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Asymmetrical dress - attracted by the unusual silhouette

Asymmetrical dress - attracted by the unusual silhouette

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  1. Features of cut
  2. Styles
  3. Types of asymmetry
  4. Popular colors
  5. Fashion trends
  6. What to wear?
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Dresses with asymmetrical elements are popular with women of fashion not for the first season. They are attracted by deliberate confusion hinting at ease and freedom. Moreover, due to the asymmetry of the cut, a girl can expose a certain part of the body and attract attention to it, but at the same time it does not look vulgar and overly frank.

Features of cut

Dresses, the cut of which can be called asymmetrical, have such advantages:

  • Outfit makes the girl more seductive.
  • Visually, this dress improves the silhouette.
  • With the right choice of asymmetric details, a girl in such a dress can hide certain figure flaws.


Asymmetric dress is a frequent choice when you need an outfit for an important evening or the beach. The main styles in which such dresses are presented are A-shaped and flared silhouette, as well as a trapeze.

Another style often used for asymmetric dresses is the antique-style dress-toga. The figure in such a dress is attractively draped and looks unusually seductive.

Types of asymmetry

In a dress of this style there can be such asymmetrical details:

  1. Sleeves. Dresses with one sleeve look original and are often chosen for a party or other special occasion. Often in such dresses, the asymmetry of the top is complemented by an uneven cut of the skirt.
  2. Skirt. Models that have an uneven hem are most popular among asymmetrical dresses. They draw the attention of girls who want to show their slender legs, but at the same time they consider the length of the mini too challenging. There are quite a few options for dresses with an asymmetrical hem. It can be multi-layered outfits, which consist of skirts with different lengths. The hem can be sloped to the side or back. There are also models with original draperies.
  3. Plume. The highlight of such asymmetrical outfits is the shortened front part of the skirt and the back so elongated that it forms a train. Such dresses are often chosen as a spectacular evening dress. They look best on tall girls who have slender legs.
  4. Cutout. Dresses with an asymmetrical neckline are often chosen by girls with beautiful shoulders. This version of the dress helps to visually correct the asymmetry of the breast; however, it is necessary to choose the model very carefully so that the defect is smoothed over and not highlighted. One of the most common variants of this type of asymmetry is the presence of a shoulder strap on one shoulder.

Popular colors


Such colors of asymmetrical dresses are especially in demand when they look for a light summer version.

Most often such dresses have an asymmetrical hem and open neckline. Snow-white dresses on one shoulder and with an open sleeve on one hand are also in demand.

The black

Dress with a rough black bottom can serve as a concise and elegant dress for any occasion.

Complementing it with a bright belt, heels and gold jewelry, you get a luxurious evening look. Black dresses on one shoulder are also common.


In a bright red asymmetrical outfit any girl will look amazing, so it is worn mainly as a cocktail or evening dress.

Most often, red dresses of this style are models with one shoulder strap, with one sleeve or with a train. No less spectacular products with oblique hem.

Color asymmetry

Separately, it is worth noting dresses of a simple cut, which, due to special color schemes, look asymmetric.

Such outfits are a good option for the office, since the cut will meet the dress code, and the colors will help to stand out among other office workers.

Fashion trends

Among the outfits of this style, the most popular at the moment are models with an asymmetrical skirt. On the one hand, the hem may touch the floor or even move into a train, and on the other, bare legs up or down.

Models with asymmetry of the top are less common. They are represented mainly by dresses with one sleeve or with asymmetry of the neckline.

What to wear?

An asymmetrical elegant dress can be worn with a bolero, fur, jacket or coat. On cool summer evenings, casual outfits with an uneven hem can be complemented with a soft jacket, denim jacket or raglan.

As for the bag, then for the evening asymmetrical alongside pick up a small clutch to match the dress. Summer casual dresses with asymmetry complement the envelope bag or a small handbag with a thin strap. Office models are well combined with medium-sized light or black leather bags.


Asymmetrical models of dresses are so bright and expressive that in many cases they do not combine jewelry with them at all. If the upper part of such a dress is represented by a corset, the presence of a necklace or chain is permissible. A long asymmetrical dress should be supplemented with only rings or bracelets.

One-shoulder outfits also require a minimum of accessories. It will be enough to put on bright earrings, and to find an attractive bracelet on an open hand.


Selecting shoes for asymmetrical outfits, you should pay attention to the classic colors (black, gray, white) or pick up shoes to match the dress. Multicolored bright shoes with expressive decor can be called inappropriate option, overloading the bottom.

Heel in shoes for an asymmetrical dress is better to choose high or replace it with a wedge. Shoes without heels are well combined only with short asymmetrical outfits.

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