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Sheath Dress

Sheath Dress

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Elegant, strict, but, at the same time, sexy, dress case at one time made a real revolution in the world of fashion. After the First World War, when the economy of European countries was noticeably shaken, spending several meters of expensive fabric on one dress seemed extremely unreasonable. That is why simple, laconic models have replaced the lush, multi-layered outfits.

To create such dresses required quite a bit of material and a minimum of work. The novelty seemed to fashionable women not only economical, but also incredibly comfortable and beautiful attire, so the dress sheath quickly became popular in many countries around the world.


  • One of the undoubted advantages of a sheath dress is that it looks good on a variety of young ladies. Such a dress has no strict restrictions regarding age and build. Slims and buns, young girls and respectable ladies - they all certainly have to get a dress-case.
  • On the basis of one dress-case you can create many different images - from business to romantic. All that is required is to change shoes and accessories.
  • Dress style "case" - is an outfit that will be appropriate almost everywhere. In it, you can appear at work, and in the evening to go to the cinema or to a party - you will not need to change the outfit.

Who is suitable?

The form-fitting style of sheath dress is suitable for a wide variety of body types.

With the help of a properly chosen color of the dress, pattern and decorative elements, some flaws can be corrected, for example:

  • if you are worried about a small chest, ruffles or ruffles on the bodice of the dress will help to add volume to this part of the body;
  • too narrow hips can be made a little wider by choosing a dress with a basky or a small drape on the skirt;
  • horizontal flat on the dress will visually make you lower and fuller, and vertical ones, on the contrary, will stretch and narrow the figure;
  • tall girls are advised to wear a dress-case of classical length, that is, to the middle of the knee, and miniature - shortened models.

Where appropriate?

Sheath dress is a very practical piece of clothing. If you have a busy day, feel free to wear this outfit in the morning.

Not only classic heel shoes, but also flat shoes, such as ballet flats or lace-up shoes, are suitable for the dress box. Therefore, in the case you will feel comfortable behind the wheel or walking around the city.

A simple, elegant dress-case allows even a strict office dress code, so it will be quite appropriate to appear at work in it.

If you are planning to go out or have a meeting with friends in the evening, replace the strict business accessories with more informal or elegant ones. So office dress will turn into a festive outfit.

Classic sheath dress

A sheath dress, such as the fashionable women of the beginning of the last century recognized, was extremely concise. It was sewn from two parts and had only side seams. The absence of a seam between the bodice and skirt created the effect of a high waist, and visually lengthened the legs.

The classic sheath dress is just below the knee. The cut on the chest is round and shallow. This model has no sleeves and a variety of decorative elements - a belt, pockets, etc. Only thin straps are allowed.Traditionally, the sheath dress is made in black or in neutral colors - gray, beige or blue.

With lace

Sheath lace dresses look incredibly tender and romantic. This is not an option for work or a walk, but for a festive event or party.

To look in such a dress really luxurious, you need to choose models only from high-quality, expensive lace. Guipure of dubious quality can not withstand even one socks, not to mention the wash.

Especially spectacular lace models in bright colors. A white lace dress case can even be a wedding dress for a modern bride. For other cases, take a look at the dresses of pripyenno-pink, pale lilac, peach and other pastel shades.

With sleeve

Sleeves are a detail that was absent from the classic dress-case, but on modern models it is found quite often. Dress with short sleeves are perfect for warm weather.

The long sleeves of a sheath dress are a rare occurrence. The most popular models with a sleeves ½ or ¾. In this case, the sleeves are not always made of the same fabric as the dress itself.

Sheath dress with guipure or lace sleeves is a great solution for a festive evening.

Cocktail dresses are usually either completely without sleeves, or have very short sleeves-wings.

Girls who are not alien to extravagance can choose asymmetrical models with one sleeve or one shoulder.

With a collar

Traditionally, the case-dress collar was missing, as well as the sleeves. But classical models have been replaced by more modern and diverse ones, so today the collar is quite an ordinary element of a sheath dress.

Collars can be very different, but most often there are models with a small turn-down collar contrasting dress in color. As a rule, these are business dresses resembling the school uniform of the last century.

A dress with a stand-up collar looks like a national Chinese outfit. Also popular with evening models with collars such as "rocker" or "heart."


A dress with a neckline is the most modern option among all of the above. A girl in a tight-fitting dress with a beautiful neckline that emphasizes the chest always attracts looks, so this outfit should be chosen carefully.

To look attractive, it is not necessary to choose the deepest neckline that opens most of the breast. No less impressive and seductive you will look in a dress with a neckline, only hinting at what is hidden under it. Look for models with a classic “boat” neckline, beautifully opening the shoulders or dresses with a deep, but very narrow neckline.


