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Dress-tunic - a stylish and modern image

Dress-tunic - a stylish and modern image

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Dresses style "tunic" are often found in the wardrobe of fashionistas. Such outfits are comfortable and suitable for women of any age. Modern dresses, tunics are represented by a variety of models, differing in both style and color, and fabrics used for sewing.


Compared with a short tunic, the dress of this style is more long, which makes it an independent piece of clothing that does not need to be supplemented with pants or shorts. Although, if you wish, a dress-tunic is permissible to combine with such items of clothing. This versatility is the main difference.

Other features of the dresses of this style are:

  • Free cut.
  • T-shaped silhouette.
  • Lack of collar.

The sleeve in a tunic dress may be missing or have a different length. Also, many models have cuts on the sides.

A bit of history

Tunics began to be worn during the times of ancient Rome and Greece, and this was not only women's clothing, but also the subject of men's wardrobe.

It was created from two pieces of rectangular fabric that were attached to each other on the shoulders with the help of buckles. The fabric used for the tunic could be used to assess the condition of its owner.

The men's tunic was a product of medium length (to the knees), while the women's tunic differed in length to the ankles. Almost always the tunic was complemented with a strap and a cape. A little later, tunics remained only in the wardrobe of women. In their decoration began to use stones and embroidery.

In the Middle Ages, only priests wore such clothing, as well as people living in the East. From the middle of the 20th century, women began to wear the tunic again.

Now the dress of this style is in demand and regularly appears on the catwalks.

Who is going to?

Dresses, tunics love for their versatility, because this outfit fits absolutely any woman, no matter what her physique or what age she is.

It is enough to choose the right style, and every girl will be able to emphasize the advantages of the figure, and all the flaws will be hidden.

This style looks especially beautiful on tall girls and women of medium height. If the girl is tall, the tunic will be beneficial to emphasize long legs. Beauties with an average growth rate, this dress is able to visually lengthen the line of the legs.

The big plus of the dress style "tunic" is the ability to use such an outfit in the wardrobe of girls with fullness. A loose fit will help distract attention from the flaws in the waist area. This advantage of the tunic is also loved by future mothers who do not want to focus attention on the growing tummy ahead of time.


Tunics in the wardrobe of women of fashion are often represented by such models:

  • Dresses straight cut with different lengths. A variation of this model can be a slightly tunic downward tunic.
  • Wide beach dress. It is made of translucent materials and worn on the beach. If such a tunic is worn in the city, then they must be complemented with jeans or trousers.
  • Knitted tunic turtleneck. The model has a closed top and a length below the hips.
  • Tunic shirt. This dress is similar to a men's shirt, but differs in greater length.
  • Model with high waist. Such a tunic often has an assembly under the breasts, so this dress is in demand among very thin girls and expectant mothers.
  • "Bat". This is a summer version of a dress-tunic that helps to hide the fullness.


Tunics may vary:

  • Color solution. Traditionally, high-demand dresses, tunics, but also there are many models with bright prints.
  • Long Dresses of such style are presented by models from ultrashort to products in a floor.
  • Cutout. Most often the neckline in a tunic dress is round or V-shaped, but there are also models with a square neckline.
  • The decor. In addition to an interesting pattern, a tunic can attract attention with patch pockets, lacing, sequins, embroidery and other elements.

Popular colors

The classic colors in which dresses of this style are most often found are white, black and red. Blue and turquoise tunics are also popular. Products in shades of these colors are relevant at any time of the year, although for the summer period they often choose light models.

Also, pastel colors tend to choose this style as clothing in the office. Business women like tunics in creamy, beige, sandy or gray color. Black outfit of this style can successfully replace the evening sheath dress.


Dress tunic may refer to:

  • Business style. These tunics are concise and strict, with little or no finishing, mostly beige, gray and black.
  • Romantic style. Such tunic dresses are often trimmed with drapes, bows, ruffles and other decorations.
  • Ethno-style. The peculiarities of such tunics is a bright print and an unusual cut.
  • Gypsy style. Such tunic dresses have puffy sleeves (they are often gathered with an elastic band) and a wide neckline.
  • Eastern style. The characteristic differences of such tunics can be called the presence of sleeves-kimono, stand-up collar and other elements of Asian national clothes.
  • Sports style. These tunics often have long sleeves and a hood.


