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Dress balloon - add volume to the hips?

Dress balloon - add volume to the hips?

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  1. Features
  2. Who is suitable?
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The balloon dress has such an unusual and memorable shape that it cannot be confused with another style. What is this model? The "trick" of the balloon dress is a voluminous, as if inflated skirt, due to which the outfit got its name. The volume can start from the waist line or from the chest, but the skirt will necessarily narrow down.

Such a style appeared in the middle of the last century, when a female figure with lush hips, breasts and slender waist — the so-called “hourglass” —was considered ideal.

Dress cylinder allowed to bring the proportions of the figure to the desired standard. The pomp of the skirt was achieved in several ways. Most often for this purpose they shortened the lining and hemmed the hem of the dress to it. To create volume, many darts or folds were also made on the skirt.

Who is suitable?

Despite the fact that the style of the balloon dress is quite specific, girls with different figures can wear such an outfit. Young ladies of asthenic physique with small breasts, narrow hips and an unexpressed waistline dress-balloon will help to form volumes in the right places.

The figure of the type "apple" is also characterized by the absence of a pronounced waist, because it is of the same size as the chest and hips. You can correct the situation with the help of a balloon dress, intercepted on the stomach with a wide strap or belt.

Owners of a pear-shaped figure can brag of magnificent hips. This category of girls is probably the only one that should be avoided with dresses with voluminous skirts, as they make the lower part of the body too heavy.

Types of skirts

  • Balloon dress with flared skirt Today it looks not quite usual, but in the XX century such a dress was very popular. The volume is created at the same time due to a shortened lining and a large number of folds gathered at the waist.
  • Dresses with tulip skirt occurs quite often. It looks especially good on owners of thin waist, narrow hips and slender legs. As a rule, the tulip skirt is rather short, its length rarely drops below the knee. On the skirt there is necessarily a wide yoke and several longitudinal folds.
  • Bottom skirt on the gum, it looks quite extravagant, so this outfit is usually chosen by bold, self-confident personages. Dress-balloon with such an unusual skirt is often devoid of the waistline, the skirt begins to gain volume from the chest and sharply narrows below the knees.


To create dresses-cylinders used a variety of materials - if only they correlated with the time of year and style of dress. The main requirement that is imposed on the fabric is the ability to maintain shape, so materials are usually used fairly dense.

Often, knitwear is chosen for sewing a balloon dress, as it drapes perfectly. For the cold season, you can choose a woolen fabric - then you can recreate the image of fashionista from the last century.

Ball gowns can be festive or even wedding attire. In this case, preference is given to light, airy tissue, such as taffeta or organza. The volumetric skirt of translucent material looks like a real light cloud.


A balloon dress made from yarn is an excellent option for winter, because even on frosty days we want to remain feminine. Warm clothes, of course, can be beautiful.A striking example - a variety of knitted dresses and skirts. They look very nice and cozy, and besides, they perfectly warm.

Preference should be given to models made of yarns, which contain as much natural wool as possible and a minimum of polyester or acrylic. Such a dress will delight you for more than one season, while models made of artificial materials will lose their appearance after just a few socks.

Dress balloon for full

The balloon dress looks great on plump girls, primarily because it successfully hides volumes. The only thing that should not be done is to wear such a dress with a shortened skirt, if you have a small height and full legs. In all other cases, you can safely experiment with this model.

If you have problem areas, avoid cluttering up decorative elements in these places. For example, full arms and shoulders should not be emphasized with short, voluminous sleeves like “wings” or “flashlights”. If you already have big hips, avoid cylinder dresses with patch pockets on the skirt.

Fashion trends

  • In the upcoming fashionable season, dresses made of lace or with lace inserts will be especially popular. If you don’t like translucent skirts, but you don’t want to lag behind fashion, look at balloon dresses with a lace bodice.
  • Layered dresses and skirts will flaunt this summer on all avid fashionistas. Be sure to get yourself a balloon dress with a skirt made of several layers of fine fabric. In such a dress you will resemble an exotic tender flower.
  • Dresses with a V-neck have an incredibly useful property: they emphasize the chest and visually stretch the neck. Triangular neckline is one of the main trends of the new fashion season. A balloon dress with an attractive neckline will make you catch the admiring glances of others.

What to wear?

A balloon, like any other dress from your wardrobe, needs proper maintenance. The main task here is to balance the volume that is created in the lower part of the body and not to overload everything that is below the waistline with massive details.

You can wear a short jacket or bolero over a balloon dress. If the skirt is not very long, the classic trench of a straight or fitted style will do.

Colorful pantyhose or leggings can be worn with ball-dresses made from knitwear or other warm fabrics. If the outfit is solid, try to wear patterned tights to it - this is how you will have a naughty, playful image.


The balloon dress is the brightest element of your look, so everything else should not attract much attention. Shoes should be chosen as simple as possible, but elegant, as the bottom of the dress itself is quite massive.

Therefore, put aside boots with a wide top and shoes on a thick platform. For dress-balloon fit something less catchy: pumps, sandals with thin straps, elegant boots with high heels. Shoes with flat soles should be abandoned, because a dress with such an unusual skirt requires a heel - in order to maintain the proportions of the figure.


Accessories are no less important part of the image than shoes or dress, so you need to choose them in such a way that they are in harmony with the outfit. Stylists say that classical jewelry made of gold, silver and precious stones - elegant necklaces and openwork earrings - go badly to a balloon dress (only if it is not a wedding option).

For this dress is better to choose something more simple, but, nevertheless, original. Take a closer look at the quality jewelry - an unusual form of a ring, earrings and necklaces will look great with a balloon dress. You can choose quite massive jewelry - so that they balance the heavy bottom of the dress.

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