Today dress-case can be of any length. A skirt just below the knee is still considered a classic one, but the length is still to be chosen, guided by the parameters of your figure.

A short

When we talk about a short dress, we usually mean the length to mid-thigh or higher. Such dresses are recommended to be worn only by happy owners of slender legs. In addition, stylists say that a tall, long-legged girl is better to opt for models with a longer skirt, and mini-dresses to keep young girls short.

A short sheath dress is a great outfit for an evening out, especially if accompanied by high-heeled shoes and bright jewelery.


The average is the length to the middle of the knee. This dress fits almost everyone: if not every girl can boast of perfect hips, then her knees and shin are the least problematic areas of the figure for most young ladies.

A sheath dress with a midi skirt can be an almost versatile, casual type of clothing that can be worn with a trench coat or leather jacket, sandals, or boots.


The little black dress that Coco Chanel created was covering her knees, since the designer considered this part of the body to be the ugliest of a woman. Modern ideas about the beauty had to change, but elongated dresses are still popular.

A long sheath dress slims and pulls the figure like no other outfit, so it will surely please girls with curvaceous shapes. For greater effect, preference should be given to models in dark colors or with contrasting side panels.

Popular colors

A black sheath dress is a classic outfit for an office or a formal event, but in other cases you shouldn’t be limited to monochrome colors. Consider the most spectacular color variations of the dress-case.


A woman in a red fitting dress simply cannot fail to attract attention, so this option can be chosen only if you are ready to become the center of the holiday. If you like red, but you prefer more restrained outfits, pay attention to models of muted shades, for example, a wine or coral sheath dress.


A white sheath dress is a very romantic and cute outfit. We have already said that such a dress is often chosen by brides who refuse traditional fluffy dresses.

Complicated versions of the case, for example, with a basque, translucent sleeves or a lace neck, are suitable for creating a festive look.


So, the black sheath dress is an eternal classic, once and for all entrenched in fashion thanks to Coco Chanel.

Simple and elegant, it is today considered to be the basic element of women's wardrobe, on the basis of which you can create a variety of different images - from business to flirtatiously sexy.


Blue is a discreet and noble color, so it is great for an exquisite sheath dress.

Models in blue colors are perfectly combined with modern bright accessories, as well as with classic jewelry made of precious metals, gems or pearls.

The palette of blue is very rich: cobalt and azure dresses look completely different.


Despite the fact that gray refers to neutral colors and is most often found in the wardrobe of business girls, a gray sheath dress can also be stylish and unusual.

The restraint of color can be compensated by the original cut of the dress or interesting accessories. Look for models with an unusual neckline or colored accents.

Fashion trends

  • Dresses with asymmetrical cut in the new trendy season are becoming popular again. Pay attention to models with an uneven hem (for example, shortened in front, elongated in the back) and sheath dresses with a high slit on the skirt.
  • This spring and summer narrow dresses will give way to more lush outfits. Those who adhere to fitting dresses to stay in trend, should look at the cases with a voluminous skirt - with drapery, lace or fringe.
  • For winter, designers came up with extravagant sheath dresses, with fur or leather inserts. In the cold season, you will be very comfortable in a warmed dress made of blown, quilted material.

What to wear?

Sheath dress is good because it can be combined with a variety of items of clothing from your wardrobe.

There is one important rule: even if this is a "winter" dress, made of thick fabric, you can not wear anything under it except for underwear - neither a blouse nor a turtleneck.

But the problem of outerwear for the dress case is not worth it. Lightweight raincoat, classic trench, jeans, leather jacket, jacket, blazer, original sleeveless - all this goes well with this outfit. On a summer evening, when it becomes cool, you can throw a tippet or a bolero over the case.

How to complement the image: accessories and decorations

It is possible to change accessories for a dress-case during the day, each time creating a completely new look.

In the morning of the working day it can be a simple spacious bag, an elegant handkerchief around your neck and discreet costume jewelry. Going to a bar or a party in the evening, pick up a clutch bag or a small handbag with a chain. Remove the scarf from the neck and fasten a wide, bright belt at the waist. In the evening, you can afford more noticeable jewelry - large earrings, bracelets, multi-tiered beads.


A girl dressed in a sheath dress is the very embodiment of femininity and elegance. For such a refined dress, of course, you should choose heeled shoes. A variety of shoes come up to the case: from sandals with thin straps to classic boats, platform shoes and a thick, stacked heel.

Black and beige shoes are suitable for almost any dress.

A win-win is shoes that are several shades lighter or darker than a dress.

Contrast-colored shoes, for example, lemon sandals with a lilac dress, look no less impressive.

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