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Two-tone dress - spectacular contrast by combining two colors

Two-tone dress - spectacular contrast by combining two colors

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The combination of large elements of different colors, often quite different and even creating sharp contrasts, in one outfit is the basis for creating a combined dress.

Combination Methods

With the help of the combined dress of two colors, you can hide some features and highlight the benefits. Are you already interested? All details will be disclosed below.

Draw a figure

The presence of two opposite colors on the dress is a proven method that allows you to visually give the figure the correct shape. One color of the dress is placed in the center, and the other is located on the sides. It turns out that at the very outfit the silhouette of an ideal figure is outlined.

Contrast color side panels

This method of creating a combined dress is known to every designer. Such outfits slim the figure, make it more narrow and graceful.

Most often, in the combined dresses of two colors you can find side panels in black, but other color variations are also popular.

The top is light, the bottom is dark and vice versa.

Another version of the classics. In such a dress, your breasts will appear larger and your hips slimmer. If you want to achieve the opposite result, then you need to choose a dress with a reverse combination of colors.

Divided vertically

If you are going to a party, feel free to wear a dress, consisting of two halves of different colors. While the guests will understand what color of dress you have, you can do a photo session showing different dresses.

The color scheme of the dress can change during the evening, if you use an optical illusion. The chameleon dress of blue color with black lace, which some people perceived as blue-golden, became a sensational attire.

Diagonal stripes

If a horizontal strip visually expands the boundaries of the figure, then the diagonal strip envelops it, gently fits, highlights contours and curves.

With geometric elements

It is very fashionable to break a dress into colored "blocks", hence the name of the popular color-blocking style.

Dresses in a similar style can be chosen for any shape and look fashionable, unusual, with a hint of avant-garde and outrageous.

Vertical and horizontal bars

A dress that slims, often created from vertical stripes, the number of which sometimes there is no chapel. Mostly used classic combinations, for example white and blue, or shades of the same color. In the fashion are also bright models in which unusual colors are surprisingly well combined.

For the gala evening, you can pick up a dress with one broad band. The effect of harmony will be provided.

Fashion experts say that horizontal stripes are full. And this is partly true if they are wide. Give slimness and add a few centimeters of longitudinal small and densely located strip.

Imitation belt

One small element in a dress is capable of making the waist narrower and more graceful - a wide insert of dark material that replaces the belt. Under the dark does not necessarily mean black - any rich shade would be appropriate.

With a contrast print

Monochrome casual or evening dress will be attractive if the main color is diluted, for example with peas of contrasting color, floral print, lace appliqué or sequin pattern.


Even such complex outfits, which are combined dresses, are embodied in different styles. Some are familiar and familiar, others are unusual and very interesting.


Combined dresses, trapezoid relevant among all the colorful madness models. The optimal length is slightly above the knee level - in this case, the image will be moderately restrained and even a little sexy.


Versatility and femininity are characterized by the combined short dresses of fitted style with the skirt of the sun. The combination of two colors creates the effect of the presence of not one-piece attire, but the combination of two separate things.


A classic two-tone dress is often used to create an office look. Even for a strict dress code, dresses in black and white are perfect.

Dress transformer

The convenience of using a two-color transformer dress could not go unnoticed. Designers add elastic belts to such models, from which it is possible to create different variations of straps without much difficulty and special skills.

To the floor

Among the modern evening looks you can often find the most long two-color dresses that look quite bright and elegant, but not too elaborate.

For full

Looking through the photos of two-color dresses, it seems that they were created specifically for obese women who are trying in every way to hide their flaws. Their ability to visually slim a figure is invaluable only in the case when the color accents are properly placed, a good style is chosen and the fabric is ideally matched to the texture.

Often in the combined dresses of the big sizes black color is used. With it you can create a large number of combinations using a variety of colors.

Placing a wide strip in a light color against the background of a long black dress will make it possible to give slimness and visually correct figure lines..

Plump ladies are advised to pay attention to the diagonal contrast strip, which is located in the hem area.

Horizontal stripes should not be considered at all - it is a taboo for obese women. Although if you want to highlight the chest, one horizontal strip in the décolleté does not hurt.

Knitwear is a true friend of stout women. Excellent fit on the figure and a good combination of materials with different colors will look favorably on the lush forms.

Knitted patterns

Knitted two-color dress has soft transitions of one color to another. The effect of contrast is soft and unobtrusive. The reason lies in the large mating, which can not be combined with spectacular and sharp color transitions.

For winter, two-color sweater dresses made of knitted materials are often chosen. Combining such an element is good with leggings. In this way you will not freeze, and your winter bow will be interesting and comfortable.

What to wear?

The dress is a dress: ordinary or two-color - there is no particular difference when the conversation about the principles of image formation comes.

Consider only one invariable rule when choosing a handbag or outerwear under the combined color dress - the colors that are present in your image should be no more than three.

For a bright dress to pick up a neutral color accessories. It is allowed to choose one accessory and choose its color to one of the shades that are present on the dress. Modern fashion is no longer welcome the use of bags and shoes of the same color, considering it as a bad form.

Colorblocking style does not apply here and this rule does not apply to such images.


Problems with a two-color dress associated with his wash.There is always a chance that one of the flowers on the dress will shed and spoil the whole outfit. This is especially true for black and white models.

Buying quality clothes, you can not be afraid for the onset of such trouble. If you doubt the quality of the fabric, then you can not resort to permanent dry cleaning services. Wash combined color dresses at home by hand in warm water. It is recommended to use chemicals that fix the color of the colored fabrics. In the absence of them, you can use a solution of ordinary table vinegar (for 3 liters of water you will need only 1 tablespoon).

Two-tone dresses are worthy of your attention, a place in the wardrobe and the title of favorite among your favorite outfits.

  1. Maria

    I like contrasting options. 2 colors - this is exactly the ideal that makes the image spectacular and not alyapistym. Black and white and blue-white - 2 of my favorite combinations.

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