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Sea-green dress

Sea-green dress

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  1. Who is suitable?
  2. Combination with other colors
  3. Length
  4. What to wear?
  5. Accessories and jewelry
  6. Shoes
  7. Makeup
  8. Manicure

Who is suitable?

The color of the sea wave is amazingly beautiful. It is saturated, but not gloomy, like black. Aggression, as in red, is not present in it. That is why he is so loved by designers.

The sea wave is characterized by versatility, and therefore it goes well with both warm and cold shades.

Dress sea green should be in the wardrobe of every woman. If you are the owner of red hair, then marine color will emphasize their fiery essence. Moreover, it can be used completely when creating an image, without complementing it with any other color solutions.

But so that the image is not dull, you need to carefully select the wardrobe, comparing different images and color combinations.

For young blondes we recommend light or saturated and bright sea shades. And for brunettes and brown-haired, with tanned and dark skin, perfect shade of sea wave, called neon. He will incredibly emphasize the depth of gray and blue eyes.

Combination with other colors

Another name for celadon is cyan. It combines blue and green into one. Therefore, all combinations within this range of colors are appropriate, i.e., the sea color and the color cornflower blue, turquoise blue, green.

Pearl, gray, beige - a combination of tenderness and elegance.

Bronze, gold and sea look a bit unusual, but the colors are quite compatible. Having added them with accessories of the corresponding shades, we will receive very interesting ensemble.

Cyan and chocolate shades are delicacy, softness and warmth.

Expressiveness and emotionality bring sunny colors - orange and yellow, and contrast, brightness and expression - coral.

Cowberry, burgundy, violet and cyan tandem - for those who prefer dark colors.

The combination of sea wave with black and white is a classic that is always relevant and win-win.



A navy blue mini-dress made of knitwear may not be monophonic, but with a print (geometric or floral). Pick up to him shoes of brown shades, depending on the time of year. In the fall and winter - these are ankle boots or boots, in spring and summer - shoes or sandals.

Long sleeves and a bustier bodice add beauty and elegance to a lace dress. This outfit can be used for everyday life and for special occasions. Just add it with the appropriate accessories. An incredibly impressive look with red classic shoes on a heel and the same decorations.


Knit dress of medium length dark shade is ideal for a casual look. It radiates femininity and nobility. It can be safely worn in the office and for a walk.

Long to the floor

Incredibly beautiful sea dresses in the Empire style. High waist visually lengthens the shape and makes it slimmer.

Sea green long dresses are a stunningly chic evening dress. They can be with or without straps. Elegant floral decoration with rhinestones complements the outfit, and it does not need accessories. Pleats and drapes add sophistication.

What to wear?

At first glance it may seem that it is difficult to choose the related elements of the wardrobe for the dress of the sea-green color. But it is not. There are ideal combinations, adhering to which you emphasize the impeccability of taste and style, will become the center of attention. These include white and silver.

Shoes and a handbag of white color, of course, are combined with a navy dress, but from such a set it will be commonplace. The same can be said about black. Your image will lack of forethought.

More interesting option with brown shades - beige, chocolate, coffee.

An unusual and bright accent is given with bright yellow blotches. The only point: not every shade of sea wave, they fit. Therefore, be careful.

For an official celebration, give preference to flesh-colored shoes. They will be more advantageous, more representative and more expensive to look than white ones.

Accessories and jewelry

The choice of jewelry is dictated to us by the dress itself and, of course, the reason that lies ahead. Evening dress provides dress to the floor. If it is made of satin, shimmers in the evening light, its cut is original and unusual, then the abundance of bright and large accessories is inappropriate here. A small clutch bag in the color of gold or bronze and the same footwear is enough.

Sprayed leather is an ideal material for handbags and shoes. He surprisingly combines a festive mood and respectable look. Necklace to this image should be short. Pearl thread will be most welcome.

For evening bow accessories are good, which are close in color to the sea wave. This - cornflower blue, emerald green, blue.

Make a note of cheerfulness and positive orange helps. But it should not be too much! A bright belt and sandals will be enough. The same requirements apply to coral, peach and mango color. The strap and bracelet (or beads) will perfectly set off the tenderness of the sea wave.


