Dress styles and models

What dress to choose for corporate?

What dress to choose for corporate?

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  5. What dresses are suitable for corporate party full?
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In the period of holidays, working women begin to look for a suitable outfit for corporate parties. This is especially interesting for those who work in conditions of a rather strict dress code and want to demonstrate their femininity and beauty at a corporate party with a spectacular and attractive outfit. However, it is important to choose the right dress so that it is appropriate for corporate events and emphasizes only the merits of its owner.


For a corporate holiday, you should choose an elegant and fashionable dress, but at the same time excessively frilly and flashy models are unacceptable. A dress suitable for this occasion is designed to be stylish and feminine, as well as elegant and perfectly fitting. Here vulgarity, excessive brightness and underlined sexuality are unacceptable. However, too boring dresses and inappropriate general outfits for corporate parties will not work either.

Fabric for dresses in which go on corporate action, select from expensive and qualitative materials. Silk, satin and velvet dresses are most popular. Also always in fashion outfits made of lace fabric.

Suitable styles

If a corporate party is a banquet or a reception in a luxurious restaurant, an elegant evening dress will be the best choice. The buffet table is not so official event, therefore a cocktail dress of medium length with a simple cut and a minimum of decor will be the most appropriate on it.

The most popular for a corporate party can be called such models:

  1. Dresses with neckline. Such outfits have a stylish look and are highly competitive with deep cleavage.
  2. Dresses with a corset. In such products, you can affect the appearance of your figure, making the chest visually lush, and the waist - more thin.
  3. Dresses with drapery. Such elements of decoration in the right places will add a little volume and hide the small drawbacks of the figure.
  4. Dresses with American armhole. In this dress, you can smooth the silhouette with angular shoulders.
  5. Dresses with asymmetry. The most popular models with a slanting bottom, because thanks to the diagonal lines, the figure visually stretches and looks more slender. No less demanded dresses on one shoulder.
  6. Dresses with a slit in the front. Most often these are long dresses on the floor with rather bold cuts from the hip along one leg.

Popular colors

The most winning model is a black dress. It will attract attention, but at the same time it will shade the skin and will emphasize the advantages of the figure. With this outfit, you get an elegant and mysterious feminine image.

Evening dresses in white, pastel or violet colors also look elegant. Also a good option is a monophonic dress of gray, burgundy or dark blue. In this case, do not forget that the dark shades indicate the ability to slim, and in a light dress the forms will become more lush and rounded.

New Year

Before the corporate celebration of the New Year, particular attention is paid to choosing the right outfit. Most often, the New Year's party involves spectacular and bright outfits, so their décor often contains sequins, rhinestones or sequins. Lace, beads, unusual neck, drapery, Basque, unusual belt, shuttlecock - a variety of details of dresses for the New Year's corporate party is really great.

Many women listen to the advice to choose the color of the dress in accordance with the horoscope, but you will not lose if you choose a snow-white, gray or beige dress for such a celebration. If you want to look spectacular, choose a fuchsia shade or a deep blue color.

What dresses are suitable for corporate party full?

When choosing an outfit for a corporate party, girls with magnificent forms should choose a model that can hide the flaws of their figure.

The most suitable styles are considered:

  • Dresses with a high waistline
  • Sheath Dresses
  • Medium length dresses with flared skirt

If you have a magnificent form, do not choose a long outfit for corporate. A better option is the model slightly below the knees. As for colors, girls are advised to pick out full-color outfits in a dark range, for example, dark gray, cherry, black or dark blue. Girls with curvaceous hips can use two-color outfits (with a darker bottom) or choose a model with a black and white print.

What to wear?

It is necessary to pick up a clutch bag or an envelope for an elegant dress. Many outfits include a combination with a belt, the width of which is determined by the style and figure of the girl. From outerwear to the cocktail dress, you can pick up a fitted jacket, and for the evening alongside - a bolero.


If the shoulders in the dress are open, you should wear long earrings, and the model with a closed top looks good with an elegant chain and pendant. For a dress with a short sleeve, you can pick up a bracelet, especially if the sleeve is asymmetrical.

A good idea would be to use a large diamond or other gems. Pearl jewelery is also a good option.


The best option for corporate party shoes, without a doubt, will be shoes with high heels. They can be with open toe, wedge or with straps. The color of the shoe is most often chosen as black, but a variant of shoes to match the dress or to match the belt would be appropriate.

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