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Dresses of gold color - for queens!

Dresses of gold color - for queens!

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  3. Spectacular combinations with other colors
  4. Stars in the "gold" outfits
  5. What kind of jewelry fit?

A golden dress turns a woman into a queen. But one dress is not enough here. The color is so specific that it requires a careful approach to the choice of length, accessories and jewelry. And most importantly, everything should be in moderation.

Popular styles

Sheath Dress The combination of color and conciseness of the style is undoubtedly a win-win option.

Dress with open back implies, as a rule, closed front. Although there are exceptions, where the dress acts as a tool of seduction. Open back implies perfect posture and well-groomed skin.

V-neck dress Perfect for women with a beautiful neckline. This is a seductive and very feminine cutout look.

Strapless dress (bustier) - popular style social events. It gives a charming femininity image.

Dress with thin straps suitable owners of beautiful shoulders and neck.

Dress with a shoulder strap on one shoulder - an incredibly popular style, about which we can say that it is always in trend.

Mermaid dress. Characterized by originality. Unfortunately, not every woman can afford it. The style is ideal only for a slim figure. The skirt of the dress covers the hips almost to the knees, and then expands, forming a sort of “mermaid tail”.

Golden is so popular that some brides choose it as the color of the wedding dress.



A long golden dress is an ideal choice for events that are characterized by solemnity. This may be a graduation party, corporate party or an evening, the dress code of which implies such an outfit. A gold-colored dress will help hide flaws and emphasize the dignity of the figure.

Owners of a magnificent breast should stop the choice on cut in the form of letter V. This focuses attention on a decollete zone, will add sexuality and temptation. Conversely, if the volume in this area is not enough, then drapery will correct the situation in the direction advantageous for you.

Thin waist can be emphasized with sparkling thin belt with rhinestones.

In the long version, the number of rhinestones, stones and sequins should be moderate. Dilution of matte fabric is welcomed.

Long gold dresses with sleeves can be seen in the collections of the most famous designers.


The dress is of medium length, slightly higher or lower than the knee. When choosing this model, you should take into account the peculiarities of the figure: whether its merits will be emphasized.


A dress of gold color can be loose fit. In this case, with its mini length, the shortcomings in the waist area will be visually hidden. Too wide or narrow hips will help to “optimize” the dress, flared down. Drapery on the bodice will not prevent women with small breasts. And if the dress has an overestimated waist line, it will emphasize it favorably.

A short dress can be decorated with sequins, rhinestones or stones.

Do not forget that the golden dress is not for everyday life, but for celebration. High-heeled shoes are a must-have attribute.

Spectacular combinations with other colors

Black color favorably emphasizes the golden shade of the dress. This combination can certainly be called a classic.

All shades of purple blend perfectly with the color of gold. Suitable blue, brown, burgundy, green, red. Very neatly use orange color.

Try the following combinations:

  • The blue color will give the image brightness and elegance.
  • Purple and lilac in tandem with gold - a great combination, suitable for dinner or a trip to the theater. It is perfectly set off by the red carpet, on which you will walk like a queen.
  • Golden and brown. This is perhaps one of the few options applicable to daytime. The most important thing is moderation.
  • Golden and "predatory" print. The main focus in this case is on the "tiger" or "leopard." The color of gold is used as a small addition.
  • Green and gold. This combination can be described in one word - amazing. The tranquility of green is excited by bright gold. Combine with confidence, but do not forget that the main role in this merger belongs to green, and there should be little gold.

For women bold, energetic and self-confident combination of gold and red color will emphasize their inner essence. Well, if you are not one of them, then this experiment will add a spark in your eyes. If there is a lot of red in the image, then the presence of gold is appropriate only in accessories (jewelery, shoes, handbag) and vice versa, there are plenty of red shoes along with gold. For the daytime look you can try on a red blouse and skirt and golden straps, bracelets. An elegant autumn-colored handbag will put a dot in the image.

Stars in the "gold" outfits

Golden dresses are not alien to world celebrities. Very popular models of the so-called "chewed gold." It seems that the fabric is first crushed, and then straightened. The effect is simply amazing.

Stars choose for the catwalk on the red carpet of a dress of various golden shades from light yellow to pure red. They seem to flow like a golden stream from the shoulders of famous beauties.

Gold dress is in itself a decoration. Therefore, many movie stars do not use additional accessories and decorative elements.

Dresses in the floor look elegant and dazzling, and the mini - option mainly for the young age.

Some stars prefer unusual gold outfits, which are raindrops, feathers.

What kind of jewelry fit?

A gold dress looks gorgeous in itself. Therefore, you can do without additional decorations.

But if you still decide to bring a zest to your image, then the right choice would be a discreet chain, pendant and earrings made of silver or platinum. The ideal choice would be pearl stud earrings.

Large necklaces can be combined with a dress of a very modest style, in which there are no additional elements of decoration. The necklace can be gold in tone along with white or other neutral colors.

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    From the very first photo you understand that it is necessary to purchase such a dress! I like not very saturated shade, but slightly golden. The color of bright gold looks coarse.

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