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Fuchsia Dresses

Fuchsia Dresses

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  1. Color features
  2. Popular shades
  3. Who is suitable?
  4. The length and style of dresses fuchsia
  5. Spectacular combinations
  6. What to wear with: we select accessories
  7. What shoes fit?
  8. Makeup tips

The purple color or the color of fuchsia, as it is now fashionable to call it, is a very bright and bold color. Having recently come into fashion again, this color is still one of the favorite shades of many of the fair sex.

Almost every girl in her wardrobe has something of a fuchsia color. Some people simply adore this color, and some, if they do not hate, just try to avoid this color in their wardrobe.

Dresses of this color are preferred to be worn by very bold and self-confident girls and women. It looks equally bright under the sunlight and under the lights of searchlights or lamps. In order not to look too elaborate, to the dress you need to very carefully select accessories and shoes. What styles are better to choose, where and with what to wear them, we will tell in this article.

Color features

The color similar to purple was called the fuchsia color after the flower of the same name, which in turn was named after the scientist Leonart von Fuchs who discovered this flower.

This color is characterized by incredible playfulness, brightness, hidden elegance and sheer cheerfulness. Designers and fashion designers presented this color to fashion as far back as the 30s of the twentieth century, and this caused a real sensation. From that moment on, this color is forgotten in fashion, then appears again in new shades and with a new force.

Popular shades

The color of fuchsia is obtained by mixing the red and blue shades. Depending on their proportions, different shades of purple are obtained. These shades fully reflect the inconsistency of this color. From a bright, incredibly juicy color, it can turn into a calm, gentle and modest color.

The most popular among them are:

  • deep fuchsia;
  • hollywood cherry fuchsia;
  • fandango;
  • and fuchsia pink.

Who is suitable?

Fuchsia outfits are not for everyone. However, among the set of shades of this color almost every girl will be able to find a suitable option for herself. According to the stylists, blonde and brown-haired women with light skin are obliged to turn to muted and light tones of fuchsia, in particular pink fuchsia. Their image will complement the bright makeup.

Bright saturated tones of fuchsia can easily choose the owners of dark hair.

The length and style of dresses fuchsia

Its purpose also depends on the length and style of the dress. An interesting fact is that the simpler and better the cut of the dress, the more elegant it looks. Owners of small breasts, you can choose outfits with a deep neckline.

Women with big breasts should pay their attention to the model of dresses, whose waist is understated. Those who have a standard figure, but would like to hide a couple of unnecessary kilograms, can safely choose long dresses with a high waist. And the owners of slim figures are allowed to wear dresses to the floor with a lush bottom. It is not recommended to buy clothes with embroidery, bows and frills. Dress the wrong or too convoluted style can ruin your entire image. It is better to give preference to dresses with a simple elegant cut and concise texture.


Such dresses are usually preferred by very confident and bright girls. Depending on the style to them, you can pick up jewelry, and even a scarf.

If this is an evening dress, then it is better to pick up shoes of black, silver and beige flowers in high heels.

Accessories are better to choose from the same color range. Long evening dresses with open shoulders look good if you put on a shawl or a cape of the same color or a different shade of fuchsia. For sundresses and lighter dresses, it is recommended to choose shoes of the same colors only at low speed.


For dresses of medium length in addition to shoes and accessories listed colors can also pick up green, blue and gray items of clothing. To the fitted dress with a lush bottom, you can choose a narrow belt to match the color of the shoes. Dresses of this length can be worn anywhere. It all depends on the style and cut of the dress. The classic option is a sheath dress of different shades of this color with a small neckline or without a neckline. This dress can be worn as a workplace every day, as well as at any official event.


Fuchsia cocktail dresses are perfect for parties, nightclubs and other similar occasions. In this dress you just will not be unnoticed. Do not forget to dilute the image with other shades, and you will look gorgeous.

Spectacular combinations

The color of fuchsia is very fastidious for compatibility with other colors. It is important to take into account that your chosen unusual look does not seem to others as the image of a “New Year tree”. Therefore, a separate point will consider the question of how and with what shades you can combine fuchsia dresses and not only.

Let's start with those tones with which it is most safe and easy to combine them.


Easily in harmony with the clothes of pink and purple shades. With a gray dress of this color will look elegant and noble. This color to some extent mutes the fuchsia's catchiness.


An absolutely unmistakable option is an image with a fuchsia dress and silver shoes and accessories. This may be elegant shoes with high heels, and ballet flats and stylish sandals.

The black

It can also easily be combined with the color of fuchsia as a shoe, handbag or clutch. A version of an open dress in fuchsia with a black bolero or a fitted dress with a black belt and black shoes is allowed.


