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Fashion dresses in 2019 (98 photos) - new items and trends

Fashion dresses in 2019 (98 photos) - new items and trends

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  1. Styles
  2. Current trends and innovations
  3. Spring-summer season
  4. Season "autumn-winter"
  5. Tips for choosing

Choosing a dress is a crucial task that a woman will fulfill with ease, considering the peculiarities of not only her external qualities, but also internal ones. And if a woman follows fashion and understands her moods, then the image will be perfect. So, let's talk about the fashionable dresses of the current season.


A variety of styles of dresses consistently from season to season. The basis for many ideas were the trends of the past year. Romance and femininity are also popular now, showing themselves in open shoulders, V-necklines and an emphasis on hips. The retro style in modern interpretation, as well as the rather extravagant combination of “dress & pants” have not lost their relevance.

Speaking about the most popular styles of dresses, the following can be highlighted:

  • trapeze dress;
  • bandeau dress;
  • dress shirt;
  • sheath dress;
  • dress cover;
  • jumper dress

However, any of the above styles can have countless variations, due to the main distinctive features prevailing this season, such as:

  • uncomplicated cut;
  • no sleeves and bare shoulders;
  • shallow V-shaped or round neckline;
  • midi and maxi skirts of various styles: from straight, fitted or flared to the bottom;
  • folds, draping and layering.

This season offers the beautiful half of humanity both constant classics and fresh ideas for ladies' wardrobe, dictated by the increasing trends.

Current trends and innovations

A detailed acquaintance with the collections of dresses allows us to note a tendency towards moderation and reasonableness in detail, but at the same time the outfits do not look fresh and monotonous. This effect is achieved through a combination of textures of different density and colors, as well as the length and shape of the layers of materials used.

Particularly important role played in this season decor: ruffles, ruffles and bows, as well as various accessories. Bold and unusual look dresses with cuts and notches of varying degrees of openness, located on certain parts of products.

This season at the peak of midi length, which means that the dress should be present in the wardrobe of every beautiful person, regardless of her age, body features and occupation.

Such trends will be distinguished by the fashion for dresses this year. It's time to find out which outfits are preferred in the spring-summer and autumn-winter seasons.

Spring-summer season

Spring-summer season is always a triumph of fantasy, awakening and energy. And the fashion industry, like no other reflects the mood of this time of year, transforming women's fashion into a real extravaganza.

Speaking about the dominant styles of warm season dresses, the following can be highlighted:

  • bandeau dress;
  • mallet dress;
  • dress-smok;
  • with a full skirt, in the style of the year or with trains;
  • with asymmetrical riding;
  • dresses of a simple cut;
  • dress in pajama style;
  • Long Dresses.

This season represents not only simplicity of cut and a minimum of details, but also a competent combination of various trends. For this reason, every lady will easily find her perfect dress.


The color scheme of the warm season is filled with natural shades of greenery, ripe fruit and sea spray. Among the design favorites were also: white, pink and radiant green. And the combination of blue, white and red colors from year to year remains a win-win fashionable combination.

Among the pastel shades in the trend of blue and pink, both in combination and separately.Bottomless blue, ardent red, orange and yellow, copper with brick and wine or purple with an admixture of pink are also topical. Often, designers use the technique of degrade and color-block for their creations.


In the spring and summer season floral motifs are always relevant. In the current year, these are mainly volume prints in the form of flowers or petals. But there are also miniature ornaments. Maritime themes have long won back "a place under the sun" in collections for hot seasons, therefore, it remains relevant every year.

Inscriptions, a cell, a wide strip or various geometric shapes with a tendency to abstraction are also found in the collections of dresses of the spring-summer season.


The theme of decor in the spring-summer season is opened very widely. Along with the already mentioned three-dimensional bows, ruffles and ruffles used as decoration for dresses, fringes, flounces, folds and draperies are also widely used. And simple, from the point of view of cutting, models magically transform handmade embroidery, volumetric appliqués, stones, colorful beads, metal fittings and even ostrich feathers.


I was pleasantly surprised by this season with the variety of fabrics, textures and their incredible combinations. Admire the models of silk with their ease and femininity. Dresses with multi-layered skirts are created by a combination of nylon, tulle, organza or chiffon.

Fatin, veil and wreath in the ensemble with dense contrasting materials look spectacular and unusual. Lace fabric today occupies a special place in design workshops. Her ability to decorate women's dress is very much appreciated. This season, the designers beat the lace, making it more dense and closed.

Denim and cotton fabrics are widely used for casual dress patterns this season. Freshness and originality this season brought models of dresses made of mesh or perforated fabrics.

Season "autumn-winter"

Fashion in the autumn-winter season is always more restrained and serious. The dress remains a significant component of designer collections and is present in the wardrobe of most women. But it becomes more closed, cozy and is designed not only to decorate its owner, but also, if necessary, to protect it from the vagaries of the weather.

In the cold season, the following dresses are relevant:

  • sheath dress;
  • sweater dress;
  • A-line dress;
  • dress in the style of "New Bow";
  • Dress Basques;
  • dress with asymmetry.

Dresses of medium and maxi length confidently stepped over in the autumn-winter season. Many models have an emphasis on the sleeves, due to their peculiar cut: fluffy or flared, straight or sleeves-lanterns. Companions of some models are capes-capes and loops. Open shoulders and back, cuts on skirts and drapery are still in operation.


The color palette of the cold season includes classic black, white and red colors, thick wine red, blue and blue with a touch of green. The technique of transition of rich colors to intense noble tones is widespread.


Prints in the form of inscriptions, ethnic elements and 3D graphics adorn dresses for more universal purposes. Evening models are artfully painted with floral patterns, including on transparent fabric.


Dresses for special occasions are decorated with already familiar fringe, feathers, gold embroidery or trimmed with fluffy fur. Everyday outfit can be accompanied by white collar trim. Patchwork technique helps to turn a dress of a simple style into an incredibly stylish thing. Traditional ruffles and flounces, pleating and draping also do not stand aside.


Models from the everyday fashion of this season are made of thick knitwear and viscose. Dresses made of suede, wool, cashmere, natural velvet and tweed - a great option for a cool time of year. Genuine leather, as the main or additional material, will endow the dress with an uneasy, but very attractive character.

Dresses made from luxurious materials are created for evening looks, the surface of which imitates precious metals or has a shimmering effect. Lace, brocade, silk and satin, as before, are loved by both the creators of dresses and those who wear these dresses.

Tips for choosing

Whatever masterpieces she creates, every woman should remember that any fashionable thing should emphasize, not cross out her individuality. Unconditional adherence to fashion can deprive a person of the right to choose and make you forget about your own preferences in clothing.

This will not happen if you follow a number of specific rules. This is especially true for women's dresses. The outfit fits perfectly if a woman chooses him, taking into account her type of figure and body features. The dress should not conflict with age, temperament and overall style of the woman.

Casual dresses are selected according to the season and weather conditions. The place, the reason and the way the woman intends to spend time in her dress, also play an important role in her choice. In addition to the admiration of others, personal comfort is also important. If a woman in a dress feels constrained and uncertain, it will not escape the eyes of others. As a result of such physical discomfort, a woman will surely feel uncomfortable.

Today, the fashion world is infinitely diverse, so each lady will find a solution when choosing her dress. The main thing is to remember that in it it should be primarily beautiful, not fashionable.

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