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Salad dress - an image with notes of spring freshness

Salad dress - an image with notes of spring freshness

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Nature awakens on the eve of a warm pore, and with it we also wake up. Women are looking forward to the opportunity when spring clothes will replace the boring winter wardrobe. Ideas for everyday and holiday outfits become more daring, and the images are more vivid and interesting.

How often our mood improves when we see beautiful and brightly dressed pedestrians. And how wonderful we feel when, leaving the house, we are satisfied with our appearance and find confirmation of this in the eyes of others.

And what will best emphasize feminine beauty and charm in the warm season? Of course, the dress. And let it be bright, fresh and exciting, like the touch of spring. Today we will talk about dresses of lime shades.

To whom

The lime color of the dress is always the freshness and lightness of the female image. A perfect companion of this shade will be for the owners of the spring color type. But both the autumn girl and the summer girl will make irresistible a dress of lime color. The harmonious combination of this shade with light or pinkish skin, green eyes and light brown or red curls as if created by nature itself.

Owners of the winter color type should be careful to choose outfits in lime shades: for the most part, they are absolutely not combined with the appearance of "winter" girls.

In this case, the ladies should look at such colors as turquoise, pistachio, aquamarine or green. One has only to devote a little time and effort - and any woman will find her perfect shade of green.

Like any other color, lime can adjust a female figure. If necessary, he is able to give volume and make the female image light and airy.


Salad dress should not wait for a reason to wear it. Thanks to the length and material chosen for the occasion, any lady will be irresistible in a dress of this shade.


Maxi length dresses are highly valued by all women due to their versatility. After all, it is suitable for women with any type of figure, visually lengthens the silhouette, hides, if necessary, flaws in the legs and simply turns a woman into a real lady.

A maxi-length lettuce dress made of expensive and high-quality material will highlight its owner at any gala event. If there is a wedding, a graduation party or a secular evening, you should take a look at the outfits of lime shades. Models with plumes, bare back, attractive neckline or, on the contrary, more modest: with a sleeve or high collar. Fabrics will help make the dress special: velvet, velor, silk, satin, knitwear and wool. This diversity will allow any woman to find the perfect version of the evening dress of light green.

Maxi length is relevant especially in the warm season. For this time, dresses are made of lightweight and weightless fabrics, such as silk, chiffon or linen, which make it easier to endure the scorching heat. In this dress will be comfortable and comfortable, both on holiday by the sea, and in the stone jungle.


Midi is a universal length for women of all ages, regardless of the color of the dress and its style. A medium-sized lime dress looks great on dresses for special occasions, for example, for a prom or wedding. This is a great opportunity to complement the image with stylish accessories, a beautiful pair of shoes and a great haircut.

Also, this length is indispensable in the framework of multi-functional kits: everyday or business. A juicy lime shade will emphasize the openness and positive attitude of female nature.


A short lime dress will perfectly fit into an atmosphere of relaxation and fun. Option for a walk: short lime dress and white sneakers. Ahead of a date or meeting with friends? Then you should pay attention to the short lime dress-a-line with wedge sandals. Is the evening going on? A light green mini-dress and extreme height studs will turn the young lady into a bright star of a night celebration.

But do not forget that a short lime dress can be an excellent base for an office set of clothes. After all, it goes well with jackets. And over the choice of shoes do not have to wrestle with, because here it will be appropriate to almost everything: ballet flats, high heels or ankle boots. Convenient and bright!

Combinations with other colors

The combination of different colors in clothes allows not only to diversify the colors of the dress, but also, with the right approach, will emphasize the dignity of the appearance and character of the woman. Combining colors in the wardrobe is not only among themselves, but also necessarily with the peculiarities of their external data.

Lime color is bright, light and always positive. And with the help of various wardrobe items or accessories, you can easily adjust its intensity.

With black

The combination of black and light green flowers is always harmonious and universal. Black contrasts well with light green, emphasizing its richness and dynamics. In this combination, one of the colors should prevail. The basic clothes of the wardrobe in black tones with shoes and accessories of lime color look impeccable. And vice versa, the main components of the set of lime shades, accompanied by additional items and accessories in black.

