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Terracotta dress - versatile image

Terracotta dress - versatile image

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  1. Who is suitable?
  2. Popular styles
  3. Length
  4. Spectacular combinations
  5. What to wear?
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Beautiful noble color has natural roots: it recalls landscapes from westerns, sand dunes and earthen houses, simple and natural materials. However, it is an attribute of luxury, style and taste, the constant king of the podiums.

It is no secret that all the brown and red colors, between which the terracotta borders, must be able to measure, because it is a very important touch. This is a dangerous color that can both balance the image and ground it. Subconsciously, the terracotta color suggests that it is worn by a whole, intelligent, and balanced nature.

In the correct presentation, color will add value to a person, so psychologists recommend using it in his suit at difficult negotiations. How to properly use the terracotta color in the wardrobe and details to add sophistication and chic to the image? Consider further in detail.

Who is suitable?

Terracotta plays on well with natural brown and red hues, so girls with red hair and reddish hues can safely use it. However, they need to carefully approach the combination with the complexion. If the face has yellowish or gray shades, different from porcelain or peach tones, then you should remove the terracotta further, for example, move to the bottom of the ensemble (pants or skirt). The rest can leave it at the top of their image.

Golden and dark skin tones are becoming chic in terracotta decoration. This is the case when the color can be the central link, a great monochrome option.

Terracotta girls of the cold color type sometimes give an ugly, earthy shade to their faces, so it is better to use it in the form of accessories.

Popular styles

Simple and tasteful - this is one of the options for working with terracotta color. Expensive-rich - the second side of the coin. Since terracotta colors are perceived as natural, the special luxury is acquired by things from natural materials of all shades of brown - leather in its natural form and processing, wool, silk, satin. The combination of different, noble textures will add expressiveness to deep color. Good dresses are simple silhouette, with clear forms. Look great bohemian models of unusual cut.

Versions of a dress in antique style (Greek or Roman) with a high waist can well combine not only different materials, but also color combinations, to allow wide belts. Oriental drape cut is a great option, one of the few options where the use of drawings and prints is appropriate.

Terracotta color in clothing always attracts attention, so they need to highlight their merits. So you can add to the femininity of the figure, because the free and three-dimensional forms in combination with belts will help make beautiful proportions. Knitted and knitted dresses will fit more slender girls and women, because visually increase the size. Tightly fitting narrow dresses and long knitted dresses on large women are dangerous options in which the terracotta charm and the woman’s individuality will be lost. They are best avoided.


The length of a terracotta dress varies the character of the image: from sexual to elegant.


Long terracotta dress - an eternal trend. Draperies and a combination of translucent flying fabrics, accents on the waist and sleeves are common designers' techniques.Depending on the fabric and purpose of the dress, its cut is chosen various shoes and details. Brilliant options add volume, and matte, on the contrary, will play "at hand." This is an option for any shape.


Universal option in which femininity and modern can be combined. There is a place for geometric searches and unusual shapes. Asymmetric silhouettes and games with color and fabrics look interesting.

A good option for wool and knitwear. Fitted outfits do not lose their relevance, because they emphasize a slim figure. Midi is perfectly combined with accessories - fur vests, leather wide belts, sash. A uniform color palette is appropriate in this length.

Short dress

Style 60x or sheath dress is a great option for a sporty girl, extravagant accessories and hairstyles go well with him. This dress is laconic and simple, so the details can be fancy or futuristic, textured and voluminous. The dress itself can be decorated with edging on the armholes and the edges of white or black.

Spectacular combinations

Terracotta color is picky about the image. Total look is good for dark skin, the rest is better to dilute the color gamut. Other shades of brown, chocolate or sand color are logical.

White in all shades: creamy, coffee, cream, snow white. Strict black color can have a smooth or uneven texture, varnish shine, this can be achieved using leather accessories or shoes. Black-terracotta dress looks spectacular.

Suddenly gentle combinations will give a pastel-pink color, red-orange and yellow shades will add vigor to the image.

But olive will help muffle the "confidence" and make the outfit more calm.

What to wear?

Specific recommendations should be based on the overall style of the dress and body. Looks winning shoes in natural shades of brown and warm gray, textured leather and suede. From the decorations, a beautiful ensemble creates golden colors, natural textures and stones. The more “terracotta” in the image, the more massive the decoration can be. A significant role in the dress play accessories (bags, hats, vests, shoes, makeup), which help to dilute the terracotta color, soften it or enhance the effect.


The easiest way to pick up makeup for girls with bronze skin tones, as well as red-haired.

The more active the terracotta color in clothes, the softer and more restrained cosmetics should be. Better to stick to the rule of one accent and highlight the lips or eyes.

The winning option will be active shooters or smoky ice in brown or black. The arrows will suit almost everyone, dark-skinned women can recommend oriental makeup using a black pencil and golden shades. White skin suitable soft options Smoky-ice, as a light shade, you can choose colored shadows in harmony with the color of the eyes. For red, there will be a universal palette with pink and lilac shades. If the eyes can do accents, then the color of lipstick is better to muffle and use shades close to the natural color. Translucent pink will go to young girls, lovers of thick lipstick can stay on a soft version of Bordeaux or terracotta.


The choice of shoes depends on the basic style and length of the dress. Long dresses "ask" for more serious closed shoes, short - high heels or boots with a long shaft. Long summer dresses with slits on the skirt are combined with shoes of a little rough look, such as high sandals in the Roman style. When using low shoes, it is better to give preference to models with a small pronounced heel, such as loafers. Classic pumps will be perfectly combined with midi dresses, puffy skirts or discreet styles.


Modern understanding of fashion allows you to use different styles of makeup manicure and clothing, but competently combining them you can get a finished and beautiful image, really stylish and glamorous. The color of varnish can be different: all shades of white: from milky pearl to brown, dark shades of red, burgundy and terracotta, orange and muted pink, variations of French manicure and specified colors. Looks beautiful traditional "fresh" - a combination of lipstick and varnish.

Terracotta color does not go out of fashion for decades, because it emphasizes the character and individuality of a person. Therefore, it is especially good in styles of country, casual, hippie, bohemian. Introducing the luxury of rich tone to your image, pay attention to the fact that it is pleasant for you, and the general ensemble emphasizes natural beauty and makes your face and especially your eyes expressive. Because any bow should not only correspond to the situation, but also reveal the person from the best side, make him more beautiful.

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    Cool selection! So many photos). The terracotta dress is special, it needs to be set off with a good make-up. The color is not the easiest, but very effective.

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