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Black dress with red shoes (56 photos)

Black dress with red shoes (56 photos)

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  1. How to choose shoes
  2. How to choose tights
  3. How best to combine black dress with red shoes

Red and black is a whole novel about passion. A black dress with red shoes sounds no less classic, telling the world about the severity and attraction, mystery and feminine charm. This outfit requires courage, because it will never go unnoticed. But in order to preserve all the mysteriousness of such a combination, one should keep in mind its small secrets.

How to choose shoes

In the image with red shoes in the spotlight will always be they. Therefore, such shoes are an interesting highlight and at the same time a responsible choice. It may seem to someone that there is nothing to choose - ordinary shoes, just red. But in fact, they can be a variety of styles, colors and made of different materials. And for each case will suit your option.

Varnish high-heeled shoes in combination with a business suit may look ridiculous and even vulgar, and vice versa, too simple - matte shoes without heels with a luxurious evening dress.

The most common and versatile shoes - red shoes on the heels. They will suit both a business suit and a dress according to the latest fashion. For the office, it is always better to choose a steady heel and muted tones of shoes, for example, the color of ripe cherry, so as not to become a dress code violator. And simple red ballet flats are good for a day walk.

Suede shoes are more suited to the luxury of evening wear or a formal occasion, as are high heels. Also for a party or on a special occasion, patent leather shoes are good. They rule the ball in the image, do not tolerate excesses in other details, and strict black with them will be especially appropriate. Even ordinary boats, decorated with rhinestones, bows or unusual accessories, will look more festive.

Under the outfit of luxurious fabric or with decoration, drapery, decorations perfectly fit shoes on a high platform and with a thick heel.

How to choose tights

Red shoes are quite capricious and do not like competition on foot. Therefore, the choice of tights is very limited. And the main favorites among them are matte bodily, with the effect of "absence" on the leg. Also with a black dress and red shoes, a brilliant duet will create black tights. But with some reservations: this combination is suitable for dresses made of thick fabric, costume or knitwear, and the tights themselves should be almost transparent. Look harmoniously with black tights shoes of muted colors, such as burgundy.

Under bright red shoes you should not wear colored, white, thick black, gray and just wool tights.

Red tights to match the shoes and with a short unusual dress can be a vivid display of modern fashion. This is a daring combination for young and stylish people. But to find the edge where it "sounds", and where "fake", is very difficult. But the openwork, patterns, especially the mesh, red shoes do not accept.

How best to combine black dress with red shoes

A black dress with red shoes is always a stunning combination for a woman of any age. These shoes are perfect for basic discreet things. And for mature women this is a great chance to make their image more fresh and youthful. But if you choose such a bright color for shoes, then you need to observe moderation in everything else.

For all lovers of strict classics, red pumps on an average heel and a fitted dress to the knees are also a great opportunity to diversify your image. This combination is good for work and for other cases. Only in a business image should other bright details be avoided.A little black dress with elegant glitter and luxurious stilettos will be highlighted at a festive event.

Red shoes with heels will look equally good with light summer fabric and thick jersey. Especially elegant dresses look classic style, discreet adjacent or loose with an emphasis on the waist, as well as longer models, without unnecessary cutouts and inserts. When combining dresses and shoes it is also important to consider the fabric of one and the texture of the other.

Satin or patent leather shoes like a smooth fabric, and suede and matte models can be worn with knitwear, velvet, and knitwear.

But the bright red color can attract attention to the fact that you do not want to show too much. Even if he is only on his feet. Therefore, you should choose only such a style of dress, which initially draws attention to the merits of the figure and hide its flaws. Plump hips can be hidden under a dress with a flared skirt, the waist should be emphasized with a fitted silhouette with a corset or belt, and legs that do not glisten with slimness can be hidden under a long dress. After all, there are no ugly people - there is a wrong outfit.

The expressive and harmonious image is not only a dress and shoes. Do not forget about such important details as hair, makeup, accessories.

The long black dress of the fitting silhouette, bright red shoes on a high heel and the same tone lipstick on lips - game of such contrasts always bewitches. Interspersed with additional neutral colors — for example, a series of shiny buttons and the same decor on the toes of shoes — are well suited to the tandem of black and red. An interesting image in retro style from black dress to white peas and red shoes is for young and flirty girls.

Red shoes may be the only bright spot in the image - and it is now fashionable. And they can be supplemented with a wide belt or narrow strap, clutch, headdress of the same color. An interesting option is a wide belt with a buckle, which is supported by platform shoes in the ensemble.

They perfectly frame the light and open dress. A narrow strap with a strict outfit emphasizes the waistline. Or a long dress, shoes on a large platform, shyly looking out from under it, and a large flower in her hair will create at the same time a romantic and mysterious image.

If your wardrobe has not yet been red shoes - take the opportunity to try something new and unusual. After all, red shoes are good not only for a black dress, even ordinary jeans will find with them a new shade of elegance. And who knows - if this shoe will not become the most beloved.

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