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Dress with bell skirt - romance in everything

Dress with bell skirt - romance in everything

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  1. Features
  2. A bit of history
  3. Who is suitable?
  4. With sleeves
  5. Length
  6. Tips for choosing
  7. What to wear?

Women's wardrobe certainly includes dresses, presented in different styles. One of the most attractive, romantic and feminine can be called a dress, the skirt of which resembles a bell. Women wear such outfits for more than one century, and we will now find out why they are in demand from women of fashion today.


Dresses, the highlight of which is the bell skirt, are very comfortable and practical. They have traditionally slinky top and flared down skirt. In this style, you can see business and evening dresses.

The most common summer models with a bell skirt. Their use provides comfort in the heat, since the lower part of such dresses does not touch the legs. However, winter versions of dresses of this style are also not uncommon.

For sewing outfits of this type use materials that have a rather rigid texture. This may be wool, linen, leather, cotton or other similar fabrics. A feature of the bottom of dresses with a bell skirt is the expansion without draperies and folds, so any prints on such outfits look attractive and do not lash out.

A bit of history

The first dresses, the skirt of which resembled an inverted bell, began to be worn in the 17th century. Under them were fluffy crinoline skirts, so the outfit was voluminous and attractive. Such dresses for solemn occasions were created with long trains.

Over time, the length of dresses with a bell skirt began to decrease, and the tight lacing and tight corset are a thing of the past. Today's outfits of this style are restrained in their form, and their cut is very laconic. In addition, these dresses are very popular with girls who want to create a romantic and feminine image.

Who is suitable?

The main advantage of this style of dresses is the ability to hide the hips of the girl, so these outfits look good on beauties with too narrow hips, and on women whose hips have a significant amount.

  • If the girl's figure resembles a pear, with the help of a bell skirt the most volume part of it will be hidden.
  • For those women whose shoulders are rather wide (the figure is similar to the letter T), the outfit of this style will add volume at the bottom, which will make the silhouette more proportional.
  • As for girls with the “hourglass” figure, they are not advised to put on a dress with a skirt a bell, because in such a dress their beautiful proportions will be hidden.

With sleeves

Dresses, the skirt of which is similar to a bell, can be with straps, as well as with long or short sleeves. If the dress model is festive and elegant, its upper part can be represented by a corset, and the sleeves are missing.



Outfits of this style with mini skirt are usually purchased for the summer season. Best of all in a short dress with a bell skirt look thin girls who have slender legs. However, ultrashort dresses should be avoided, as they are able to visually expand the hips.


Dresses of this style with knee-length are recommended for both thin girls and beautiful women with lush hips. Models with an average length are very popular, at which the waist is a little overestimated.


Dresses with a bell skirt to the floor are practical and comfortable. Usually it is summer outfits made from natural lightweight fabrics. Most often they are presented in a bright range. It is interesting to look and outfits, in which the upper part is monotonous, and the long skirt is colorful (and vice versa).

Tips for choosing

Selecting the length of the dress with a bell skirt, you should consider the appearance of the legs of the girl. The slimmer and more attractive they will be, the shorter the dress you can buy. As for the cut, first evaluate the upper part of your body. If your neck can be called neat, and your hands are beautiful, you can safely pick an outfit with a deep round, triangular or square neckline. If your bust is small, look at the models that have a bright top and have a decorative trim in the neckline.

The hue and color of this dress is chosen according to personal preferences. For summer dresses the most popular are light or bright colors. In a white dress with a bell skirt, a girl will look fresh and young. Red dresses to the liking of bold and extravagant beauties, and in a black dress of this style the girl will look mysteriously and strictly.

What to wear?

For a dress with a skirt bell, you can wear cropped jackets and jackets, as well as fitted blazers. With an evening model of this dress looks good bolero with long sleeves. At the same time, if the colors of the dress are variegated, the addition should be monophonic.

The handbag of this style is selected to suit the purpose - if it is a business dress, a spacious casual bag fits to it, and an elegant clutch should be chosen for the elegant dress.


An excessive amount of jewelry to the dress with a bell skirt is unnecessary. The outfit and so looks festive and bright. A small necklace or long beads, as well as medium-sized earrings, is enough.

With similar dresses you can wear a leather belt in the color of the dress. If the belt has a contrasting shade, it will help to highlight the waist.


When choosing shoes to match this style, also consider the purpose of the dress:

  • If this is a model of business style, shoes with medium heels will go well with it.
  • If you have an evening dress with a bell skirt, you can wear a stiletto.
  • It is permissible to wear sandals or ballet flats for this type of dress in which you are going to go on a date or a walk.
  • For warm models, high boots of classic style will suit well.
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