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Pleated dress: let's talk about fashionable folds

Pleated dress: let's talk about fashionable folds

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  1. Features dresses pleated
  2. Who is suitable?
  3. Difference of a corrugation from plisse
  4. Fabrics
  5. Length
  6. Popular colors
  7. Marilyn Monroe Pleated Dress
  8. What to wear?
  9. Footwear
  10. Accessories

Pleated - is an amazing way to give a luxurious look to fabrics and clothing. Luxury and femininity give pleated dresses that any woman can wear, emphasizing her beauty.

Features dresses pleated

The abundance of folds is a difficult element of the image, therefore, it is usually used as follows:

  • The bottom of the dress is a pleated skirt. Helps to shift accents down, it is possible for a dress of any length with a low or high waist. It is diluted with other details of the image, leaving a touch of femininity and elegance.
  • Pleated detail: on the sleeves hides the fullness of the hands, in the top of the dress - visually increase the volume of the chest. It helps to create an elegant image, adds bohemian chic thanks to the scattering of the fabric of the sleeves. Leads a look from wide hips. The image is elegant and interesting.
  • Pleating throughout the length of the dress - exquisite and festive option. He is often beaten with a lack of sleeves, a laconic collar, and beautiful accessories. Clothing of this cut is used for celebrations, so they must be chosen very carefully. But this trend does not lose its relevance for several seasons.

Dresses from thin materials allow you to create multi-tiered models of different textures. The use of multi-layer translucent and flowing fabrics is perfectly combined with pleated.

Who is suitable?

Pleated fabric has interesting properties. This allows you to drape it and create volume, and in the presence of lush forms - skillfully hide them. Pleating to the face of all, it is important to choose the right length and place accents.

Folds add volume, so they go to slender girls, creating a lightness, giving a tender and romantic image. With skillful presentation, pleating is able to hide its fullness, emphasizing femininity, adding sophisticated elegance.

Tall girls can try on long pleated dresses, folds on the skirt will disguise fluffy thighs, in problematic cases you can shift the emphasis to the upper part. This is true for the figure "pear": a draped bodice or sleeves will create the correct proportions. Fluffy pleated skirts distract from wide shoulders. Fully short girls need to be careful with this texture of fabric, they will be helped by color accents, pleats along the entire length of the dress or the use of large flat folds that mask the volume.

Difference of a corrugation from plisse

Corrugation and pleated - a way to add volume to the final product by adding the fabric in a certain way. Pleated one side is longer, the other is shorter. Regardless of the direction and location of the folds, the width of the fold will be greater than the hem. Corrugation made to do with the same size and for the fold, and for the fold. Therefore, in a section, it resembles an accordion, which is made for a paper fan.

Because of this, it is more convenient to change the width of corrugated fabrics: they have the same, uniform folds. With a pleated it will be difficult to do this, as it is difficult to observe the proportions of the hem.


The easiest way to give the desired shape to light and thin fabrics that are beautifully draped (satin, chiffon bases, silk). They are traditionally used for elegant corrugated dresses. Effectively look pleated leather, knitwear and knitting. Organic skin type structures create unique and chic looks.Warm fabrics make folds more casual and office.

Pleated wool looks noble and expensive, is a sign of good tone. Dressing knitted and knitted fabrics in the fold - an interesting and dangerous reception. It is better to hide the fullness of the knitted gum or to decorate it, but for full ladies it is better to avoid such a complex game of style and material. But future mothers can gladly use the corrugation and pleated from the high waist down in knitted and knitted dresses.


The length of the dress should be chosen for a specific case, considering the height Important will be the length of the pleated, its relationship with other details. Fully pleated dress - the output version, festive and elegant. A straight or fitted dress with pleated trim is more versatile and will perfectly fit into a business atmosphere.

Stylists believe that the folds should hide large volumes, hide them. Uneven legs can also be covered with such a dress. But even it is worth emphasizing the asymmetric hem in the fold.

Long to the floor

Dress for social events and carpet paths will be especially delicate and elegant if it is decorated with pleats. It looks great with an open back, bare arms, other decollete options, with a transparent and flying finish. The American armhole of a mouth will add refinement and laconic severity. A long dress in a small fold - an eternal classic of the gossip.


Expressive and dangerous dress length. She makes the figure appetizing and feminine, emphasizing the hips and legs. If this is a problem area - slightly lengthen the skirt, move the corrugation to the top, emphasizing the bust of the lush trim.

Delicate fabrics and neckline - the prerogative of evening dresses. Dense matter, discreet colors and design, classic styles, strict details will turn the model into an office version.

A short

Pleated mini dress is a great compliment to the figure, reminiscent of retro style. Much attention is paid to the collar. Such a dress will look good on miniature girls with a slim, taut figure.

Popular colors

In order not to complicate the model, use plain fabrics for pleated. The drawing is rarely used, small and simple. Interestingly look combined dresses with contrasting or one-color finish. If different fabrics are used, then the gamma should be the same. Stylists like transitions, the effect of degradation in the performance of complex folds. Bright and saturated colors are always good and attract attention. Delicate pastel shades emphasize the vanilla mood and romance.


Black pleated dress is a versatile option that is easy to make both office and festive. Proper accessories will help to design the image.


White dress is also easy to adapt to the situation, as well as black. Because of the color, it is closer to the summer and elegant options.


Bright and saturated color will emphasize the style and make the dress the main detail. Ideal for celebrations, but this dress requires a beautiful cut and a responsible approach to all the nuances.

Marilyn Monroe Pleated Dress

The most famous and fabulously expensive dress in the history of mankind. This white masterpiece was coined specifically for Marilyn. Stylists managed to create a concise and frank dress. Now it is the most popular model, which is considered a classic.

What to wear?

Holiday and summer dresses, pleated, blend seamlessly with ethnic and classic, make up a bohemian outfit, hippie or casual. They look great with jackets, cardigans, jackets, leather and denim jackets. This top mutes carelessness or emphasizes the tenderness of the dress. Elegant and evening models are demanding: lace capes, boleros and cardigans or furs for the season.


For office, you need a classic boat, loffers, ballet flats. In the summer ensemble are appropriate sandals, flat and on the platform, open sandals.Fishnet boots will decorate long legs with a short length of dress.

Maxi requires elegant heels. It is important to observe seasonality and maintain the style of the dress.


It is necessary to use jewelry carefully, they should not be voluminous and complex.

Openwork, thin, with air elements and small stones bracelets, headbands and chains, thin belts will help to give elegance and complete the image.

Pleated - an excellent and expressive trend, which should be in your wardrobe!

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