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Dresses from scrap materials - from simple to the most extravagant images

Dresses from scrap materials - from simple to the most extravagant images

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  1. Variety of scrap materials
  2. Why do you need an original dress
  3. Of men's shirt
  4. T-shirts or T-shirts
  5. From a scarf
  6. From men's ties
  7. From the tent
  8. Paper
  9. From a glossy magazine
  10. Edible
  11. From balls
  12. From dishes
  13. From the trash bag
  14. Out of bags
  15. Of discs
  16. Of lightning
  17. Scotch tape
  18. Autumn leaves
  19. From flowers and plants
  20. From other materials

The flow of time does not stop. Does not stop and fashion. Every day it becomes easier to follow fashion trends, because more and more often clothes from scrap materials appear on the catwalks.

Dresses, made with your own hands, not only show your skill and creativity, but also update the wardrobe with a pair of new original outfits. Most of the dresses presented in the article are not very suitable for everyday life, but a couple of ideas will be perfectly realized and make your images more interesting.

Variety of scrap materials

For the creation of outfits from improvised means everything except bulky and heavy materials.

In a word, in the course it is worthwhile to empty everything that was lying around on the mezzanine, and already had one foot in the trash can.

Why do you need an original dress

Dress from improvised means will allow you to demonstrate your creativity, take part in the competition, stand out at the celebration, as well as update old outfits that are out of fashion or are already tired of you.

Moreover, this is the most original way to get a pair of dresses without any special financial costs.

Of men's shirt

At the peak of popularity is now a dress from a large men's shirt. You can find many ways to turn a shirt into a dress, but we’ll focus on two main ones.

The first method is without sewing. We fasten the shirt on ourselves so that the neck is higher than the chest and the collar is like a hem. Sleeves are wrapped around the waist and tied at the bow. Unusual and stylish dress ready!

Read more in the article about how to make a dress from men's shirt.

The second option, as you already understood, is the transformation of a shirt into a dress with the help of sewing. The Internet is filled with a variety of ways of reworking, so that you can easily find a suitable option and look extraordinary and bright.

T-shirts or T-shirts

Another popular material is a men's T-shirt or T-shirt. There are also many wonderful and interesting models.

If the t-shirt is large and you are a slim girl, then you can turn this t-shirt into a dress with the help of sewing.

From a scarf

Beach pareo or a big scarf with the same ease turns into a dress.

Taking two identical shawls, tie them at one corner. Suppose it is the right shoulder. We throw one handkerchief forward, the second - back. We take the scarf by the side corners and tie it on the right side, and the side corners of the front one - on top and on the left side. Add a thin strap to your belt and you are beautiful!

You can also make an interesting outfit from one scarf by tying it in various ways.

From men's ties

Even before this fashion came, and with it, and designers. Ties, stitched together and organically matched to each other, turn into an unsurpassed and gorgeous mini dress. If you have a lot of material in stock, you can create a dress of maximum length.

A dress of two colors, not just sewn among themselves, but in some places forming weaves, looks exclusive and excellent.

From the tent

Why not? Imagine a dress with an open and fitted top, front zipper, long skirt, and a tail stretches to the back. Executed in several colors, this dress looks spectacular by itself. And if you remove everything that indicates the previous purpose and use of fabric, then very few people would guess that this dress was created by you from improvised means.

The creatives went further and combined tourism with fashion, creating dresses-tents.


Each house had a repair, after which there were pieces, and even rolls of wallpaper and paper. Over time, they became dusty in the attic or mezzanine. It is time to get them and breathe a second life into them, creating a paper dress with your own hands.

Fit the top with a few skeins of paper around the torso. Behind or side we glue the paper with scotch tape. In this way, you can also make a straight skirt, which we combine with the bodice. If you don’t like this option, you can take an old skirt, to which you attach the cone rings made of paper and in several layers. Get a voluminous and fluffy skirt. In this way, you can sew a train or additional tiers.

The most amazing thing is that entire workshops are created to create original outfits.

To create a paper outfit, you can take: wallpaper, newspapers, magazines, napkins, candy wrappers, boxes, packaging, cardboard, corrugated paper, and even toilet paper.

But not everyone will think of sewing a dress from a children's book.

Dresses made of paper can be worn several times if they are carefully cut “along the seam”, which is then sealed with tape. Simple and practically free. And most importantly - beautiful. No wonder they say that all ingenious in simplicity.

From a glossy magazine

Absolutely all the houses have a pile of unnecessary glossy magazines in which you like one or two articles. We cut or tear out articles and fold them into a daddy, and let magazines go to the dress. After all, you have not had a dress from the magazines?

