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Peach dress - for a gentle look

Peach dress - for a gentle look

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Such a pastel color as peach is feminine and delicate, therefore dresses in this tone are demanded by fashionistas. However, many believe that to combine such a dress with other things and accessories is quite difficult. Let's find out who the dress of this shade goes to, with what colors it can be combined and how to choose successful accessories for it.

Who is suitable?

The peach color is rather soft, so it will be in harmony with both the dark complexion and pale skin. So the outfit in peach tone will suit a woman with any skin color. The thing is only in the right choice of the subtone.

However, a peach dress with a pearly shade is suitable for very light, and for tanned skin, helping to create a light mysterious image.

The dress in peach color with an emphasis on salmon and terracotta beige tone is also called universal, as it is suitable for various events and for girls with absolutely any type of appearance.

In such a dress, both a young lady and a mature lady will be able to create a gentle and very romantic image.


The combination of a peach dress with other details of clothing and various accessories will be determined by the shade of the attire, and its style, and the fabric from which it is made.

Long to the floor

A long dress in peach tones will have the most spectacular appearance if it is sewn of flowing fabric, or, conversely, of a sufficiently dense material forming an abundance of refined folds.

If you need an outfit for a festive event, then it is the dress of peach tone, the length of the floor will help to feel like a queen. The airy peach dress made of chiffon with draperies will make your image both sophisticated and luxurious.

If the peach dress is floor-length with elements of embroidery or lace inserts, jewelry should be used to a minimum, for example, to be limited to earrings.


Peach outfit of chiffon with medium length can be put on a romantic meeting, and can be made the basis of an image for a graduation party or even a wedding. Silk dress of medium length in peach color is perfect for going to an exhibition or to the theater.

If you choose a model of such a dress made of pleated fabric, you can emphasize the elegance of your figure. Combine a similar dress with stiletto heels and accessories of either a similar tone or a brighter color.

A short

Models of peach outfits with a short length are great for everyday use. They can be worn with a blue denim jacket and sandals or ankle boots.

If you add a dress with a mini skirt in a peach tone with a cardigan or jacket, choosing discreet accessories for this, you will get an image that is suitable for friendly meetings and for the office.

With sleeve

Taking into account the purpose of the dress, the sleeve may be completely absent or be represented in different lengths. Evening dress in peach tone can be limited to both elegant straps and lace inserts, as well as flowing long sleeves from the same airy fabric as the dress itself.

The casual version of a peach dress made of thick fabric can be presented with models with sleeves длиной long or with long sleeves.


Models of peach dresses with A-silhouette help to visually lengthen the legs.

Most often, lush dresses in a peach tone are chosen for important events, such as weddings or proms. In this case, a fluffy skirt of a peach dress made of tulle, chiffon and other fabrics can be both in the floor and medium length. Decorating such dresses are usually represented by lace, beads, rhinestones.


Peach dress with lace looks tender and unusually romantic. Such dresses are presented as fitted short models, as well as dresses with long skirts falling to the floor.

These dresses require a minimum of jewelry and discreet makeup with an emphasis on the eyes.

Gentle, light shade

Pale peach dress is best suited for girls with a golden skin tone.

A dress with a pink shade will look cool and warm at the same time. This will help in creating a balanced and very calm image. But, if you add such a peach outfit with sequins or rhinestones, you will have a spectacular look for an evening event.

Color combinations

Peach shades have a tendency to emphasize elegance and femininity, especially if you choose successful companion colors for them. Pastel colors will transform a peach dress into airy and soft, and bright ones will make it stylish and expressive.

Let's take a closer look, with what additional colors and shades a peach dress will look especially successful.

With black

The addition of a peach dress with a small amount of black is a classic option and a win-win step. So you can safely buy laconic black accessories to your dress of peach shade.

With pink

The combination of gentle peach tone and warm pink color goes to dark-haired girls with light hair. These shades are recommended to complement the ocher and caramel tones of accessories.

Also very successfully combines a light peach color with coral and salmon shades of pink, especially if the girl’s hair is red or brown.

To the orange-peach tone of the dress it is recommended to add accessories in dark pink or pink-brown color, and to light peach - to add a delicate pink or fuchsia shade.