Just as in nature, bright petals of flowers harmonize with green stems and leaves, fuchsia clothes can be in harmony with green clothes and accessories. For example, a short dress in bright fuchsia with or without short sleeves with green suede high heels, a small silver-colored clutch, a delicate bracelet and matching earrings will look good.


Yellow to the image where the fuchsia color prevails can be added with a strap and high heel shoes. These accessories look good with a dress-tunic or shirt-dress.


For example, red shoes with gold inserts, a yellow handbag with a gold chain as a belt are well suited to a red summer dress-hoodie of bright fuchsia.


White color can be added to the fuchsia dress with a jacket or a raincoat of suitable length. To such an image, it is better to pick up shoes with a cream color. In addition, the image looks stylish with a white top and bottom fuchsia. The combination of these two colors in one dress is welcome.


It can easily be present in a fuchsia color as a skirt or trousers, but it is difficult to combine it with a fuchsia dress. Perhaps, if this is a summer dress made of light fabric of a simple style, you can wear orange sandals or ballet flats to it.


For a short fuchsia dress, you can choose blue suede shoes. A blue skinny jeans, white top, jacket fuchsia, pink shoes and a blue handbag may well be the way for every day.


The image with delicate pink fuchsia can be slightly diluted with a muted shade of turquoise.A bright turquoise can be diluted with bright fuchsia, but in this case it is better to have a turquoise color, and a fuchsia color may be present as flowers, for example.


Gold jewelry and accessories look very impressive with dresses in fuchsia. They can be of different lengths and styles.

Look for golden shoes too.


Neutral and balanced beige color easily soothes the image with a screaming bright fuchsia color.


As well as red color, being a related shade, can be combined with fuchsia color. He adds to the image a feeling of tenderness and sensuality.

Despite any restrictions, there is always the opportunity to experiment. Do not be afraid to do this, but do not forget about the sense of proportion. If you are not sure of the compatibility of any color with fuchsia, choose muted tones.

For lovers of this color there is the principle of "degrad". Its essence is to build an image from the same color, but different tones of brightness. For example, the top and shoes of the pink fuchsia color will suit trousers of the bright saturated fuchsia color. This look looks and bright, and fashionable, and elegant.

What to wear with: we select accessories

Since the color of fuchsia itself is a very bright and expressive color, the need for flashy accessories immediately disappears. If this dress is with long sleeves, for example, it can be limited only to a handbag or clutch and suitable shoes.

Jewelry should be chosen very carefully based on the style of the dress. A good option is silver jewelry with accessories. Almost any dress can wear one or more bracelets. Earrings need to choose the same style.

With open dresses, you can wear a bolero made of similar material, the color of which is combined with fuchsia. For some dresses, especially for fitted, does not interfere with the belt. It is not necessary that the belt was bundled with the dress. You can safely choose it yourself, as long as it does not clutter up the image and harmonize with the outfit and accessories.

With shortened dresses you can wear wide belts, and with long ones, it is better to wear narrow, neat belts, which are intended only to denote the waist.

When choosing jewelry, you can also be guided by the fabric of the dress. For dense materials is to pick up a massive jewelry. Light fabrics can be combined with openwork, air ornaments and exclusive authoring products.

What shoes fit?

It is better to choose those colors that are combined with a pink-purple hue. If you do not want to take risks and experiment, buy shoes beige or silver shades.

Silver shoes create the image of a refined and elegant woman. To this image does not interfere with the clutch of silver tones. White shoes or sandals will give the image ease and carelessness. Such shoes to match the young and mischievous girls.

For a strict dress would be appropriate shoes and a clutch in black. Blue and green shoes to dress fuchsia talk about extravagance, courage and love for the novelty and experiments of their owner. The main thing to remember is that the color of the shoes should not be flashy and very bright, otherwise the image will be pretentious. Regarding the style of shoes, the high-heeled shoes are a win-win option.

It is strictly not recommended to wear shoes with rhinestones, sequins and sequins. They can create a tasteless, cheap look. You should also be careful with lacquered shoes, especially if the dress fabric is shiny. This image is not prohibited, but it is considered too catchy.

Makeup tips

Completion of your image gives makeup. The brightness and saturation of the makeup depends on where you are going in this image to go. At a party or other entertainment events, you can safely apply bright and eye-catching makeup.Makeup artists recommend that these outfits apply makeup from a combination of pink, purple, eggplant, plum, wine and cherry tones. Lipstick is allowed to take and glossy and matte to match the shadows.

Using shades of shades of blue creates a different image. You can add arrows to your eyes. For such make-up, it is better to apply a flesh-colored blush and pink matte lipstick. This makeup is well suited to dresses more soothing shades of fuchsia.

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    Many people do not like Fuchsia, but with the right "preparation" you can create a very stylish and beautiful image.

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