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Dresses for figure "Slender Column"

Dresses for figure Slim column

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  1. Features of the figure
  2. Stars with this type of figure
  3. Suitable styles
  4. Tips for choosing

The fragile and thin female figure is called the “slender column”. It would seem that for such sophisticated and graceful beauties, choosing the right dress should not be a problem. However, there are certain nuances in the selection of clothes that should be taken into account for girls with this type of physique.

Features of the figure

The girl’s figure is referred to as a “slender column” if she has:

  • Narrow shoulders and hips, about the same width;
  • Small chest;
  • Not expressed waist;
  • Flat buttocks;
  • Long slender legs.

Excess weight is deposited with a given constitution in the area of ​​the body - on the chest, abdomen, and also on the back. Legs and arms tend to stay slim.

Stars with this type of figure

The figure, which is called a slender column, noted in:

  • Keira Knightley;
  • Nicole Kidman;
  • Gisele Bundchen.

Suitable styles

Girls whose figure is classified as a “slender column” are advised to wear dresses, a cut of which will visually add volume and chest, and hips, as well as emphasize the waist. This will help to visually make the silhouette look like an hourglass.

This will help these styles:

  1. Dress "princess". The best choice will be models with a length slightly below the knees, with a shallow oval-neckline.
  2. Straight dress to the floor. On fragile girls look best outfits from the air fabrics, which have high waist and have sleeves, wings.
  3. Dress shirt. The length of this dress may be different, but too short dresses are not recommended to choose.

Tips for choosing

  • The upper part of the dress suitable for fragile girls can be represented by a boat neckline, a square neckline or a long V-like neckline. A triangular cutout will be a bad choice, as is the American armhole.
  • Looking out over dresses with sleeves, girls- "columns" can stay on models with "puffs", "flashlights" and other voluminous sleeves. On a similar figure, various decorative details in the chest and thighs also look good, for example, bows, false flowers, drapery, pockets and others.
  • Choosing a dress for the "column", it is better to choose cotton, silk, linen, satin or wool fabrics.
  • To emphasize the symmetry of the figure, dresses with a small floral print, small peas, diagonal lines, a cage, and a thin vertical stripe are recommended.
  • Do not buy models with excessively short and puffy skirts, which will be emphasized thinness legs. With the figure "slender column" the girl will not fit a dress made of heavy fabric, as well as a dress with a voluminous floral pattern. In addition, very tight-fitting outfits should be avoided.
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