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Body dress - for a provocative image

Body dress - for a provocative image

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Dresses of skin color are becoming more and more popular every day. And this is not at all surprising. The natural shade of beige color refreshes, makes the image as feminine and elegant as possible. The dress in flesh tone can be both office and official, as well as elegant, festive.

Body dress, like our skin, can have multiple shades: from almost white to light brown. It is easily combined with many items of the basic wardrobe, which makes it versatile.

Who is suitable?

Cold shades of flesh-colored suit women color type "winter" and "summer." Usually such a dress has a light grayish or smoky patina. It is well suited for official business meetings.

The flesh-colored dress is successfully combined with “clean face” makeup, which emphasizes natural features, making them more expressive. It turns out everyday, but expressive and fashionable "bow".

On a date, you can wear a flesh-colored bodily dress. It makes any woman even more seductive and attractive. Make-up for a special occasion make it more catchy, with an emphasis on the eyes. Lips should be covered with a neutral sheen with the effect of "water smooth surface". This will give them sensuality and volume.

Nude effect

In addition, flesh-colored dresses allow you to achieve the so-called "nude effect". Merging with the skin, this dress creates a feeling of complete nakedness. Hollywood stars often use this technique on the red carpet, wanting to emphasize their ideal forms.

Such an effect always causes admiration in the ranks of the male audience. One of the first wow-effect felt the famous Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe.

Her famous dress with nude effect, embroidered with numerous rhinestones, did not leave any viewer indifferent.

But the dress with the effect of "nude" has another side - it does not tolerate laxity in the image or disregard for their own body. It always looks expensive and elegant, but is able to highlight all the flaws of the figure, even minor ones. A dress with a “nude effect” is the best choice for special occasions, and is hardly suitable for everyday wear.

It does not make sense to hang on yourself multiple accessories in the form of large ornaments. Hair should be well groomed and neatly combed.

A creative haircut or a complex, intricate hairstyle will cause a dissonance with an elegant image that always creates a dress with a similar effect.

Panty hoses for him to pick up is not difficult. They should also be marked “nude effect”, which guarantees a feeling of naturalness, almost weightlessness.

Surprisingly, any bodily dress with the effect of nudity does not tell others that you are looking for a partner, but, on the contrary, demonstrates your status and independence. High heels and platform - a must-have addition to women's shoes for such a catchy and elegant dress.

Classic seduction: lace dress with flesh lining

Another incredibly seductive effect allows you to achieve a dress with a flesh-colored lining.

If the top is sewn, for example, from black lace, it creates the feeling that the girl was wearing a transparent elegant dress right on her naked body. It looks extravagant and provocative.

If you want to achieve this effect, then you will not find a better option.


Long to the floor

Flowy long dress of beige shade, decorated with sparkles or feathers, will be suitable for any beauty who wants to impress others. The choice in favor of such a model is often made by royal persons for their social events.


Body dress can be everyday, if it is made, for example, from soft cashmere or merino wool, has an acceptable midi length and a simple texture.

Dark gray booties or high black boots are a great choice for a cool winter. A volumetric knitted scarf will help to complete the look.

A short

Manufacturers offer short dresses of corporal shades in abundance. They can have a variety of textures, as they create dresses from a variety of materials, for example, silk, viscose, lace, wool, and even leather.

Sometimes in one model, the designer easily combines several shades of beige color, which makes them more original.

The abundance of ruffles and frills make the image almost childish. Such a dress would be inappropriate for a mature, held woman. But young girls can safely include it in your wardrobe.

Spectacular combinations

Fashionistas often combine beige with other brighter colors. This allows you to make the image lively.

Most shades of red (especially cherry and lingonberry) look great in combination with flesh-colored.

What to wear?

It is not difficult to make a bright ensemble with a beige dress, as it can compete with a small black dress in its universality. If the dress has a simple concise cut, then it will serve you in the office and at the party.

Combining it with a bright bolero or a sea-green jacket, any brunette will be transformed beyond recognition and will become the star of the party.

A denim jacket embroidered with large beads or bright sequins will make a beautiful duet with a small dress of skin tone. This "bow" is suitable for going to the club, karaoke or cinema.

Orange shoes and a belt will make the ensemble colorful and lively. But a white or black jacket and handbag is a good company for a dress to create a formal business look.


Tights of natural shades are suitable for any dress. They are almost invisible on female legs, but they align their color well and are pleasant to the touch. Black tight tights fit beige dress in the cool autumn and winter.


The easiest option when choosing the right shoes - it boots or shoes of a similar shade. Beige varnish looks elegant and expensive. Add a zest to the image will help the "color" boats "wet asphalt."

In the summer, white sandals on a solid sole or platform are especially good.

Denim wedge sandals and a denim jacket are perfectly matched with a natural baby-colored airy dress. Such a transformation will allow a young girl to become a real doll.

The image of a fatal beauty will always complement the hairpin color of "ripe cherry". If the chosen model of the bodily dress has a sporty style, then there can not do without fashionable sneakers on the platform.

Original look sneakers gold or silver, decorated with rhinestones.

The leather dress of a natural shade will harmoniously look with black shoes on a platform.

Accessories and jewelry

Bright accents in the form of accessories of cherry color or other suitable shades of red will always help to create a unique image. Bright accessories should not be too much, so do not forget about the sense of proportion. By itself, the beige color is neutral and can be easily combined with most bright colors.

Noble and sophisticated look on a beige background different versions of brown. The shade of dark chocolate has a special elegance.Take a closer look at the bracelets, watches, beads and other accessories of this color. So you will create a spectacular combination with the skin-colored dress.

  1. Helena

    Often bodily dresses are not visible from afar and it seems that the girl is naked)) Really provocative. I myself love bodily dresses in combination with contrasting lace, as here in the photo about the bodily pad.

  2. Irina

    Body dress with black lace - a very festive option, but immodest)

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