With white

White color in combination with light green is suitable for girls who prefer restraint with well-placed accents. White color is able to “tame” the intensity of light green and skillfully fit it into one or another set. In this case, a light green tint can be used as in the form of various inserts and finishes, for example, a collar and a cuff on a white dress. So as an independent wardrobe items. For example, a white top and a light green skirt or a snow-white dress with shoes and accessories of light green.

With orange

Orange and lime - this tandem is created by nature itself and is always associated with the bright colors of summer. But if in nature such a combination is always perfect, then in a fashion with a combination of these shades you need to be very careful.

In a dress, you can combine these colors if you perform it in a light green color, and the top in orange. Absolutely light green dress can be decorated with orange inserts, buttons, zippers or select the individual parts of the product with this color.

And, of course, the lime dress will perfectly complement the jacket, shoes and accessories of orange shades. And if you want, and the presence of impeccable taste, you can make this image even more bold. For example, using a clutch bag with a leopard print.

With purple

Another way to stand out in the bustle of the city, at a party or on an ordinary day off - wear a lime dress and decorate it with elements of purple. This can be as a decoration directly on the dress, as well as separate pieces of clothing that complement the image: a jacket, bag, shoes, jewelry and even a hat.

What to wear?

It is difficult to argue with the fact that the green color always symbolizes the time of flowering and the riot of colors. Therefore, in the spring and summer, dresses of light green shades can be worn in any weather and for any reason. The main thing is to skillfully create an image, based on the features of the exterior and the directly chosen lime dress.

In the spring, a light green mini dress and midi length goes well with a light coat and a raincoat in a contrasting color. And correctly placed bright accents in the form of a scarf, glasses and bags will help any lady to express her character and mood.

In such cases, the combination of a light green dress and leather outerwear is in no way inferior. A rich blue, sandy or classic black leather jacket will superbly accentuate the shade of green and, if necessary, warm in cool weather.

Shoes for a lime dress should be selected on the basis of its length, material and style. In the spring, a short lime dress will perfectly complement the boots, shoes or loafers. In a dress of medium length “open” legs will help high-heeled shoes or elegant low boots.

Summer gives fashionable women real space for flying fantasies. This is the time when salad dresses in a wardrobe can be not one, but several. Short, medium length, to the floor, with a sleeve or in the style of gang - countless options for saturated sunny days.

With summer versions of salad dresses look great shawls and stoles. And on a cool summer evening, you can wear a denim jacket, vest or a light cardigan.

The office version of light green dress for hot pores is a variety of models from natural fabrics that can be combined with a business jacket or a feminine bolero.

And, of course, shoes. In the summer with her using the same dress can look completely different. A short lime dress and sandals or slip-ons are a great set for a walk. The same short dress and bright high-heeled shoes are a win-win option for a noisy and fun party.

Sandals on a heel or wedge, sabot or ballet flats will be suitable for lime dresses of medium length. A long lime dress can be easily turned into an option for a sea walk with a pair of beach shoes.

Elegant evening dresses of light green color do not need additional items of clothing. Is that an elegant fur coat or cape can make him a worthy company, if a lady wants to cover her bare shoulders. To complete the image will help the chic heels of a classic black color and contrasting shades: silver, dairy or even red.

Accessories and decorations

Accessories and decorations for the lime dress should be chosen no less carefully than the additional elements of the wardrobe and shoes. Choosing color combinations, you need to know that the green "gets along fine" with black, red, silver, light pink, milky, golden and yellow shades. An interesting combination is green with purple, burgundy, blue, raspberry and dark green.

When choosing jewelry, one should proceed from the style of the dress, emphasizing, for example, open wrists with bracelets, neck with earrings or necklace, and the décolleté area with a brooch. The color and shape of the jewelry should be in harmony not only with the dress, but with the female appearance, emphasizing its merits and diverting attention from shortcomings.

Light green, like any other dress, can be accompanied by traditional accessories. The bag is selected depending on the case and needs of the girl: the evening dress is complemented by a clutch bag, the casual one is a convenient women's handbag, and the dress for a walk will look great with a miniature female backpack.

Do not neglect the contrast straps, allowing you to highlight the waist. A suitable headdress, neckerchief or glasses can become “the very” missing part, which sometimes so eloquently requires outfit.

Salad dress is always a wonderful mood that a woman gives to herself and those around her. And may the perfect dress of this amazing shade be present in the wardrobe of every woman!

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