With white

Such a combination is admissible, but without bright additions it has a slightly boring appearance.

If your goal is to create a discreet look, then you can easily combine a peach outfit with a white jacket, white shoes and white decorations.

With beige

The peach shade harmoniously looks with a beige scale. Especially to the peach dress fit milky tone, the color of baked milk, as well as flesh color. They can be supplemented with white, mint, blue or gray to make the image complete and expressive.

With brown

This combination is considered one of the most successful. It is especially suitable for dark-haired swarthy girls. The lighter the peach tone will be and the darker you will pick up a brown companion to it, the more contrast and expressive combination you will get in the end.

With other pastel tones

The combination of peach and mint shades will help to create a fresh summer look.

You can wear a short airy dress of a peach shade with inserts or with a blazer, a cardigan in mint color, complementing this outfit with milky sandals or shoes.

The shade of a peach and blue is perfectly combined, but for such a combination of dress it is important to choose neutral accessories, for example, in beige color.

One of the harmonious alliances of shades can also be called a combination of peach shade and gray.

In order for such an ensemble to not have a faded appearance, the peach tone of the dress should be bright enough. Shoes in this case is to choose a flesh-colored, and a jacket or bag - gray.

With bright colors

Tangerine, burgundy, bright purple, emerald, indigo are considered to be successful bright and expressive companions to the peach tone.

Choosing orange shoes and a bag for a peach dress, you can go to a restaurant for dinner, and a combination of peach and green is appropriate for a romantic walk.

What to wear?

  • Peach-colored outfit successfully combined with the things and accessories of such classic colors as white, black, gray. Also, a universal solution for a peach dress called orange and brown gamut.
  • If you like experiments, complement the peach outfit with a belt, handbag or shoes in emerald, yellow, red or purple.
  • In the case of a soft peach-colored dress, overly massive accessories would be a bad choice. Handbag for such an outfit should be medium in size. Pick a model that is hung on the elbow or held in their hands.


Classic gold and silver jewelery blends perfectly with the peach shade dress.

If your dress is a monochromatic color of peach, it is acceptable to use bright costume jewelry, in which there are elements of green, coral, yellow, brown, blue or purple. Successful will be the addition of a peach tender attire with turquoise ornaments.

You can choose wooden decorations for the rich peach shade of the dress, if, of course, you like ethnic style. If you are planning to wear an evening dress in a peach tone, you can add it with products with mother of pearl or a string of pearls.


Choose shoes with a small heel for a short dress in peach tones and flat shoes for a dress on the floor. Sandals, ballet flats or sandals, boots are wonderfully combined with a peach dress.

Black shoes to this outfit is considered not very appropriate. Beige, coral, blue or mint shoes would be a better choice. If you want something dark and contrasting, you can opt for dark blue ballet flats or ankle boots.

A good option for a festive event would be a combination of a peach dress with metallic shading shoes - copper, gold or silver. It is only important to choose the jewelry to match the tone and add flicker to the make-up.


The choice of make-up for a peach outfit will be determined by where you planned to go in this dress.

For a wedding or office bright makeup will be inappropriate, but for a party, on the contrary, too pale makeup does not fit.

First, find out if your peach dress has a warm or cold color palette. With a cool shade of dress, the tone of lipstick should also be cold, for example, coral or pink. In this case, the eyes can be tinted with silver-brown or silver shades.

For peach tones of a warm gamut, pick up shades of brown or golden color. Peach lipstick is suitable for this dress, but it is better to replace it with glitter. You can add brightness to make-up in green or blue shades, and girls with brown eyes can try to make-up their eyelids with purple shadows.

Black eyeliner is combined with a peach dress of rich tone, and if your outfit is very light, then such eyes will stand out too much. For soft and soft make-up, use a brown eyeliner. These same tips can be applied to the choice of carcasses.

Although peach is not bad combined with pink, but excessive use of pink in make-up can make your image inharmonious. It is not recommended to choose pink shades, pink blush and pink lipstick to peach along with.


A universal version of manicure for peach outfits is considered classic French. Alternatively, the nails may be covered with pink, blue, lilac, brown or beige lacquer, but the tone of each of them should be pastel.

If the accessories have bright accents, the manicure can be made in the same color, for example, in orange, violet or bright blue.

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