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Flounced dress is a playful and romantic look.

Flounced dress is a playful and romantic look.

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With the help of a dress decorated with flounces, any girl can create a romantic and gentle image. Flounces transform and short summer outfits, and cocktail dresses, and long evening models. This item of clothing helps to emphasize elegance and femininity.


With frills, the dress takes on an interesting and original look. At the same options options with flounces are very diverse.

Such wavy details of a style differ in the volume, position, a coloring and the size. Dresses of this style due to the presence of shuttlecocks look lush. Using such a part in the right place helps add volume.

Who is suitable?

Dresses, in the decoration of which flounces are present, are not suitable for all women. Lush elements in the hips add volume, so these models should be worn only slender beauties. Conversely, if the girl's figure is similar to an inverted triangle, the flounces on the skirt will help balance the silhouette.

Also dresses with frills on the skirt are recommended for women with a figure-rectangle, because in such a dress thighs will look wider and there will be an appearance of a thin waist.

Models whose skirt is trimmed with flounces are strictly contraindicated for girls with a figure resembling a pear or an apple. An exception may be a dress with a long skirt, in which one shuttlecock is sewn to the hem.

Popular colors


In snow-white dresses with flounces, the girl looks gentle and attractive. These dresses help to shade the golden tan, so they are especially in demand in the summer.

Batiste dresses, trimmed with horizontal or vertical flounces, are distinguished by their elegant texture and vintage charm.

The black

Models with frills in black can serve as a good basis for an evening look, if you add them with expressive accessories. Most often it is a dress with a short length. Flounces in them can be located on the chest or on the hem.

Black products with plenty of horizontal flounces along the entire length also look attractive.


Models with flounces of this color look restrained and elegant. A shuttlecock in these dresses may be the only one, for example, on the shoulder or along the hem. Dark blue short silk outfits look very festive.

In the pale blue dresses of this style, the girl looks very tender and romantic.


Such a bright outfit with trimming flounces looks spectacular and attracts looks. He is chosen by confident women who value themselves and love attention.

In such a dress of any length can not go unnoticed.


For light dresses with an abundance of flounces chiffon is ideal. This fabric is perfectly flowing and makes the dress airy. For models of medium length, cotton, silk, batis are often chosen.

In elegant dresses can be combined chiffon, lace, organza and similar fabrics.

Types of shuttlecocks

On the shoulder

This cut looks very original, so the model is suitable for a festive event. The width of the shuttlecock is five centimeters or more. Wearing such a dress model is advised only to slim girls.

On skirt

Flounces can decorate both long and short skirts. In this case, most often they are located on the skirt in parallel rows. Also common are models whose flounces are sewn asymmetrically.

On the bottom

Dresses trimmed with draping at the hem can be worn for both a holiday and a summer walk.It all depends on the fabric, colors and decor of the product.

On the chest

One or more flounces in the neckline will help draw attention to the bust and add some volume to it. Models of dresses with such a trimming come in different lengths and different styles.

On one shoulder

This version of the location of the shuttlecock makes the dress the most feminine and exquisite. The model is asymmetric and looks very unusual. Most often such dresses are presented in red, white or blue. In the decoration of these dresses are often used lace, which adds romance to the dress.

Wedding dresses with frills

Wedding dress with lots of frills looks soft and majestic. Wedding dresses with frill combine different materials, and shuttlecocks can have different sizes and different arrangements.

Newlywed in a similar outfit looks like a flower. Depending on the wishes of the bride can choose a dress of this style in white or ivory shade, as well as in a more original color (red or black).

Fashion trends

Dresses trimmed with flounces of various sizes and shapes are very popular now and are often found on the catwalks. Designers' collections include various elegant dresses for weddings and other celebrations, and cute models for everyday use.

The most common short models with delicate colors. These dresses are in demand among young girls with slender legs. More strict and restrained can be called dresses with frill knee-length. Such models are often referred to as cocktail dresses. Flounces in them can be located on the chest, as well as on the waist, like a dress with a basque.

Long evening dresses with an abundance of shuttlecocks are also offered by fashion designers in a large assortment. In some models, frills are distinguished by their color or shape. They are often located asymmetrically. All these dresses have an expensive and elegant look, so they are selected mainly for a festive occasion.

What to wear?

Along with the shuttlecocks, additional items that should be selected should not interfere with the feeling of lightness and weightlessness. For this reason, the image is supplemented with transparent elements and airy fabrics. Summer products with flounces can be worn with a wide-brimmed hat or kerchief. In cool weather, you can wear a padded jacket, leather jacket or cardigan.


It is recommended to choose simple and uncluttered shoes that will not attract attention too.

The best addition to the side of this style will be classic shoes and sandals without heels. Also with a similar dress you can wear lace-up ankle boots and platform boots.


  • Choosing jewelry to the side of such a style, adhere to minimalism. For example, a dress with frills on the skirt can be supplemented with simple earrings, one string of beads and a thin bracelet.
  • If the dress is summer, you can wear a few small bracelets.
  • Some models of dresses with frill look good with a narrow belt or belt.
  • A bag for a dress decorated with flounces is picked up simple. It can be leather or textile.
  • Large beads, bulky bags and large bracelets with dresses of this style are combined poorly.
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    I really like dresses with frills on the skirt. It turns out a playful image, and volume is added to the hips, which makes my figure more beautiful.

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