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Strapless dress - mystery and seduction

Strapless dress - mystery and seduction

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What can make your image mysterious and disturbing at the same time? Open neck and shoulders, which have always been the subject of attracting male attention.

To suit

Let us figure out who should wear such clothes.

Before buying a strapless dress, you need to evaluate yourself objectively. The owner of such a dress should have no broad shoulders, a beautiful neckline and neck.

The remaining details of the figure can be adjusted by various female tricks:

  1. If you are the owner of a big breast, choose strapless dresses with a corset and sewn supportive cups.
  2. Small breasts? No problem! It can be raised for greater attractiveness or choose dresses with a shuttlecock on the bodice.
  3. Flowing drop down from chiffon or from silk to the face of girls with an hourglass figure. Here, the purpose of the dress will be to emphasize the waistline.
  4. If you have a protruding tummy, you can hide it in a dress with a high waist.
  5. Tight-fitting dress suitable for slender women.

A lot is important when choosing a strapless dress - a feeling of comfort in it. When trying on, walk around the room, raise your arms, twist. If you feel great in it, if you do not want to constantly tighten it - this is your model!


The classic version of the dress "bustier" - a corset with a long skirt. Compacted bodice and long hem, made of light flowing fabrics, are more appropriate for evening and wedding look.

Highlight all the charm of the figure you can short strapless dress. Such models are especially good for summer. They can have both free and tight silhouette.

The cut of the skirt is also varied:

  • trapezium;
  • flared sun;
  • in the form of a balloon;
  • straight.


Depending on your preferences and features of the figure, you can choose different variations of strapless dresses. It is also important that the bodice of the model of such a dress goes well with any kind of skirts.


Classics of the genre - a combination of a fluffy skirt and a corset. This can be either a long fluffy dress with a multi-layered skirt made of lightweight fabric, and, for example, a charming short retro dress in peas or small flowers.


The classic open top and pencil skirt dress will accentuate all the grace of the figure.

And open neck and shoulders will add a little bit of sexyness to strict together.


Long dresses with a narrowed to the bottom silhouette and a flared skirt from the knee are most suitable for girls with the type of figure an hourglass.

In a strapless mermaid dress, the waist and hip lines will be perfectly emphasized.

The bodice of this dress is quite simple and fits tightly to the bust. Mermaid is most popular for evening and wedding events. If you want to look more sexy, then choose a dress of this style with a neckline in the shape of a heart or a more restrained V-shape.

High waist

Romanticity and lightness of the image can give a dress with a high waist. It has a shortened bodice and flared skirt.


The appearance of a strapless A-line dress in the wardrobe will be a winning one for both slender and full-bodied girls. His style is perfectly beaten by a combination of a trapezoidal skirt and a regular bodice.


Summer collections of fashionable houses are also filled with strapless dresses. The most popular ones are short ones under a belt of free or tight-fitting cut.Belts can be of various width leather or gum belt.

No less interesting summer models of dresses with a high or low waistline. Unusual and attracting your attention will be dresses with an asymmetrical skirt or with thin straps around the neck.


A wedding dress with missing straps gives the bride charm, perfectly emphasizing the grace of her shoulders and neck.

Strengthens the feminine image of the bride corset, decorated with sequins, rhinestones, beads, embroidery or lace. In this case, such a dress should be chosen carefully, because you can scratch your hands with the sharp edges of the decorative elements.

The shape of the bodice can also have different variations of execution, for example, in the shape of a heart or with a V-shaped neckline.


At the party, you will become a star in a short strapless dress. It emphasizes the figure favorably and attracts attention due to the decor.

Evening dresses are often decorated with sequins and stones, appliqué and lace, frill and fringe, embroidery and drapery.

Long evening dresses are often created in the style of minimalism, because beautiful fabric does not need a complex cut.

A more sexy and mysterious image will turn out if you choose a dress with a translucent insert.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, choose outfits of unusual cut, with original trim, cuts, open back and deep cleavage.

A very feminine and romantic image will create a dress with a floral print.


No less popular are the models without straps in everyday life, because you want lightness and brightness in the image.

Choose for any taste and style strapless dress for shopping or on the beach, discos, going to the movies.


The color range of strapless dresses is also diverse. The most popular steel block color and all sorts of prints (in flower, polka dots, geometric, etc.).

On the advice of stylists, such a dress can be supplemented with belts and belts at the waist or slightly above its level.


A model of a short white dress with open shoulders is perfect for walking on hot summer days.


For evening summer walks, you can go out in a short black strapless dress. And it does not matter whether it is going to the cinema, a romantic date in a restaurant or just an evening stroll along the promenade.


Would you like to stand out at the party at the expense of colors? Put on the dress without the shoulder strap in red. It advantageously emphasizes your sexuality and extravagance.

Turquoise and Mint

A gentle mint or turquoise will add a touch of freshness to the image.


The gray color that weave and rich in appearance will make it even more noble and interesting.

What to wear

When choosing accessories for a dress without a shoulder strap, you do not need to overload the image with any bulky large necklaces. Simply pick an elegant necklace or bracelet. Perfectly so de suitable collar necklace.

If you want to visually lengthen the neck, wear long pendants.

Shoes, of course, are most suitable for celebrations - heels. If this is a variant of everyday attire, you can shod and sandals on a rock or sandals on a flat course.

On cooler days or in the evening, in addition to a strapless dress, you can choose a suitable bolero or cape. For celebrations, you can combine this style of dresses with long gloves and a fur cape.

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