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Dress-shirt - the choice in favor of convenience and practicality

Dress-shirt - the choice in favor of convenience and practicality

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In the wardrobe of a modern girl there are things that are difficult to guess the purpose of the first time. For men, our favorite skirts, shorts, dresses, skirts, dresses, overalls, etc. still remain a real mystery. Meanwhile, all these rather strange, at first glance, garments are incredibly convenient and practical, as they can replace two or even three things at once.

In today's article we will discuss one of the most popular "hybrids" - dress-shirt. We will tell about who this thing goes especially, about its varieties, as well as how to carry it and with what to combine.


Even if you have never seen a shirt-dress (which is very doubtful, because in the summer time a huge number of girls dress in this outfit), you can easily imagine what kind of clothes it is based on just one name. Dress-shirt is an elongated version of an ordinary sleeveless shirt.

The dress-shirt is a modern modification of the very shirt, which was originally an element of underwear, and then moved into sportswear. Today, dress-shirt refers mainly to sports, beach or casual styles. It is devoid of sleeves, has a tight-fitting silhouette and a shallow neckline.

Who is suitable?

The special features of the dress of the shirt do not allow her to keep your true forms secret, so you should wear this thing only for those who lack any complexes about their own figure.

Dress-shirt is usually sewn from knitwear or other thin elastic fabric. Such a material in combination with a tight-fitting silhouette emphasizes the contours of the body and does not hide the flaws. In addition, a tank top dress leaves the shoulders and arms open. Therefore, if you consider your stomach or upper body to be your problem area, it is better to give up this garment.

The most spectacular dress-shirt looks on thin girls with the type of “rectangle” figure or on owners of the most feminine figure - “hourglass”.


“Mike” is one of the most favorite options for girls dresses for the warm season. Summer models, as a rule, are made from thin knitwear - a fabric that is comfortable in heat, elastic and socks. Knitted T-shirt dresses are comfortable, but they have one unpleasant feature: the material is often stretched and gathered into folds on the most problematic parts of the body. This must be taken into account when choosing a similar outfit.

Knitted dresses, T-shirts are both discreet, monophonic, and bright, with interesting prints. Especially popular models in the marine style with horizontal stripes.


The most unusual kind of dress-T-shirts - this, of course, wedding. For such cases, elegant outfits of noble material, decorated with exquisite decor, are created. They look very concise, but, at the same time, original. T-shirt dresses are often chosen by brides who plan a stylized outdoor wedding, for example, on the deck of a ship or in a beach cafe.


Recently, the dress-shirt has ceased to be exclusively informal clothing for every day. Increasingly, this thing, made in different styles: from business to evening.

The evening dress-shirt is, as a rule, an outfit whose simplicity of cut is compensated by a rich decor. Evening models are usually embroidered with a large number of beads, sequins or rhinestones.In a smart dress, an undershirt dress can have an unusual, deep enough cut on the chest or a slit on the skirt. A fairly common variation of this dress is a dress with a flared or asymmetrical hem.


Initially, the dress-shirt was created short - so that it was convenient to play sports or just actively move. Over time, began to appear varieties of such dresses of very different lengths.


Long dresses, T-shirts appeared in the fashion world relatively recently, so they still look quite unusual. Elongated models, reaching to the ankles, are best suited for tall, slim girls. They combine well with punk attributes: heavy boots, leather jackets, etc.


Dress-shirt of medium length can be made in different styles. It is considered the most versatile option of all, as it is suitable for girls of different heights.

If you put a denim shirt or jacket over such a dress, it will be quite possible for him to appear in school. Some people wear such an outfit to work, but they shouldn't do it anyway - the dress-shirt refers to informal clothes.


A short tank top dress is usually a sporty or beachwear option. It is incredibly comfortable in the heat and, moreover, allows you to move freely. Often there are shortened models with an unusual, deep neckline. Mini-dresses with a skirt in a fold or decorated with ruffles look coquettishly and amusingly.

What to wear?

  • Jacket or shirt. A checkered shirt, denim or thin jacket in a sporty style will be a great addition to a dress-shirt. So based on one thing you can create several different images.
  • Tights or tights. If it's cool outside, but you don't want to give up your favorite T-shirt, try to combine it with bright, tight tights, leggings, tight jeans or leggings (juggins).


"Mike" - one of the few types of dresses that do not need a heel. You can wear this thing with comfortable everyday shoes - sneakers, sneakers, ballet shoes and even with beach slippers. Lovers of extravagant images will surely enjoy the combination of a dress-T-shirt and boots with thick soles.


Dress-shirt is not demanding accessories; the main thing is to try to avoid things that are too complicated and “elegant”. Original jewelry (plastic, leather, wooden), sunglasses, backpacks, or simple, comfortable bags, mitts, funny hats - all this goes well with this outfit.

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