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Bustier dress - a classic seduction

Bustier dress - a classic seduction

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The name "bustier" came to us from French. It is derived from the word buste, which translates as "chest." Originally, the bustier was a type of underwear. It was a cross between a corset and a modern bra. His mission was to sleg down the waist and support the chest.

Today the bustier is a strapless rigid bra, which is worn mainly for open evening dresses. However, over time, the bustier from underwear has migrated to the category of ordinary clothing. Increasingly, you can find bustier tops and bustier dresses, which have become independent items of clothing.

In this article we will tell you about the bustier dresses: about what they are, who fit and what they combine with.


So, a bustier dress is a peculiar hybrid of a dress and a bra. It is characterized by an open top strapless and sleeves and a bodice made in the shape of cups.

The bustier dress often has a rather frank neckline, so it is rightfully considered one of the sexiest items of women's wardrobe. It can fit a figure, and can have a fluffy skirt, but the top always remains as open as possible. All attention is focused on the shoulders, chest, arms and neck, therefore, when you put on a similar outfit, you need to be sure that this area looks perfect.

Who is suitable?

The bustier dress should be treated very carefully: despite the stunningly beautiful appearance, it can spoil the image if you choose the wrong model. Particular attention should be paid to the neckline and hands, because the dress puts it all on display. If you have very full shoulders and arms, ugly skin folds may be gathered above the bodice. In this case, it is better to refuse a bustier dress (the exit is to throw an elegant jacket or tippet over it).

Luxurious breasts such dress can present in the most favorable light. However, it is very important to choose the right size: if the bodice is too tight, there will be a feeling that the chest is about to “jump out” from it.

Best of all, a bustier dress sits on girls with an hourglass and a rectangle type. If you belong to the latter type, we advise you to choose a model with a full skirt to make the figure more feminine. A full skirt will also help balance the broad shoulders.

Popular styles

  • Fitting The dress repeating contours of a figure looks unusually attractive. True, it should be worn only if your figure is close to the ideal.
  • Basque. Today dresses with basques are at the peak of popularity. This decorative element gives the image a bit of coquetry. In addition, the Basque perfectly masks the fullness in the waist.
  • With a full skirt. The dress with a tight top and a full skirt makes the girl look like a graceful flower. Especially well this style looks on a miniature, slim ladies.
  • With smell. Dresses with a smell equally well sit on different types of a figure, therefore they can safely wear both pyshechki, and thin persons. The smell is an inconspicuous and elegant detail, which successfully enlivens the image.


The dress-bustier is, as a rule, an evening or cocktail version of the dress. Regarding him, there are no strict recommendations on the length: what should be the skirt only you decide, based on the characteristics of the figure and the format of the event.


A bustier dress with a skirt to the floor should be chosen for the most solemn occasions.In such a dress it would be appropriate to appear at a wedding (even at your own), an evening reception or at the presentation of the award. The skirt may be fluffy, but the bustier looks more elegant with a semi-loose or straight, flowing bottom.


A bustier dress of medium length fits almost everything, so it is considered a universal holiday option. It is convenient to move in it, so it is often put on where dances are planned until the morning. A knee-length dress can have any silhouette. Popular model with a skirt, tight hips, with a skirt-pack, and a skirt-bell.

A short

A bustier dress with a miniskirt is another version of the “dance” dress. By virtue of his frankness, he is suitable exclusively for informal events. A dress that completely bare arms, shoulders, the upper part of the breast and significantly opens legs, not every girl dares to wear. Most of all, a short bustier dress is suitable for owners of a taut figure and slender legs.

What to wear?


Under the bustier dress you should choose the most inconspicuous underwear with a smooth surface, without lace, embroidery and other decorations. There are special bras for this outfit, but if the bodice is thick enough, you can do without them.


The bustier dress is a self-contained outfit that does not need additional details, in addition to the necessary accessories. However, if you are shy about bare shoulders or cool indoors, you can put on a jacket, bolero or a beautiful tippet that matches the style of the dress.


Choosing jewelry and accessories for a dress-bustier, it is very important to stop in time, so you want to wear all the best and beautiful things for such an unusual dress. To the place will be a small handbag on a chain or a small clutch. If the dress is not decorated with rich decor, the handbag can be trimmed with lace, beads or rhinestones. For a heavily decorated dress it is better to choose something simpler.

A bustier dress opens the neckline, and is a great way to showcase your favorite necklaces and pendants. The grace of hands can be emphasized with the help of original bracelets. Do not forget about the earrings: it can be as concise studs, and massive pendants. Real jewelry can replace high-quality jewelry.


Dress bustier - this is the outfit that can not exist without accompaniment in the form of high-heeled shoes. The higher the heel, the more spectacular you will look. However, shoes can be replaced by stylish sandals - your image will not lose from this. If for some reason you cannot wear shoes with heels, wear ballet flats boldly (but only choose those that will decorate the leg, making it sleeker).


Many modern materials from which bustier dresses are made require special careful care. For some things there is a ban on washing in the washing machine, spinning or ironing. Therefore, it is very important to follow the instructions indicated on the internal label - otherwise the thing may become disposable.

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