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Crimson dress

Crimson dress

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When choosing a dress for any important event, you always think about how to stand out among the rest of the ladies and look really like a king. Not everyone knows that the court nobility always had in her arsenal a certain set of colors that were considered acceptable in clothes only for royals. One of these colors is crimson.

This color is replete with bright interiors of Baroque, Rococo and Empire style. He is associated with triumph and pretentiousness.

He was very often used in his clothes by the first persons of the state. Today the crimson dress keeps royal status.

It will easily “raise” its owner to the rank of a real queen at any festive event.

Who is going to?

Gently pink color on a mature woman looks ridiculous and not always to her face. The dress of a crimson shade has no age restrictions. It will refresh both the young lady and the already formed woman.

More important here is the model and style of dress. But remember, this is a color with character. Crimson always attracts the views of others. Therefore, wearing a crimson dress, do not be surprised by the increased attention from others. Even the simplest cut of a dress of this color looks very impressive.


Crimson color has many shades, among which there are darker bright ones, or, conversely, pastel light ones.

Brunettes are better to give preference to more saturated shades of crimson. They can safely combine this dress with purple accessories.

Another spectacular combination for brunettes is a crimson dress in combination with apple-green elements. Blondes, as always, are preferable to gentle, almost pink shades. But if you consider yourself to be a color type “summer”, then the saturated crimson color of the dress will be your face.

Combination with other colors

Crimson dress is also easily combined with monochrome flowers, which include black and white. One of the most spectacular design options includes a crimson dress, which has a contrasting black piping or black auxiliary decor elements. This win-win combination is often used by designers in their collections. For example, crimson satin and black lace - a glamorous combination, favored by secular lionesses. The crimson dress is also perfect for a pin-up party.

Beige elements in a crimson dress are no less popular.

The crimson dress looks great with a beige coat.

Dress crimson tone is considered to be a weekend or holiday. But, if it is not overloaded with decorative elements - tulle or guipure inserts, then such a dress in an ensemble with a classic black jacket is quite acceptable in everyday life. "Calm" screaming crimson tone in the state and gray, and shades nude. Gray, as well as a beige cardigan or bolero, will go down for this role.

From the outerwear to the crimson dress, the light beige trench coat, which has a cool feature never to go out of fashion, suits well. If your wardrobe does not yet have a beige trench coat, then you should look at it. This versatile model fits almost any clothing. At the same time, the role of the "gray mouse" does not threaten you.

Nevertheless, a crimson dress is a bold application for leadership and special competence on the part of its owner.

The combination of crimson and color of ripe cherry, as well as burgundy, dark and light pink tones can be attributed to mono-combinations. For example, wearing a raspberry dress with raspberry shoes, you risk becoming too sweet a woman, causing subliminal associations with your grandmother's raspberry jam. Whereas, in an ensemble with pink shoes and a burgundy clutch, you will resemble the surrounding poetic flowers of a wild, indomitable rose.


Modern design trends do not define a single fashionable dress length. Therefore, in the shops you can meet and short, and midi, and long versions of the dress of crimson color.

If you select a model for a particular case, then there are some limitations. Corporate parties mean some dress code. Therefore, the length to the knees or slightly lower will be more appropriate. The same applies to the office version of the dress.

The shortest mini dress of crimson shades will help to change to a club or a party with friends. A juicy apple-colored jacket in addition to a crimson dress is simply not replaceable to create a fresh summer look. Shoes in tone of a jacket will finally place color accents.

Popular styles and models

The dress of the fitted cut remains the most popular model for all times. It may have a round or V-neckline neckline. If you are the owner of the "swan" neck and do not have any complaints about the fullness of your hands, then you can use any of the options offered for neckline. However, for such ideal women, it can be completely without strap.

The hourglass silhouette, which creates a dress of a fitted cut, is considered the most attractive in the ranks of the male audience.

For those who are not used to choosing too explicit styles, the “bat” or A-shaped dress with a long straight or flared sleeve will be ideal. Shy fit models of free cut: a dress-balloon or hoodie. Women with more magnificent forms often prefer such models, believing that this option hides all the flaws of the figure. This opinion is sometimes erroneous, since these models often turn the magnificent forms into huge ones. The best option for an outstanding figure is to emphasize its merits, for example, focusing on a beautiful neckline area.

For lovers of experimenting with clothes, designers offer crimson dresses with asymmetric cut. At first glance, it is sometimes difficult to determine an intricate style or how to wear this dress. But do not rush to abandon this option. This dress is necessary to try on, in order to realize the design idea.

Among these models often come across exclusive fashionable masterpieces. These models are rarely chosen. But you do not risk to repeat and come in the same dress for a couple with a colleague. But choosing a popular crimson dress with a lush black flower - there is always the risk of becoming someone else's copy.

At the peak of fashion today is the so-called bandage dress, which is very "appetizing" looks exactly in crimson color. It will be an excellent choice for girls with the correct forms of age from 20 to 30 years. In order that the image was not too sexy, the dress-bandage should not be combined with black patent leather shoes or clutch. Black is generally better to exclude. But shades of solid or so-called powder color would be more appropriate.

What to wear?


For a festive evening, large earrings, beads, fashionable hairpins in the form of hats with a veil are suitable for a crimson dress. The matching color of the hairpin or bead will prompt your chosen image. Black accessories are preferable to create a sharp sexual image.

Apple shades in accessories once again emphasize the freshness and youth of its mistress. The gray and beige tones of accessories are able to balance and calm the image.Do not forget that the same dress can have all sorts of interpretations. Much depends on the choice of accessories and the notorious women's tricks.


Shoes are always more profitable to combine with the color of ancillary accessories than with the main crimson color of the dress. Too simple combinations do not add taste advantages to its owner.


Light, perky pink accents on the cheeks and lips are preferable for housewives of cold exterior color types. Crimson lips are always appropriate as an additional color accent to the main tone of the dress. If you prefer “clean face” makeup and do not like to overload your appearance with cosmetics, feel free to choose natural beige shadows and powder. The only amendment for the “summer” and “winter” color types, the shades of beige and brown cold tones, with the so-called “raid” effect or gray haze, are more natural. For the "spring" and "autumn" - warm shadows are always to the face.

When choosing a crimson dress, do not forget that this is a royal color. In addition to clothing, learn to properly serve yourself. Crimson dress requires royal posture and secular manners.

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