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Dresses for the figure "Pear" (triangle)

Dresses for the figure Pear (triangle)

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  1. Features of the figure
  2. Stars with Triangle Shape
  3. Suitable dress styles
  4. Tips for choosing

Every woman who wants to look stunning should take into account her body type when choosing a dress. For example, if its figure resembles a pear in its outlines, then it is important to know which styles will look best on such a figure, and which ones should be avoided.

Features of the figure

The figure, which is called "pear" or "triangle", is distinguished by the presence of:

  • Narrow shoulders;
  • Thin neck;
  • Small bust;
  • Skinny hands;
  • Pronounced waist;
  • Wide pelvis;
  • Full legs.

Stars with Triangle Shape

This type of shape is noted in:

  • Jennifer Lopez;
  • Shakira;
  • Beyonce;
  • Kristin Davis;
  • Christina Aguilera.

Suitable dress styles

Girls whose lower part of the figure is more voluminous are advised to choose styles that attract attention to the bust, back and arms.

These include:

  1. Dresses that have bare shoulders. These may be dresses with a neckline or with thin straps. In these dresses you can emphasize the bust of a small size and visually make the shoulders more voluminous. The skirt for such dresses is preferable wide, medium length or mid-calf.
  2. Dress shirts Such outfits should have a free cut and will certainly be complemented by a belt.
  3. Dresses in the Empire style. Particularly in demand are Greek dresses with a length of up to the floor or to the knees, which have a deep neckline and an overestimated waistline.
  4. Dress trapeze. In the case of a pear-shaped body, it is advised to select such dresses with an average length and high waist, as well as with a bodice compacted.
  5. Dress with a slinky silhouette. The best option would be a black dress. In such a dress, the hips will visually narrow, the chest and shoulders will be more pronounced, and the figure as a whole will look more sexy. This dress can be worn with a fitted jacket, shoes with high heels and a thin scarf.
  6. Dress in the style of the fifties. Girls "pears" are advised to look for a model with a tight corset, wide skirt and a strap at the waist.
  7. Dress with a bell skirt. The best option would be a knee-length model, as well as a dress with a high waistline.

Beauties with a pear-like figure are advised to avoid dresses with a pencil skirt and dresses with mini-skirts. With such a physique also should not wear any overly tight outfit or baggy dress.

Tips for choosing

Since the top of the “triangle” figure is less voluminous, girls with a similar physique can safely choose for themselves models of evening and wedding dresses, which have large details on the chest line. They will suit dresses with jabot, layered sleeves, large pockets on the chest, ruffles on the neckline, wing sleeves and similar elements. The lower part at the same time is chosen more modest and simple, for example, a skirt straight cut.

Girls with an A-like figure are also advised to emphasize the waist, so models with eye-catching details will suit them. For example, on the belt of dresses may be a large bow, lace inserts or assemblies. It will distract from the bulk bottom.

To emphasize the neckline, women with a triangle shape should pay attention to the neckline. It is best to look at a similar figure model with oval, square and V-neck. Also a good choice would be a dress on one shoulder.

When choosing a fabric, girls with a pear-shaped figure should prefer light flowing materials that can slide over the hips. The best choice is cotton fabrics, wool and linen.On the figure of the A-silhouette, dresses of silk, organza and similar materials look good, provided that the skirt is not multi-layered.

As for the colors, the girls with the figure “pear” are more suitable for plain clothes, as well as outfits with a darker lower part. If the outfit is made of a single dark fabric, it is advised to wear such a dress with a light scarf or scarf.

  1. Christie

    J Lo and the other stars mentioned here have huge breasts, what kind of a pear is it? Pears have small breasts, so I have a typical pear - small breasts, thin waist and wide hips and butt. It is difficult to choose skirts and dresses, because Everything is hanging at the waist, and narrow in the hips. And I do not agree about the styles proposed here: pencil skirts are very fit, they give off a thin waist and emphasize the hips. And the bells on the contrary make the lower part of the body even more massive.

  2. Marine

    I have such a figure! Waist 67, hips 104, chest 86!

  3. Veronica

    The hourglass figure is considered ideal, and I believe that the most seductive is a pear. Look at Jennifer Lopez, this is the ideal!

  4. Lara

    Veronica, I, for example, on the contrary, am complexing because of such a figure as that of Lopez. Would remove those extra pounds, but something does not go anywhere.

  5. Vika

    I see most stars do not bother with their flawed figures. Put on what you want. True, it often looks absurd. At least take the same Jennifer Lopez.

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