On the length of the tunic is very variable. You can see both short models and products in the floor, but the most common dresses of this style differ in knee-length or slightly higher (in the middle of the hips).

Selecting the length of the dress, you should take into account the peculiarities of their legs and body build as a whole.

If a woman wants to hide the fullness of her hips or the unevenness of her legs, long models are preferable, and thin girls with slender legs can wear a tunic with a mini length without embarrassment. Tunics to the knees look perfect on slender young ladies, and beauties with a magnificent figure.


For the manufacture of tunics used a variety of fabrics. Summer models traditionally sew from such light materials as chiffon and satin. Silk is often used for evening models, and wool, cashmere and knitwear are most in demand for sewing tunics for cool weather. Creating clothes in ethno-style, flax and cotton are widely used.



White tunic dresses occupy one of the leading places when choosing summer clothes.

Also summer tunics include bright tunics with a geometric, abstract or floral print.

Spring / Autumn

In cool weather, girls prefer tunics made of warm fabrics, for example, knitted patterns resembling an elongated sweatshirt.


In cold weather, dresses made of wool and knitwear are in high demand. Often the models of these materials are soft and monochromatic, and their length reaches below the knees. They are combined with a jacket or cardigan, as well as boots with heels.

Crochet and knitting tunic dresses

Knitted tunic dresses emphasizing the dignity of the female figure are in great demand. As a rule, they look like an elongated sweater.

Warm and cozy breathes from such things. You can purchase both thin summer models and warm ones for the autumn-winter period. If you want an exclusive, order hand-knitted tunic dresses from needlewomen. Knitted tunics are worn on their own, and complete with other clothes. Absolute must have!

Images on the occasion

To the office

Low-key models of dresses-tunic restrained colors are a good option for a business image. Monotonous tunic successfully combined with black trousers or with a pencil-skirt in contrast to the color.

Often a dress-tunic in a business style is worn on top of a turtleneck or blouse. In addition, for the autumn-winter period, office tunic models are combined with classic jackets or cardigans.

To the walk

In a dress-tunic it is convenient to walk around the city with friends and go on a date. In the summer, the image should be created from a translucent tunic and light jeans or thin pants.

You can wear knitted tunics for a walk in spring or autumn, complementing them with turtlenecks and leggings. It is important to choose the right accessories, for example, a thin belt to draw attention to the waistline, and as a decoration - a pendant on a chain or a scarf.

You can also wear bright tunic dresses decorated with embroidery, artificial pearls, rhinestones or lace. Very popular and products with a print - both abstract and floral.

Beach dress-tunic

Tunic can be called one of the best options for beachwear. Such a dress of translucent fabric is worn with sandals or sandals with a flat sole. Most often, beach options for tunic dresses are represented by short models that can be worn with shorts or pants.

To emphasize the waist area, the beach tunic is complemented with a thin belt or belt.

What to wear?

  • Summer tunics are worn with capri, pleated skirt, shorts, wide trousers, as well as breeches.
  • In cool weather, under a tunic, they wear jeans, tight tights, leggings, and turtlenecks.


Beads or long chains with interesting pendants are well suited to tunic dresses. They should be avoided only in the case of embroidery on the product itself. Also, the dress of this style is complemented with bracelets and earrings.

Many tunics are perfectly combined with a belt or belt, especially if you want to focus on a thin waist.

If a girl has excess weight, she should not wear a wide belt along with a tunic, as well as a large jewelry.


Winter tunic dresses are worn with leather or suede boots, which should have either high heels or a wedge. If you choose shoes with a flat sole under such a dress, this can visually reduce the growth of the girl.

But for a short dress-tunic sandals with low heels will be a very good addition. However, models with short and medium lengths are wonderfully combined with high-heeled shoes.

Also, a tunic above the knee looks attractive with laced boots. If you put on pants or shorts under a tunic, shoes for such a set can be presented as ballet shoes or sabot.

  1. Alyona

    I love tunics! It is easy to change the image with them by adding other items of clothing and accessories. Free cut is the most versatile, with such tunics there is something to come up with.

  2. Maria

    I always wear a dress-tunic. Otherwise, this mini length can bring at the right time and open underwear for all to see.

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