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Bandeau dress - seductive image

Bandeau dress - seductive image

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  5. Tips for choosing
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Bando - this is one of the most popular models of dresses. This dress is simply made for parties, as it is very beautiful, sexy and, moreover, it does not hinder movement at all, allowing you to have fun all night long.

The name of the gang dress comes from the French word, which translates as “bandage”. Indeed, this model has a certain similarity with a scarf tied over the chest. Bando - quite frank outfit. It not only fits the figure, but also leaves the shoulders and the décolleté area open. The characteristic element of the gang dress is the stiff bodice without the shoulder straps and sleeves. The skirt can be both narrow and fairly loose, but it is almost always short - not above the middle of the knee.

Who is suitable?

Slender girls look in these dresses just amazing, regardless of height. But the owners of magnificent forms should not bypass this outfit side, you just need to skillfully handle the features of the gang. Tight-fitting top of the dress acts on the principle of a corset, slightly constricting the belly. At the same time, the raised corseted chest looks truly luxurious.

Owners of lush hips should opt for a gang dress with a loose skirt. Those with hips and waist are about the same, it is better to give preference to dresses with voluminous skirts, for example, the style of "tulip". If you have plump shoulders and arms, it is recommended to put a thin tippet or bolero over the dress.


  • Classic bandeau dress is a dress with a tight, short skirt, opening the neck, shoulders and upper chest.
  • Bandeau dress with straps - This is a modern modification of this style. Since the bodice of the dress remains rigid and does not need additional "reinforcement", the straps here perform a purely decorative function.
  • Dress bandeau with a fluffy skirt - Another modification of this dress. The narrower skirts are replaced by more voluminous options: a pleated skirt, a bell, a tutu, etc.
  • Bandeau Dress with Basque Today is one of the most popular models. Baska looks great on skinny dresses, giving the figure a seductive, feminine shape.


A bandeau dress is a party outfit, so traditionally it is rather short. However, modern designers continue to modify this style, creating more and more new gang models with skirts of different lengths.


A long gang dress is an option for modest girls who prefer to demonstrate one thing: either legs or décolleté. True, despite the long skirt, such dresses do not look very strict, as they usually have a fairly high slit. A long gang can be both an evening dress for special occasions, and a light summer dress that saves from the heat.


Medium length bandeau dress looks very elegant. Simple models of semi-silhouette, made in a restrained color scheme can even be carried to the office (although you still have to put a jacket over the dress so as not to sparkle at work with bare shoulders). To go to the theater, to open an exhibition or to a restaurant, such an outfit would be very useful.


The girls are very fond of short gang dresses, as they allow you to show everyone your attractive figure. Models with a mini skirt are quite frank, so they should be worn only for informal events.For those who are tired of classic cocktail dresses, we advise you to pay attention to the gang with an asymmetrical skirt (shorter in front, longer behind), as well as transforming dresses with a removable top skirt.

Tips for choosing

  • A gang dress should be bought only if you are sure that you will feel comfortable putting bare shoulders on display. If you think that this part of the body is not perfect, or simply do not like to open it, it is better to refuse to purchase this model (or choose a suitable jacket or bolero for it).
  • Dress-bando can be a great alternative to a sundress. If you want to bring a fresh stream to your summer wardrobe, be sure to look at this model. Choose dresses with a loose bodice and a loose skirt. The fabric from which the outfit is sewn must be thin and light. In the summer it is better to wear dresses of light and bright colors. In this outfit you will look great on the beach or walking around the city.

What to wear?

Bandeau dress is a very effective outfit. It is very beautiful in itself, therefore it does not need additional maintenance. If it's cool outside, you can put on a jacket or an elegant cardigan over the dress. In this case, a neckerchief would be appropriate, but it will need to be removed along with outerwear. Tights for the gang dress should be chosen as thin as possible, fleshly light, but thick dark tights should be avoided. If the dress model is simple enough, it will go well with patterned tights or stockings. Long summer dress with open shoulders can be worn with a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses.


Despite the fact that the gang dress is very self-sufficient, it can not be spoiled with a variety of decorations. What accessories to choose depends on the style of dress.

With a long evening dress jewelry will look beautiful: earrings and necklace made of stones. Jewelry in the form of large hanging earrings and multi-layer bracelets will be suitable for a gang cocktail dress. Summer outfits can be combined with bright jewelry: long beads, unusual earrings and a large number of "Gypsy" bracelets. Do not forget also about hair ornaments: original hairpins, headbands, headbands, etc. After all, every detail is important for creating a harmonious image.


Bando is an incredibly beautiful dress, effectively emphasizing the figure. Like any other similar outfit, he, of course, “asks” for his shoes with heels. After all, putting on shoes with a heel, the girl instantly transforms: her posture becomes more graceful, and her walk becomes smoother.

Bando looks best with elegant shoes - shoes or sandals. High shoes and boots are badly combined with an open top, so it is better to refuse such shoes. Summer gang dresses with a long skirt can be worn with shoes on a flat sole or on a platform. Sandals-gladiators or ballet flats will look great with this model.

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