoes are not enough.


A colored dress of medium length is a universal option for different situations. A busy day will pass on a positive wave, if you wear a dress in bright colors.

If an office dress code permits appearance in work in colored outfits, be sure to use this, especially if it is summer outside, because this time you want to please yourself and others with bright colors.

However, colored dresses are able to give a good mood and in winter. Wool knitted dress with an ethnic pattern will warm not only the body, but also the soul - it is proved that bright colors can positively affect our internal state.

A short

A short colored dress can turn any girl into an exotic flower of incredible beauty. Even if you are used to dressing in low-key colors, try one day, going to a party, put on a colored cocktail dress. In such a dress you will feel more relaxed and will surely attract admiring glances.

At the same time it is not necessary to choose the outfit of the calling, bright color. You can start with a gentle, pastel colors. Pay attention to short dresses of peach, mint, lilac shade - they look incredibly tender and elegant.


The styles of colored dresses also differ in great variety - the head is spinning on the number of models presented by designers.

Dress Ballon

A model with a long or short voluminous skirt, narrowed at the bottom, is called a balloon dress.

The effect of the balloon is achieved thanks to a specially tailored lining, which is several centimeters shorter than the main skirt. These dresses are chosen by girls who want to hide the flaws in the lower part of the figure.

Baby dollars

This dress, which is sewn on the model of doll clothes or children's clothes. It must be short, while the skirt is often decorated with ruffles or ruffles. This dress has a high waist and straight cut.

With smell

The dress with the smell at one time became popular thanks to the fashion of all the eastern. Now, from a luxurious Turkic dressing gown in this dress, only a triangular cutout is preserved, the smell itself and sometimes a belt. This dress beautifully emphasizes the chest and waist, but at the same time, it looks restrained and noble.

Kimono Dress

Dress-kimono also came in modern European fashion from the East. Western women of fashion in their desire to resemble the mysterious and attractive Japanese geishas began to copy their outfits. Therefore, kimono dress is usually sewn from natural or artificial silk, painted with national patterns - fantastic flowers, beautiful birds and hieroglyphs.

Dress Kyulot

For many, the dress-culottes is puzzling, because for those who can not wear it looks pretty ridiculous.

Kyulot is an unusual dress, which instead of a skirt is endowed with pants. Culottes have a knee length or below. Wide and slightly flared legs are a legacy of the men's fashion of the last century.

Tutu dress

This is a beautiful, airy outfit that all little girls love. But adult girls translucent fluffy skirt, which almost completely opens the legs, often confused.

Only owners of flawless legs and thin waist are decided to go out in such a dress - and some Hollywood divas.

Polo dress

The polo dress is chosen by sports girls who do not want to part with the usual way, even in cases where you need to demonstrate all their feminine appeal.

However, initially the male style does not interfere. A cropped dress with a turn-down collar with buttons and patch pockets only adorns the sporty, taut figure.

Dress shirt

Another item of clothing that we got from men. A spacious dress with long sleeves, intercepted at the waist with a leather strap, perfectly emphasizes the elegance and fragility of the maiden figure. Instead of a buttoned collar, modern designers often supply such dresses with a round or triangular neckline.


A sundress is the traditional dress of peasant girls, although it is much younger than they think. Sundresses began to be worn about 500 years ago, whereas the history of other traditional clothing goes back thousands of years.

A modern dress can be of any length, for example, beach models completely open legs. The modern interpretation of the sundress is a fitted bodice on the straps and a loose skirt.


Sarees came to Europe from India and quickly became a source of inspiration for the creators of high fashion. A real sari — one that Indian women wear — is a piece of cloth about 5 meters long.

To wind it around the body, so that you get a beautiful outfit, you need a special art. Therefore, European women of fashion more often prefer dresses, simply stylized as a sari.

Sarong dress

Sarong is a type of beach outfit that has become popular due to the hot tropical resorts. Initially, the sarong was a simple pareo or a bright scarf wrapped around the waist or covering the chest and hips.

A sarong dress is a great option for a vacation when you have to spend a lot of time on the beach.


This is a cute and funny dress with a lot of lush ruffles along the entire length. At the same time ruffles can be both narrow and wide.

Smock looks great on thin girls, but with a curvaceous figure, he is not contraindicated. The main thing is to have enough height or to go in high heels, otherwise this dress will make a comical impression.

Dress bag

The dress bag is one of the most original creations of modern fashion. It fully corresponds to its name: it resembles a voluminous case with cutouts for the head and hands.

Sometimes this model is complemented by sleeves, pockets or decorative elements, for example, drapery or large buttons.

Dress tube

Incredibly feminine and spectacular outfit, which is suitable for the most solemn events in life. This dress has a fitted open bodice and a narrow skirt that abruptly expands at the very bottom.

This style can be chosen only for those who have pronounced hips and chest in combination with a narrow waist (this type of figure is called an “hourglass”).

Dress tunic

Dress tunic first appeared in ancient Greece and throughout the entire subsequent history of mankind has been present in women's fashion in a wide variety of variations.

