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How to choose a wedding dress?

How to choose a wedding dress?

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In the life of every girl there is the same man with whom she is ready to tie the knot. It often happens that the newlyweds decide to take an oath before the higher forces and go to church in order to get married. What should be a wedding dress and how to choose it correctly?

Selection rules

If you decide on a wedding, then you should pay attention to certain rules for choosing a wedding dress:

  • For the wedding ceremony will not fit outfit, overly bare arms, shoulders, back, legs and chest. The dress must be closed or supplemented by a bolero.
  • The same applies to the length - it should be below the knees. You can not wear a wedding short and tight dress.
  • It is not necessary to select a dress with fancy decoration. Delicate embroidery, pearl beads or drapery will be just right.
  • A satin, chiffon, guipure or any other fabric is suitable for fabric, but you should pay attention to the outfit to look natural and simple.
  • An ergonomic model for the wedding will be a dress with a straight or slightly flared cut.
  • The train is an element of the wedding attire of Catholics, so it is not entirely appropriate for Orthodox churches.
  • Head necessarily covered with a hat.
  • Moderation in clothing continues in an inconspicuous makeup and modest, but comfortable shoes.


Many are accustomed to assume that the best option for a wedding is the length of the maxi. Beautiful, solemn, modest. The length of the floor, of course, is relevant at all times, but the church does not prohibit dresses of medium length, as long as the knees are closed.

A long dress of lace or satin will look graceful, elegant and simply superb. You can add to it a gentle veil or a lace shawl on the head and shoulders.

Especially popular are transforming dresses, in which the skirt can change shape or unfasten. Among them you can find a model of a suitable style for the wedding, and for the solemn event. A removable skirt will solve the problem of length, if you are a lover of short dresses.


Dresses in the style of the princess and the year is very rarely chosen for the wedding. It is believed that it is not fluffy skirt that allows you to demonstrate the modesty of the bride. Yet fashion trends have influenced wedding dress patterns. It is permissible to choose a dress with sleeves and neckline of translucent fabric.

With sleeves

A wedding dress can be made with various forms of sleeves: flashlight, straight, slinky, long or short.

Tenderness and femininity blows from dresses with long sleeves. The best option would be a dress with a lace bodice and sleeves, as well as models from satin.

If your choice is on a model with a short sleeve, then to the side you should add gloves that match the color and material.


According to the canons of the church, a dress covering the arms, shoulders, chest and legs would be ideal for a wedding. Dresses of the closed style will be suitable for modest and serious girls who want to look perfect. And the sleeves and the bodice of guipure dilute the severity.


Wedding dresses made of lace and guipure emphasize the fragility and tenderness of the girl. Such a wedding dress will be refined and rich.

Another advantage is that due to the luxury of the material, the outfit does not need any special decorations and additions. The dress can be sewn of openwork fabrics or decorated by them.


The simplicity and beauty of dresses without unnecessary frills emphasize the innocence of the bride, give her tenderness and femininity. This outfit will be the most optimal for the wedding ceremony. A simple satin dress with a lace veil will be the most winning option.

For pregnant

If the wedding will occur during pregnancy, you should carefully pick the silhouette. In the first months of pregnancy, the best option would be an A-line outfit or a Greek dress with a high waist, which will hide the tummy.

Since the white dress, according to religious dogma, can only be worn by a virgin, girls in the position should choose a dress of other light colors.

For full

It is necessary to approach the choice of model with care, taking into account features of a constitution. A universal Greek silhouette will hide almost all the flaws in the abdomen, and the A-silhouette outfit will visually correct flaws in the hips.

If you have a clearly defined waist, try a mermaid silhouette dress.

Dress-trapeze hide wide hips and visually make shoulders wider.


In addition to the traditional white color, the outfits of any light and delicate tones are also perfect for the wedding: pink, cream beige, milky, green, blue.

Invalid for wedding dresses of dark colors.

The white dress is the traditional solution for the wedding, so this outfit will never be losing. In addition to the symbolism of white, it also goes well with the bride's tan. So if you managed to go to the sea or in a solarium before the wedding, a white outfit would look very good on a bronze skin.



Be sure to pay attention to the shoes in which you will stand the entire wedding ceremony. She should be modest and comfortable, on low heels, because above your heads will hold a crown.

It is not necessary to resort to choosing shoes with bright and eye-catching details, as they may not fit into a simple image.


You can use a veil, a translucent shawl or a cape on your head, as well as a hat as a headdress at the wedding. Also modern solution will be a veil hood of lace or stole.

You can complement the image with the help of other accessories, for example, using gloves of any length, bracelets of natural flowers or a cape on the shoulders.

The severity and simplicity of the wedding dress implies covered shoulders and arms, but this does not mean that the dress should be deafly closed. Choose a lace bolero, a shawl or an elongated veil to your dress and you will not have to abandon open models.


The hairstyle should also be simple so that it doesn’t spoil much under the headgear with which you will cover your head. If the hairstyle is complemented with a veil, then you don’t need to cover the head additionally - the main thing is that the veil covers the top of the head.

Very nice look fresh flowers in the hair and as decorations.


In the modern world, you cannot do without make-up, therefore you need to go to church with a moderate and simple make-up. Light natural make-up is best, but you shouldn’t paint your lips, as you have to kiss the icon and crucifix.

And the best option would be clarifying this issue with the priest.

Wedding is a very responsible event and the most important decision in the life of young people. That is why it is worth taking it with all seriousness and on all matters - make-up, dress length, accessories, hats, etc. - consult the holy father who will conduct this ceremony.

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