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Pink dress - for a feminine look

Pink dress - for a feminine look

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Pink color is tenderness, sensuality and romance. It is located at the end of the shades of the light red row. In comparison with red, pink is dynamic, lively, but not aggressive. He will never go out of style.

Who is suitable?

For many centuries, women have given preference to pink in their wardrobe, despite the stereotypical view that pink is intended exclusively for young age and blondes.

There are many shades of pink, so almost any woman can choose a dress - a blonde, a brunette, and a brown-haired woman. Moreover, if you choose the right shade, then the face will look fresh and young. Positive emotions are guaranteed.

The only drawback - the color is visually slightly full. Although, for someone, this option is an advantage.

And if you want to wear such a dress, but again the stereotype interferes, do not use a pure pink style with an abundance of frills and ruches and choose knee-length length.

Length features

Long to the floor

A long dress on the floor looks incredibly beautiful, sensual and elegant. This is the evening image. Therefore, various inserts of rhinestones will look great. Hue can be both bright and gentle


A midi dress will radiate sophistication if you wear a black jacket on top of it (a cape will do). Shoes (black or beige) put an end and completeness. This bow does not need additional accents (earrings, necklaces).

A short

Mini dresses are suitable for a cocktail. They are complemented by frills or draperies, they can accurately repeat the figure of their owner, thus emphasizing the saturation of the image.

Accessories are selected contrasting. Or you can decorate the board with beads or sequins.

Popular models and styles

Asymmetrical on one shoulder

This model is suitable for not only for parties and trips to the club. In the pink version of the dress are suitable for carpets.


Corset in a tandem with a fluffy skirt create an image from which breathes a fairy tale. This option is good for a wedding and an evening event.

Sheath Dress

And in the pink version there are styles for the office, strict and concise. The preferred shade - tea rose or icy-pink. Despite the unusual, many business women allow themselves such an image and look gorgeous.

Fitted style with long sleeves, maybe even a little flared. The 80s blows from him, but this image is fascinating with simplicity and tranquility. Complementing it with a string of pearls and black shoes with heels, we get an incredibly feminine and chic look.

With sleeves

The dress of pink color with sleeves is suitable for everyday life in warm time, and with long sleeves it is comfortable when it is cool outside.

But the solemn version is not excluded. For example, at the Cannes Film Festival, Jane Fonda demonstrated a soft pink dress on the floor with a long sleeve. As decoration only earrings and drop-shaped silvery inserts served.

The fitted, cotton-undercut looks good with на sleeves. Perfect V-neckline or round neckline.

Sleeves can hide flaws, for example, small shoulders. For evening wear, they act as a separate piece of jewelry.


Lace dress is the most sought after model. Pink itself is delicate, and lace makes the dress incredibly airy and light.

Long, fluffy, slightly flared - they are at the peak of popularity.


Knitted dress looks attractive and beautiful when there are openwork inserts in it. If it is made of warm yarn, then this option is suitable for the office, it is good in the winter season. The dress will be soft, gentle, warm in cold weather.

A knitted dress made of thin cotton threads will suit the summer.

Spectacular combinations

With white

The tandem of pink and white can be called successful. White is good in accessories.

Throw a white jacket, complement the image with a white bracelet or a string of beads. Onions will radiate positive, lightness and cheerfulness.

With black

Black and pink is a classic combination. Black color makes a bright color accent and enlivens the image. The black strap or ribbon will be the little twist that is often so necessary to make the image look complete.

With gray

Gray is very beautiful with a pastel shade of pink. This combination is appropriate for the cold season. A wonderful ensemble for the winter will be a pink dress, gray cardigan and boots. The image will turn out gentle and womanly.

With blue

The combination of blue and pink is suitable for natures creative. It attracts attention. Pink, however, complements the blue. The combination is applicable for young age, only in this case pink should be bright and rich. Light pink adds a fresh touch.

With blue

This is a combination for active girls. Blue is good in shoes, handbags, jewelry. You can add a miniature belt to match the image.

With red

Pink with red look somewhat aggressive. Therefore, most importantly, a good choice of red hues. Red accessories emphasize the vitality and openness of nature.

With beige

Beige shoes, a bag and a scarf around the neck look elegant and stylish. Jewelry to this image can be the color of gold.

With green

Green can be applied in accessories. Sandals, bright clutch, jewelry - the image will play positively in spring. And you can wear a raincoat or jacket bright green.

With yellow

Yellow and pink - a combination not for modest natures. The bow turns out extremely bright, radiant and not every girl will decide on it. Cold pink and bright yellow is not recommended. Their harmonious cold shades.

With purple

Violet shade should be cold and prevail over pinkishness. The combination is ideal for office and for walking.

With lilac

Lilac and pink is the embodiment of brightness. If the shades are pastel and tender, then they create an image full of romanticism.


Gentle, light

To the delicate shade can be attributed to pale purple and salmon. This is romance and relaxation, which will blow from you in dresses of such flowers.