Modern tunics are close to those worn in the days of hippies - above the knee length, with a round or triangular neckline. Tunics can be worn with both bare legs and with pants or leggings.


Cheongsam is another native from the East, this time from China. The traditional vestments of ancient warriors turned into an elegant female outfit.

Cheongsam dress has a tight fitting style and knee-length or higher. A characteristic feature is a high stand-up collar. They sew such dresses of bright silk, often painted or embroidered with Chinese patterns.


Translated from English, Shift means "shift." This dress, very simple, but at the same time, quite provocative at one time became a real symbol of a shift in culture.

The ultrashort skirt, the absence of all sorts of decorative elements - these were the first shifty dresses. They appeared simultaneously with the fashion for girls with a boyish figure, so it is believed that such dresses look best on thin people.

With sleeve

A dress with a sleeve is not always an option for business clothes. Sleeves come in all different styles: designer fantasy knows no boundaries here.

Long narrow sleeves - classic style, characteristic of office dresses and knit dresses, turtlenecks.

For a hot day, you can choose a dress with a touching sleeve-flashlight or frivolous "wings." Unusual sleeves are able to decorate a colored dress of even the simplest style.

If you prefer to keep your hands closed, think of bat sleeves or guipure sleeves. The last two options will look advantageous with evening or cocktail dress.

Color knitwear

Knitwear is distinguished by unpretentiousness and affordable prices, so it does not cease to be popular. A dress made from colored knitwear can be worn almost anywhere - only if it is not too hot outside.

But it is necessary to take into account one important point - the knitted fabric tends to stretch and gather in folds, so this dress must be chosen strictly in size - otherwise it will highlight all the existing figure flaws.

Knitwear is well dyed, so you can find a huge variety of dresses from this material on the shelves. Knitted dresses are presented in all existing color palette.

Color prints

Dress with a color print must be in the summer wardrobe of every girl. Even if you usually prefer to wear discreet monochrome colors, on vacation you can afford something more. In this case, the print does not have to be very bright colors. If you like light, gentle tones, then choose a drawing of calm, pastel colors.

The print decorating a dress can be the most different:

  • geometric pattern;
  • floral ornament;
  • ethnic patterns;
  • imitation of animal skin and many other options.

Choose a design in which you feel most comfortable and delight those around you with its stunning appearance.

Spectacular inserts

A good alternative to a color dress is a dress with bright inserts. Fragments of rich, contrasting color will allow to refresh a monophonic outfit.

This technique is often used in wedding fashion: many brides consider the classic white dress to be boring, but in order not to deviate from the traditions find a compromise solution - the traditional white or beige dress with color inserts.

In business fashion, dresses with contrasting elements are chosen to soften a strict look. Models with side color inserts are very popular - this technique allows you to visually adjust the shape.

What to wear?

It is much easier to pick up an accompaniment to a colored dress than to a solid dress. If the dress combines several shades, it means that it can be combined with a large number of colors. A colored dress is usually worn to rest or to some festive event, so there are no strict requirements for accessories.

Shoes can be either neutral (beige, black), or to match the pattern. The same goes for handbags.

A denim dress, a leather jacket or a classic raincoat can be thrown over a colored dress - it all depends on the overall style of the image. For example, with a light sundress, a denim jacket will look more harmonious than with a cocktail dress.


Pantyhose is a piece of clothing that should either not be visible at all, or be one of the main components of the image.

  • For a colored dress, the best option would be the usual beige or black (when it comes to the cold season) tights.
  • It is recommended to wear colored tights with monophonic outfits so that the ensemble does not turn out to be too colorful.
  • Bright tights, of course, draw attention to the legs, so they are recommended to wear, only if you are absolutely confident in this part of your body.
  • Fantasy tights or patterned pantyhose stylists also paint worn with an outfit that combines no more than two colors.


Choosing jewelry for a colored dress, you can go in two ways: choose jewels (costume jewelry) to match the tone or, on the contrary, contrasting ones.

In this case, stylists unanimously say that for some precious and semi-precious stones should be an exception. So, rubies do not need to be worn with a red outfit, sapphires with blue, emeralds with green, and turquoise with blue.

As for jewelry, it should, first of all, fit the dress in style. For a business image is better to choose the most simple, but high-quality jewelry. Color beads or multilayer bracelets can be worn to a bright summer dress.


  • Dress material is a less important factor than coloring. Colored dresses are sewn both from light fabrics, such as chiffon, chintz or viscose, and from more dense ones - satin, velor, jersey. Choose a fabric depending on the weather outside the window and the format of the event.
  • Try to play on the contrast of styles, for example, to wear coarse sandals on a high platform and a jacket with rivets with a romantic dress. Do not be afraid of bold accessories. Once forgotten hats are now returning their positions in the fashion world again - this is a great reason to get this stylish piece of clothing.
  • Now more and more girls choose color wedding dresses. And for good reason - this is a great way to stand out among the flocks of brides near the Civil Registry Office in similar snow and beige outfits. By choosing the color of the dress for your own wedding, you need to take particular care, because throughout this day you will be the center of attention.
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