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A-line dress - elegant conciseness

A-line dress - elegant conciseness

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  1. Who is suitable?
  2. Features and advantages of A-shaped dress
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A-line - a style of dress, a distinctive feature of which is the fit of the bodice and uniform expansion downwards. The silhouette resembles the letter "A", so that the style and received such a name.

The A-shape silhouette of the dress is the best option for any type of figure, as it favorably emphasizes all its advantages. Despite the apparent simplicity, for over 60 years has been the most popular in the wardrobe of women. Christian Dior opened the A-line dresses, thanks to some changes in the trapezoid dress. The A-line dress is characterized by practicality and versatility.

Who is suitable?

Dresses with an A-shaped silhouette are perfect for every girl, regardless of body type and height. The lines of the classic cut perfectly hide all the flaws of the figure and highlight its merits.

A-line dress is great for full girls. Due to the smooth transition of the width of the model from the shoulders to the thighs, this dress allows you to hide all those extra pounds, emphasize the beauty of the legs and make the figure proportionate. Of course, the dress is popular among slender girls.

Women of low stature in such a dress will look slimmer, and tall girls, on the contrary, in this dress will look sleeker and more sophisticated.

If the girl is thin and does not have magnificent forms, then an A-line outfit will help to visually give more volume and make her seductive and charming. For example, if a girl has narrow hips, then a trapezoidal cut of the dress will help correct this flaw. And if a woman wants to hide problem areas on the waist and hips, then cut the skirt perfectly cope with this task.

Dress style A-line will help to hide all the defects in the waist. Properly chosen dress can be worn even without a belt, the waistline will still be preserved. Dresses in this style are often chosen by pregnant women, as the trapezoidal shape allows you to hide the rounded belly and emphasize all the advantages of the figure.

Features and advantages of A-shaped dress

The peculiarity of this cut is that the bodice fits the chest, which emphasizes its beauty, and the hem gradually expands downwards. In this way, you can hide various figure flaws, for example, in the hips or waist.

Very often, the models of these dresses do not have straps or sleeves: sleeveless models with bare shoulders prevail. Some variants of this style have an open back or “American” armhole. The skirt in this dress can be additionally decorated with a train, ruffles, frill, crinoline or drape are often used. Dress A-silhouette will help create a mysterious image, you will feel like a real princess.


Lace dresses with A-silhouette due to the creation of a gentle and romantic look are very popular among young girls. In this outfit, every woman will look feminine, charming and stylish.

A lace dress with an A-shaped silhouette usually does not require jewelry, although the image can be decorated with a necklace or bracelet. It is necessary to adhere to the rule, according to which for a rich fabric and an elegant style it is worthwhile to select simple jewelry.

Often, girls choose a A-line lace dress for the wedding, because in it they look like real queens. Lace is an expensive material that looks elegant and airy, it gives the image lightness.Luxurious lace combines perfectly with the smooth fit of the A-line style. It can decorate the whole dress or its individual elements, for example, a full skirt or corset.


Long to the floor

A-line long dresses are the perfect choice for a party. In this dress, every woman will feel comfortable and comfortable. It will help to create a gentle romantic image. For a long dress, you can use different fabrics, starting with light chiffon and ending with cotton or heavy jeans.


The A-line dress often has a midi length, as it is universal and suits almost all girls. Only it is necessary to take into account that a girl of low stature in a dress with knee-length will visually shorten her silhouette. The length of the midi gives the dress elegance and compactness.

A short

Today, short A-line dresses are trendy, although many girls prefer long dresses. Even full girls can wear a short dress, as the dress cut helps to hide extra centimeters on the waist and hips.

With sleeves

The A-line dress looks simple enough; to create a bright image, it is worthwhile to additionally use accessories or elegant trim. For example, the presence of a long sleeve will help to hide full hands, they can be laced or made of thick fabric. Slim girls can wear A-line dresses with long sleeves or in the shape of a flashlight.

Popular colors


Black color looks elegant, luxurious and mysterious. Many girls put on an A-line dress in this color for a party or a formal event to hide those extra pounds and look sexy.

Some women think that the outfit in black looks mournful and uninteresting, but this can be easily corrected with the help of well-chosen accessories or original finishes. For example, an image can be made more interesting with the help of a luxurious shawl or an original trim of ribbons.


White color is always associated with purity, romance and tenderness. If you want to look romantic, then a dress in white color will help create a gentle look. Many people believe that white gives a few extra pounds, but the A-silhouette dress helps to hide all the problem areas, so you can safely choose an outfit in this color.

When choosing an evening dress worth paying attention to the finish, then you will always be the center of attention. White dress can be decorated with shiny details, use shimmering fabrics, lace, sequins or precious stones.


Red dresses are often associated with a passionate woman. The A-silhouette dress in red will make every girl the real queen of the evening, will attract the enthusiastic looks of men.

To make the image look more restrained, you can use trimming with flounces or ruffles. That way you will look bright and elegant.

What to wear?

To create an unforgettable image, it is worth paying attention to the selection of accessories. For a monochrome dress with a midi length, you can focus on jewelry. For example, a romantic image will help complement a massive bracelet, pendant or beads. For a long dress a thin chain with a small pendant, as well as elegant bracelets or a ring will be a good solution. A pearl will suit the A-line dress, it will bring tenderness and romance to the image. When choosing a bag, you can opt for a bag portfolio or a bright stylish clutch bag.

The A-line dress looks great in a tandem with ballet shoes or high boots. In this combination, every woman will look confident and fashionable. Shoes with a steady heel of any height will give an image of confidence, but the designers do not recommend wearing studs with this style of dress.

When choosing a color solution, shoes should be repelled from the color of the dress or selected to match the tone of its finish. For example, if the dress is decorated with gold ruffles, then the image will be perfectly complemented by golden-tone shoes.

On cooler days, girls often wear stockings or pantyhose under a dress. They should be preferably flesh-colored, especially if you pick them up under a dress with bare shoulders.

Sometimes girls try to create a game of contrasts in the image, then black tight tights can be worn with a light-colored dress, or you can choose tights in any bright color. If we talk about outer clothing, this style of dress perfectly matches a bolero, a cardigan, a short coat with a scent or a cropped cape. Experiment lovers can wear a leather jacket.

Useful tips

  • When choosing accessories for a dress with an A-silhouette, you should be very careful to create a harmonious look. Do not make too many accents.
  • Be attentive to the selection of colors. For example, you can use the game of contrasts. The classic option is a combination of white and black. The beige shade looks great with brown or red. Gray tone can be combined with a lilac or blue tint.
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