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Dress with train - for a special occasion

Dress with train - for a special occasion

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Dress with a train is one of the most luxurious and charming. The posture of girls in such a dress becomes stately and noble. In this case, the train can be called not only beautiful, but also a rather risky detail of the dress: it is important that such an element be appropriate.

Evening options

Most often dresses that have a train are evening dresses.

They are very diverse in style, color and decoration, so any beauty can choose the right model for their celebration.

The most common such styles of evening dress with a train:

  • Model with high waist.
  • Dress with a fitted classic silhouette that is slightly extended downwards.
  • Model with a fluffy skirt.
  • Dress with year skirt.


Models of dresses with a shlef, which have a multi-layered or puffy skirt, especially like women with voluminous hips. Such dresses successfully hide a non-ideal zone and form a feminine proportional silhouette.

Very spectacular dresses, in which the upper part is represented by a corset, and the bottom is lush and complemented by a long train.

Dresses for gratuating date

Dress with a train is often chosen as a dress for prom, because such an event is important in the life of any girl.

In the dress of this style the young lady will be able to create a refined and fragile image, but at the same time she will look more mature.

With open items

Girls with slender legs often choose a dress model with a train, in which the front part of the skirt is short and there is a long cloth at the back. Often the back in such dresses is draped intricately.

In dresses with a train the open back effectively looks. With this dress in the presence of perfect posture, you can create a very seductive image.

Another sexy version of the dress - with bare shoulders.

Proper posture of a girl in such a dress is necessary to create an elegant and beautiful look.

Open neckline in a dress with a train is very appropriate, it emphasizes the femininity of the figure, and in the presence of a V-shaped notch makes the figure easier.


Such models of dresses with a train are quite rare. Often this is summer outfits, in which the train is not too long, and the front part of the skirt is shortened.

In this dress go on a date, meeting with girlfriends or a summer walk. If such a dress will be made in a restrained color scheme, and the front skirt will be different in length to the knee, such an outfit will also suit as office clothing.

With removable cable

Models in which the train can be unfastened are very practical and in demand in cases where a girl goes to a festive event with dancing.

At the beginning of the evening, she can demonstrate the beauty of her outfit with a train, and when the active part begins, remove this massive element and dance without constraining movements.



A lace dress with a train looks very tender and seductive. Also common are models in which lace is used only as small inserts.

By choosing a dress of lace fabric with a tight-fitting silhouette, the girl will emphasize her perfect physique.


Dresses, for the manufacture of which are used satin or satin, when illuminated surprisingly shimmer and shine, which makes such dresses with a train the best option for festive clothing.


Evening dresses made from this fabric are the most spectacular and attractive.

If the shiny fabric is presented only in the upper part of the dress, it will draw attention to the bust and beautiful waistline. The radiance of such materials will provide a luxurious and shocking image.


Silk outfits are the most luxurious with a train.

Also, a spectacular view is noted for products, the upper part of which is more dense, and the skirt and the tail itself are made of organza, chiffon or other similar airy fabric.


Long to the floor

These are the most common models of elegant dresses, complemented by a train. These dresses can be with a corset, open neckline, thin straps, one-shoulder strap or a V-like neckline.

Girls with a figure resembling an hourglass, often choose long models of "fish."

The dress with a train in the Greek style is suitable for young ladies with any figure, as the high waist helps to hide the fullness of the hips and abdomen.


Nowadays, cocktail dresses with a short skirt are very popular, complemented by a train of light or flowing fabric. In such a dress, the girl draws attention to her slim legs.

Plume length

Modest dresses of this style can be decorated with a short train from 20 cm.

In epatage and luxurious evening dresses, the train may differ in considerable length. There are no restrictions here.

Popular colors


White dresses that have a train look attractive and elegant. These outfits look best on tanned skin. In their decoration they use beads, lace inserts, rhinestones, original drapery, embroidery.

The black

The black dress with a train has a mysterious and majestic look. This dress attracts attention and goes well with gold, red or silver accessories.


Models with a train of this color look very refined and noble. Lighter blue shades are chosen by young girls, and dark blue dresses look good on women in their 30s.


In a red dress, decorated with a train, any girl will feel like a queen. This outfit looks sexy and slightly cocky.

What to wear?

An outfit that has a train looks attractive with a shawl or vest with fur. For evening models with an open top a bolero will serve as a successful addition. A casual dress with a train can be worn with a leather jacket or short jacket.


The train itself is already an ornament, but an outfit with this element can also be decorated with other accessories. Earrings, necklaces and rings go along with this.

However, if the decor of the dress itself uses a bright print, trimming rhinestones or other eye-catching materials, accessories should be used to a minimum.


The most successful version of shoes for evening dress with a train will be sandals or high-stiletto shoes.

Only tall girls who have put on a similar outfit can pick up shoes without heels. Lightweight stockings are also suitable for stocking boots.

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    The train gives solemnity. I especially like short variants with a train - dresses turn out some kind of playful.

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