A bright yellow, orange or even fuchsia shoes will suit the delicate chiffon dress or sundress. If you are not an adherent of bright accents, then stop the choice on the sea wave or cornflower blue shoes or sandals. Be sure to add bright decorations and appropriate time of day makeup.

The satin dress is in harmony with shoes, the colors of the metals are bronze or gold. Pearl jewelry and clutch will give the image confidence and splendor.

Beige-colored high-heeled shoes and a celadon-colored dress — a tandem for a social event or official event.


The color of the sea wave is amazing. It attracts the eye and seizes you from the general human mass. But one dress is not enough. To make the image complete, choose the right makeup. The focus is on the eyes.

  • The eyes in the black gamut - this is the image of a femme fatale. Smooth transitions from gray tones to blacks are possible, taking into account their own strengths and weaknesses. Do not use greasy black lines if you are the owner of small narrowed eyes. Emphasize the contours of the eyelids and the inner corner with silver shadows. The effect will be amazing. They can also be used to create flare under the brows. This will give a fresh and open look.
  • Eyes in brown and beige color. This palette can give a look sexual languor or innocence. It all depends on the shades. Natural beauty will never lose its relevance. And in this regard, nude shades are perfect with a sea green dress. The darkest chocolate color is applied along the lash line on the upper eyelid. This will give clarity. If your eyes are brown, then the brown palette is for you. Avoid only reddish and reddish hues.
  • Eyes in violet tones. Purple and sea wave - this is an elegant combination. The most important moment of such makeup is the impeccability of its foundation. Violet shades will exacerbate and highlight any signs of fatigue or deficiencies.
  • Eyes in green tones. This option is not for everyone. It is ideal in two cases. The first option is if the shade of the dress is more greenish than blue or blue. The second case is the owners of green or hazel eyes. Cold green is used for the cases described.Its warm shades are intended for brown-eyed girls with dark hair.
  • Eyes in pink tones. Marine dress and pink - a combination that blows innocence. Pink should be light and subtle. In combination with the brightness of the dress in aqua color, it gives naivety to the image.
  • Eyes in blue tones. The important point is that the blue and blue palette should be turquoise. The blonde will look very impressive. If you decide to make-up in a bright range, then note that the blue should be in measure, and transitional shades, at least, three. Transitions are shaded to ensure a smooth transition from one tone to another.

As an example, we give makeup for the holiday in turquoise colors. Of course, it should be combined with the color of your dress.

We take the three primary colors of the palette: light, dark and transitional. Clear lines are made with a thin brush. You will need applicators and brushes for shading.

Light shadows are located under the eyebrows and feather down. Transient tones are applied above the moving part of the upper eyelid. In the darkest tones, a line is drawn that emphasizes the lash line. Everything is shaded to the outer corner of the eye. One third of the lower eyelid and the inside of the corners of the eyes are lightened with mother of pearl.

The final stage - lipstick. Its shade is peach, chocolate or pale pink. It must be combined with the type of your skin. Blush is matched to the color of lipstick.


Cyan is a noble color, colorful, luxurious and bold. Any image will be hopelessly flawed if the woman has an ugly or manicure that does not fit into the color range. It is necessary to take into account the case in which you put on a sea-green dress.

The party is a bright and fun event. Therefore, the manicure should be as sparkling and bold. Do not apply the nail polish one shade with a dress, it is better to 1-2 shades darker. Varnish of red, burgundy, pink and crimson color goes well with a short, playful cocktail dress. But he is completely unacceptable to a long evening dress.

Perfect and versatile French manicure. It can be decorated with rhinestones. The tips of the nails do not have to be white. They may be of a different color, but must be in harmony with the dress.

A business meeting dictates its dress code. Classic dress and pearl or neutral manicure will be the perfect option.

Gold, silver and pearls always look advantageous with a sea-green dress.

  1. Lena

    Sea-green dresses are calm and elegant. The hue is very deep. but goes for almost everyone. I love these dresses. Cool selection of photos!

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