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Chocolate-colored dress

Chocolate-colored dress

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Chocolate shade is quite popular with women, because the dresses in this color are like many fashionistas. But, thinking to buy a dress the color of chocolate, many are not sure whether such an outfit will go to them, and also do not know with what to wear it. Let's figure out who should please yourself with a dress in such a "delicious" color, as well as what is best combined with it.

Who is suitable?

Since chocolate is warm, it adorns any woman. An outfit in such a color will look spectacular on a blonde, and on a young lady with red hair, on a brown-haired woman, and on a beautiful brunette.



A dress of dark chocolate shade to the floor is a good choice for a festive occasion. For such an outfit, expensive fabrics and rich finishes are usually used, for example, with stones, lace or leather inserts.

Effectively looks chocolate dress with an open back or a high slit in the front. No less attractive and sexy models with a frank neckline or on one shoulder.


Mini dresses in chocolate color are well suited as a casual dress or office wear. For their manufacture often use knitwear, chiffon or cotton. A short chocolate-colored dress looks great with a belt. At the same time, models can be both form-fitting and fairly free.

Spectacular combinations

  1. The shade of chocolate is perfectly combined with white color. For example, a dress can have a chocolate bottom and a snow-white top. One of the interesting and popular options is the color of the dress in the pea.
  2. Another variant of the ideal chocolate companion color is beige. You can wear a chocolate-colored dress with a beige jacket or jacket, and also complement this outfit with a beige clutch and a light scarf.
  3. Remarkably combines the color of chocolate with other pastel shades - peach, dairy, cream, light turquoise, pale pink, light lemon.
  4. If you wish, you can combine chocolate and black shades, if you choose accessories in color that will stand out against a dark background.
  5. The combination of chocolate color with burgundy or red looks impressive. For a warm autumn day, a chocolate dress, complemented by red shoes and a red jacket, will be a good choice.
  6. Orange is also considered to be a good match for chocolate. It can be presented in the decoration of the dress, as well as in a handbag, jewelry and shoes.

For full

Since dark shades have the ability to make the figure visually more slender, dresses in chocolate color suit women in body well. If you wear this dress with high heels, it will add elegance and slimness.

What to wear?

By the chocolate dress you should definitely pick up any bright or contrasting elements, so as not to get lost against the background of this color.


If you wear a casual dress of this color, complement it with pumps with a small heel or shoes with a flat sole. For an evening version of a chocolate dress, pick up shoes with heels (lacquered shoes look especially impressive in this case). For the summer model of chocolate dress, choose a sabot or an open model of sandals.

It is important to choose a suitable shade of shoes, so as not to spoil the visual impression of the dress in chocolate color. You won’t lose your shoes in chocolate in classic colors such as black, gray and white.A good option would be carrot shoes and bright orange hue. An interesting idea would be to add a chocolate-colored dress with golden or leopard shoes.


Match your dress with chocolate-colored decorations in beige, milky, silver, gold, beige, orange or turquoise. Any of these shades, presented in jewelery and shoes, looks very harmonious with chocolate color. With a dress of this shade it is beautifully combined both costume jewelry, and jewelry from silver or gold.

It is worth noting that the chocolate dress can also be supplemented with leather, wooden or fur products. For example, you can choose wooden beads and a wood bracelet for a casual model of a chocolate-colored dress.


A universal choice for a chocolate dress will be the use of brown shades and brown pencil for makeup, as well as fondant lipstick or transparent lip gloss.

For an evening dress the color of chocolate, you can make makeup in golden color. Looks good with a dress of this shade and natural makeup, for which body shadows are used. Depending on the elements worn with a chocolate dress, you can stop the choice on red lipstick or turquoise shades.

  1. Katya

    It is rarely enough to see chocolate-colored dresses, but they are very beautiful and “delicious”. I want such a dress. I especially liked the 4m photo of the fitting dress with small polka dots.

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