Colors of dresses

Orange dress - for a bright image

Orange dress - for a bright image

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  1. Color features
  2. Who is suitable?
  3. Length
  4. Spectacular combinations
  5. What to wear with: we select accessories
  6. What shoes fit?
  7. Makeup tips

In most cases, our wardrobe consists of a set of basic things. These things are often not too diverse in their color scheme. This approach makes women's wardrobe somewhat boring and even dull. In this situation, the only recommendation from famous stylists is to immediately dilute your wardrobe with bright colors. To begin with, try some changes to your own stereotypes in the search for another novelty. For example, when buying a new dress for a festive event, opt for a juicy orange color, and not the usual black or gray. In addition, psychologists in one voice argue that the orange color raises self-esteem and gives confidence.

Color features

Let's take a closer look at what features the orange color has. According to Itten's color circle (all designers use it for the right combination of colors) orange is a secondary color, a kind of symbiosis of the two primary colors — yellow and red. From each he absorbs something useful. As a result, we get from a drop of orange color - a charge of vivacity and good mood, from a beautiful and properly chosen orange dress - a powerful portion of an antidepressant! Down with boredom and gloom, and long live energy and creativity.

Your choice was on an orange dress, which means that you are an active, open-minded, optimistic person. Among other things, orange helps to unleash creativity. But do not forget about the sense of proportion. Energetic saturated color requires some effort in the selection of accessories and the choice of color combinations.

Who is suitable?

Orange and its shades are warm colors. It is ideal for the spring and autumn color types. Girls and women with freckled skin can safely choose an orange dress. Also, this color will emphasize favorably all the advantages of the owners of an even golden tan.

There is a stereotype that women with fair skin should not wear orange. Eminent designers have long denied this fact. It is not the first year that the beautiful owners of white-skinned skin elegantly walk along the podium, demonstrating the most varied shades of orange. At the same time they look amazing.



Pick the length of the dress based on the distinctive features of your figure. Mistresses of asthenic physique can safely buy a long orange dress. It will favorably emphasize the elegant refined silhouette. An unrivaled choice for high society evening parties and red carpet.


If the dress code at work, except for black and white options, allows for other colors, feel free to choose an orange dress with a fitted silhouette of medium length. Especially well this option looks on women with hourglass figures. Dress in an orange midi dress with a white or black blazer for a casual look. At the same time, those around you intuitively recognize an optimistic personality in you, full of enthusiasm and cheerfulness.


A short orange dress is suitable for women seeking to get everything at once. Initially, the color itself already expresses your desire to be visible. Deliberately short length again confirms this. Lace will add femininity to the image.

Mini straight cut - a great option for girls with a rectangular shape.Successfully emphasizes women's legs and do not allow to catch the lack of waist. But it will provide an opportunity to shine at a party and be the center of universal attention. Advantageously, combine orange with additional colors, and then success in the ranks of the male audience is guaranteed.

Spectacular combinations

Orange color is very bright. Color combinations help create a spectacular braz. Consider the most popular options.

With white

Orange, like any other secondary color, goes well with any achromatic color: black, white and gray. An example of a well-established color collaboration is an orange dress in white peas, made in retro style. A small white handkerchief or kerchief tied around the neck or arm will help support the image. The white border and some other decorative elements (for example, a white collar) look quite succinctly on the “juicy” dress. White color symbolizes purity and innocence, and, even in small doses, gives the image a bit of romance.

Dresses with a gradient that smoothly change from orange to white look impressive.

Additional accessories in the form of a white wide-brimmed hat and several bracelets of the same color will add charm to any woman, the impeccability of her taste is emphasized once more.

With black

Splashes of black on a bright orange dress can be (with a light hand of designers) in the form of fashionable geometric shapes, various intricate patterns, asymmetric elements. With black it is almost impossible to overdo it, and its universality is known to every fashionista.

Black is loved by many women for giving it a slim figure. The mystical qualities of this color are known to people from ancient times. With black blotches, a certain mystery and mystery are added to the image. Shades of this color are called gray. In the merry ensemble, they will also be perfectly combined with the basic orange tone.

With gray

Gray, though a neutral color, is still better if there is a small amount of it on the dress.

Gray is ideal, for example, in the form of light lace framing a collar. Separate elements of a fashionable ensemble in the form of a gray jacket, vest or slippers slightly neutralize and soothe the screaming basic shade. So, if you are afraid to overdo it with brightness, dilute the image with an additional thing of gray. Such a color combination is suitable for work and for publication.

With blue

It is proved that one of the most successful and harmonious is the combination of orange and blue. Apparently, therefore, designers often use this mix in their collections: an orange dress with a blue smell, a belt, a print, sleeves, a border and other elements of this shade.

Such a merger is a win-win option for both designers and customers of these products. The popularity of this combination is due to the fact that both colors set off each other favorably.

Triple color combinations

The most courageous designers and stylists consider complex combinations of three or more colors in clothes. The triad of shades, consisting of orange, "green apple" and bright blue is designed for the most fearless and extraordinary personalities. Combine bright green shoes and accessories in the color of the “summer sky” against the background of a screaming orange dress.

Attention, such variations are successful for a young, creative girl, capable of little madness!

A similar triple, but still more relaxed and balanced in color saturation combination of light brown, "dark chocolate" against the background of juicy tangerine. Remember how delicious a tangerine looks in chocolate, and feel free to choose this complex combination. Put on shoes of an expensive chocolate color in combination with a light brown summer coat or cardigan, and you are fully prepared for romantic evening walks in the company of a beloved man.

What to wear with: we select accessories

The orange dress is perfectly combined with gold jewelry, as the color of gold also has a similar warm shade. Silver here will be superfluous. In the summer it is possible to combine gold-plated watches and white bracelets. The image instantly becomes unique.

Hollywood divas love to combine juicy shades of orange with accessories that have brown, turquoise or beige color, they like to play with leopard prints. And rightly so, because this option looks very glamorous.

What shoes fit?

Properly chosen shoes quite logically completes the image. But inappropriate shoes will easily destroy all your efforts. One of the first requirements for a shoe is its relevance. In the office there is no point in putting on a 12-centimeter heel, and then stomping on them between the tables. Gait should be easy, relaxed, like your orange dress.

If you know that you have to spend the whole day "on your feet", pick up comfortable and high-quality shoes from soft leather with a small heel. Going to a club or a party, the platform and high heels will be, more than ever, by the way. It makes no sense for an orange dress to pick up shoes tone-on-tone, otherwise we get edible fruit, instead of a soaring diva. If it is difficult for you to decide on options, stop your choice on shoes of a corporal shade which are suitable for all occasions. Another advantage of these shoes is that they visually lengthen the legs, making them endless.

Makeup tips

Focus on your lips, choosing lipstick of an identical shade with the chosen tone of the dress. Eyes should not be loaded with shadows. Enough to paint over eyelashes with voluminous dark brown mascara. Two approaches will achieve the effect of false eyelashes.

Now that your image is 100 percent complete, your own uniqueness will not leave you all day long. And besides, an orange dress can share a charge of cheerfulness and good mood with others, and you will no longer have to peer into gloomy faces.

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    Dress like an orange! Very uplifting. Of course, this color is appropriate only in summer.

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