A needle and thread, a stapler, scissors, magazines, scotch tape and a dress-base are all you need.


Of candy

Yes, yes, you did not hear. If you are not a sweet tooth, then try to create a dress of chocolates. The variegation of the wrappers will help you to create a specific color range, and different-shaped candies will help you decorate the different elements of the outfit.

All you need is to buy candy and equip yourself with a needle and thread. Sew on the old dress candy, placing them as you fantasy dictates - and you are guaranteed success. You will be the queen of the ball, most importantly, from the sweet tooth to stay away.

From chocolate

From this beautiful dessert create entire collections of dresses that complete the chocolate festivals.

From fruits and vegetables

For vegetarians and leading a healthy lifestyle, an artist from Korea creates dresses made from cabbage, onions, greens, banana peel and other tasty and healthy vegetables.


Fashion designers have shown how to replace puff sleeves with delicious bread loaves. Ordinary bagels also found a place in an extravagant fashion world. They were used as decoration.

From meat

Edible, but not very tasty dress of raw meat. It also looks not aesthetically pleasing, but this did not prevent Lady Gaga from using it for her outrageous purposes.

From balls

For courageous experimenters, the idea of ​​a balloon dress will do. Both oblong balls for modeling and ordinary balls that decorate the interior will be suitable for creation.

You can connect them in all sorts of weaves and patterns - everything is in your hands and depends on your imagination. A light dress made of balls effectively and unforgettably shimmers and plays with light, suitable for decisive girls who are not afraid to be in the center of attention.

Gently nostalgic for childhood dress made of balls for a children's playpen. If the bulky silhouette is a bit disturbing, then you can replace them with balls from deodorants or with tennis ones, after decorating them.

From dishes

Accumulated forks and spoons, as well as whips, can also be used for other purposes. A dress made of plastic is more accessible and looks tenderly, while a stainless steel dress will give the desired sharpness to the image.

No need to assume that broken dishes - this is unfortunately. Fortunately - in the form of a new dress. So with the help of porcelain shards, you can create a masterpiece.

From the trash bag

Excellent and amazing dresses can be created from garbage bags. Inflated packages will create a lush princess outfit. And the packages, cut into a fringe, and then sewn with lush ruffles will help to create an image of the Amazon warrior.

Dress-cases from black packages effectively look. This image is perfect for celebrating Halloween.

It is also worth paying attention to other household plastic. From the bottoms of the bottles get a great dress. And from disposable tableware - a combined princess outfit from a fairy tale.

Out of bags

Checkered or in common folk market bags are not the worst material for creating unusual outfits. In addition, the cell is always in fashion.

Of discs

On the old monochromatic T-shirt, T-shirt or dress, you can sew discs or pieces of discs - an outfit for going to a club or to a disco.

The dress from the disks looks interesting and unusual, and thanks to the reflective properties, it is also spectacular.

Of lightning

A dress of lightning, presented by one young designer, looks amazing and extravagant. And what are we, not designers? We sew the zippers between each other on the pattern and without the darts. Size customize.

You can create a combined dress, where the bodice or skirt is made of zippers, and the second element is taken from another outfit. It will be very stylish and interesting.

Scotch tape

Surprisingly, the multi-colored adhesive tape helps to create unusual, acidic party dresses.

Autumn leaves

In the autumn a leaf dress will be a very handy and budget option. In order to create it, clean whole leaves are needed, which are sewn by the tail by the same principle as the disks. Looks delicious and fresh. But still there are a couple of significant drawbacks that you should pay attention to.

  1. Dress leaves should be created immediately before the event, which you are going to wear it. The leaves dry very quickly, and it may not turn out exactly what you would like.
  2. Also the leaves are a very fragile material. The tails break off, and the leaves fall, creating gaps in the outline of the attire. Therefore, the outfit should be worn with caution.

From flowers and plants

Love for flowers will never fade. They are an excellent means for the manifestation of feelings, home decor and lately material for a dress.

Natural flower outfits remain relevant not only for various festivals, but also for concerts.

From other materials

The materials of the assistants are so numerous that it is difficult to fit them in one article.

Dresses are made from feathers of peacocks, but nobody forbids experimenting with feathering of birds.

Dried grass and straw will also fit for the woven ball gown.

In short, some of the above materials, as well as gloves, old umbrellas, unnecessary teddy bears, beer caps, beer cans, light bulbs, hair - do not throw it away. And what if sometime come in handy.

And if you run out of fantasy, then use the advertising of manufacturers of different products.

We hope the article will be useful to you and will be useful. Remember that everything is in your hands - the main thing is to be patient and arm yourself with fantasy, and the rest will follow. Good luck in your endeavors.

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