Light pink shades exclusively for the young. Therefore, we do not advise women to wear a dress of this color. A light pink dress is perfect for a blonde. But it is not suitable for business meetings and going to work.

Dirty pink shade often referred to as light. This shade is suitable for almost everyone, it is universal and perfectly complements the image of a woman of any age.

Bright dark

Amaranth hue is also bright and saturated. Dress amaranth color designed for a strong and dominant nature. If you are a business woman, then this is your color.

Another representative of a bright shade is fuchsia. Color, conspicuous. The dress is intended rather for a holiday, than for daily occurrence. Hue is always in fashion, but not all. Emphasizes the beauty of brunettes. Girls with light brown hair will have to do some bright makeup and only then wear such a dress.Blondes are not recommended. He is too bright for them. They need more subdued shades.

Flamingo shade fits blondes and brown-haired women.

A bright shade of pink is crimson (magenta). He is explosive, sparkling, sensual and romantic. Therefore, the crimson dress is suitable for the age of 18 and the one who is over 50. The crimson dress is universal. In a dress of this color you can go to work, business meeting, party. It is for holidays and for everyday life. It can be made from virtually any material.

Cowberry looks very rich and noble.

Star images

Many stars prefer to wear pink outfit. Paris Hilton is a favorite color. He is no stranger to Sandra Bullock and spectacular blonde Cameron Diaz. Stars radiate youth and femininity.

What to wear

Whichever dress you choose: fluffy or with flowing silhouette that fits the waist, you will be wrapped in grace and nobility. Addition are shoes, contrast or to match with. Jewelry - from gold, silver or pearls. But about everything in more detail.


If you are going to party, a bright crimson dress, a high contrast platform, a small clutch will make you a star of the event.

The dress fits perfectly with gold accessories. This particularly applies to the shade of pale pink.

In general, the choice of this part of the toilet is dictated by the time of day. Casual bow assumes earrings of a small size. If they are with stones, then it is better that they are transparent. Good looking chains and small pendants.

Evening look requires bright accents. Therefore, the right decision would be the choice of massive bracelets, rings or massive necklaces.

Whatever the image, the universal decoration will be pearl. They will give tenderness and conciseness.

Accessories can be in contrasting colors, such as black bracelet, belt and clutch. The color of beige, tea rose and purple is also interesting.

When choosing jewelry, pay attention to what material the pink dress is made of. Dense fabric requires geometric lines and shapes, lightweight - femininity.


Pink color is characterized by both warmth and coldness. Accordingly, the combination takes place on the same principle: the cold needs cold (blue, purple or lilac), warm - warm (brown, beige). Choosing shoes to dress, do not forget about it. Shoes and outfit are two tones apart (shoes are darker).

Black heeled shoes will add slimness and grace. Most of all, they fit the deep pink color of the dress. But do not forget to capture the same color clutch and accessories.

Shoes gray and silver, golden tones out of competition and it is noted by designers. The same can be said about white shoes. By the way, and the brown color of the shoes, always come to a pink dress.

As for the models, the “boats” are classics and they are win-win. He will give femininity, the image will be elegant.

The hairpin brings chic, pomp and sexuality. The only negative is fatigue, which will be caused by the height of the heel.

Pink dress with ballet shoes is the epitome of casual style, characterized by comfort and ease. The woman in them looks pretty and airy. Flying style and lightweight fabric will be the right decision. To complement the image add a cardigan and a roomy bag.


Pink color is capricious and does not tolerate busting. Excess can spoil everything, so you need to get serious about creating makeup for a pink dress. Brightness, rudeness and aggression are unacceptable here.

The use of shadows of the same shade as the outfit is strictly prohibited. A pale pink dress and the same shadows make it look painful. If the dress on the contrary, a bright shade, the shadows will give a clown coloring.

Matte shadows are perfect, without a hint of glitter. Palette - sand or beige.For fair-haired girls, mascara and eyeliner are brown.

A good effect is given by pearl and gray shades. But avoid excessive saturation. The same can be said for the bluish spectrum of shades (purple, lavender, blue). The dark palette by day is completely out of place.

The main principle of makeup in this case is naturalness. Use something that emphasizes natural appeal. Apply a tonal foundation of natural color or slightly darker than skin color. Light face and pink dress are incompatible. The dress will give an unhealthy look to the skin.

The color of blush is recommended gold or peach. They should be light and airy and not look like a bright spot of paint on the cheeks and cheeks. This applies particularly to the bright and dark pink.

Bright brunette can focus on the lips - plum, burgundy. Peach dress requires shades of brown, gold and terracotta.

Pink makeup can be used on the lips. If the color of lipstick and dress are the same, then the shadows are neutral.

Not applicable to make-up red. Exception - light shades.

In any case, if you decide to wear a pink dress, be guided by your own age and time of day. The main thing is compliance with the measure.

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