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Dress with fringe - original notes in the image

Dress with fringe - original notes in the image

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  4. Ballroom for dancing
  5. Chicago style
  6. Popular colors
  7. What to wear?

Fringe is a very peculiar element of dress decoration, because it was very popular in the 20s of the last century. It is used in the decoration of clothes in the style of country, boho or aesthetics. Today, famous fashion designers use it as a decor for stylish, bright and sophisticated dresses.

Fringe helps bring passion to the image, courage and insatiable sense of freedom. But also often gives girls chic, sophistication and aristocracy.


Today, the fringe can be created from any material, have different lengths and colors. Designers use leather, suede, silk and cotton, as well as fabrics of extraordinary texture when creating a stylish and spectacular fringe. These funny strings can be a separate element of the decor of the dress, or decorate the neckline, collar, hem or sleeve of the dress.

Fringe on dresses can be presented in the form of refined tassels or thin reticulums.

Popular models

  • Short dresses, presented in the style of "Latina", are distinguished by the fact that they are decorated with fringe along the entire length. If you wish, you can make any dress yourself fashionable; it is enough to sew four or five rows of lace on a simple dress with thin straps.
  • Dresses with fringe at the hem look very beautiful and attractive, especially if the threads have a length of about 40 centimeters. Today the poncho dress with fringe is in fashion, because it gives the girl femininity, fragility, and thin ropes make the image easy and energetic.
  • Dresses in which only a skirt or bodice is decorated with a fringe. This dress is suitable for girls with imperfect proportions, because the fringe allows you to give the required volume or stretch the entire silhouette. So, short threads are used to create volume, and a long fringe allows you to visually make a shape slimmer.
  • Knitted dresses or knitwear are also often decorated with fringe. Hand knitting allows you to make a fringe of the same thread as a knitted thing.
  • A dress made of thin strips of fabric with a fringe looks very interesting. The irregular shape of the stripes will help give volume in the right places.
  • Country-style dresses are often decorated with a fringe, namely the neckline, collars and sleeves. The fringe, which is located at the joints of the flared skirt, looks spectacular and stylish.

Evening dresses

Evening and cocktail dresses, decorated with fringe, look spectacular and luxurious. Looks great sundress on thin straps or with a sleeve length of three quarters.

Fringe is a self-sufficient element of the female wardrobe. She is able to decorate even a strict outfit, give it romance and originality.

Today, many fashionable women go to parties in fringed dresses, which not only decorates the image, but gives it lightness, elegance and attractiveness.

Evening dress can be decorated with both long and short fringe, one-color or multi-colored.

Ballroom for dancing

Fading dresses with short length on slightly noticeable straps, decorated with fringe, belong to the latino style. In this outfit, every girl will always be in the center of the dance floor, without necessarily being able to dance.

Often, the ball gown is trimmed with a fringe at the waist, which allows to emphasize its sophistication. Gloves decorated with fringe are perfect for owners of long, thin hands.

Thin ropes in the neckline area will surely attract the attention of others.But most of all girls for dancing prefer dresses with fringe along the hem.

Chicago style

This season, many fashionable women have in their wardrobe a dress in the style of Chicago, which is a beloved classic and looks very impressive.

Features evening dress in this style:

  • The length of the cocktail dress can vary from knee to ankle. If you need to recreate the atmosphere of the thirties of the twentieth century, you can choose an outfit with a bolder length.
  • The characteristic low waist, although you can not adhere to this rule, since the natural proportions are appreciated. For the twenties of the twentieth century, they usually did not focus on the waist or used an understated version until the middle of the thighs, then after a decade they began to be guided by the usual female silhouette when sewing dresses.
  • The most popular fabric is satin, but silk, chiffon and velvet dresses are also common. Fringe, rhinestones and beads, sequins and glitter are used to decorate a dress in Chicago style.

The highlight of the dress is a cut on the scythe, which perfectly describes the female silhouette. This cut is rare today, mainly used in the tailoring of evening dresses for parties dedicated to the thirties.

  • The outfits are characterized by a deep cut on the back and a tight-fitting silhouette, which gradually expands downwards from the line of the thighs.
  • The perfect figure for a dress in Chicago style is a sophisticated silhouette with elegant lines and broad shoulders.

Popular colors

Each woman of fashion can pick up a dress of all favorite color, after all designers offer clothes with a fringe of different color schemes. Classic options are black, white and gray.

For lovers of bright colors suitable dress scarlet, light green, red or blue. Gloves should be chosen to match the decoration.

This year the most popular colors for cocktail dresses with fringe are classic white or black, luxurious golden, and also sexy scarlet or red.

When choosing colors, it is necessary to select all the elements of the image so that they harmoniously complement each other. So, a coral dress with silver trim will be perfectly combined with a silver-colored clutch.

What to wear?

A stylish dress with a fringe to create an unsurpassed look can be complemented with an exquisite handbag, sophisticated gloves, an original hat and fashionable shoes. The main rule to be followed is that all elements must be in the same color scheme.

A small hat or a hat with a wide brim will be a great addition to the image. An original solution for decorating the head will be a ribbon decorated with feathers, flowers and glitter. When choosing a handbag is to stay on the bag-envelope. To decorate the neck, you can choose a luxurious fur boa, beads or a bright bow. A very popular adornment is a long necklace - often made of pearls, which is knotted.

It is also necessary to remember about gloves, since in the thirties they were an obligatory attribute. Velvet or silk gloves are a great choice.

For a dress in the style of a latin shoes with heels-glasses are well suited. Cowboy boots will look great with a fringed country outfit.

To create an evening look, long earrings, as well as elegant chains will be a great tandem to the fringed dress.

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