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Dress with low waist - a coup in women's fashion

Dress with low waist - a coup in women's fashion

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  1. Features
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  4. With a full skirt
  5. Length
  6. Wedding Dresses
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  8. Is it complete?
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Modern dresses with low waistline - this is hello from the 20s of the last century. It was at that time that a real coup took place in the history of women's fashion. In the struggle for equality with men, women began to abandon long, puffy skirts and began to look for new solutions for themselves. Low-waisted outfits appeared in contrast to the empire and corset dresses, emphasizing feminine forms. Offset down the waist line makes the silhouette more flat, rectangular. Thus, the dresses made the figure a little boyish. In addition, they were comfortable to move, dance and play sports.

Who is suitable?

Dresses with low waist appeared during the First World War. Then the ideal of feminine beauty ceased to be air, fragile creatures, and the eyes of men turned to strong, athletic girls able to cope with hard work. This was reflected in the styles of women's clothing. Low waist dresses are most suited for girls with a sporty figure: tall and broad-shouldered.

If you belong to the type of "rectangle" or "inverted triangle", you can safely wear this dress. Avoid dresses with offset waist lines should be girls with wide hips, as well as individuals of low growth.


The model that is most in demand is sheath dress with low waist. It has long become a real classic, and almost all girls love it. Simple, elegant, it looks great on any figure and is suitable for different occasions.

Sack-linie. This is a style of dress that is associated with the era of jazz. It symbolizes the rejection of uncomfortable corsets and cramped dresses. "Sak-line" is a free dress on the straps, with a large neckline and a short skirt that starts almost from the hips.

Dress Charleston. TAuger came to us from the 20s of the last century. This short dress of straight cut, decorated with rich, multi-layered decor, fringe, sequins, feathers, sparkles, etc.

With a full skirt

A low waistline in combination with a fluffy skirt is a very popular style for evening dresses.

If the dress is long, it will be called silhouette or A-shape. These dresses fit well on almost any figure. Chubby girls often opt for this particular variant. Provided that the dress has a hard corset, it perfectly adjusts the figure. Short dresses with low waist and full skirt are not suitable for everyone. Only having narrow hips and slender legs, you will look perfect in this outfit.


Traditionally, the dress with a low waist was not long, since it appeared at the very moment when women finally decided to abandon their floor-length dresses. However, today you can see such dresses of different lengths.


A long dress with a low waist can be both a sophisticated evening gown and lightweight clothing for walking. Classic silhouette dresses, which are often chosen by the bride, fall into the first category. This outfit is a great way out for future moms who want to hide the outlined tummy. A loose skirt, gathered in beautiful folds, makes the image feminine and romantic.


The classic length for a dress with a low waist is midi - after all, a century ago, women still did not allow themselves to expose their legs strongly.

A dress of medium length is a versatile option that is suitable for both a working day and a festive evening. Models in casual style are usually understated by only a few centimeters. This fit is the most optimal for skirts of different cut - narrow, flared or pleated.

A short

Dresses with a low waist and mini skirt - this is a fairly popular cocktail option. If such an outfit really suits you, then you will look very advantageous against the background of traditional fitting dresses.

A short dress with a low waist can be a casual or sportswear option. The free cut allows you to actively move, so you can comfortably ride roller skates, play tennis, etc. in such a dress.

Wedding Dresses

Every day, more and more brides decide in favor of dresses with low waist. The last few years, this style remains a trend of wedding fashion.

As a rule, the wedding dress with a low waist has two essential elements: a bodice or corset bodice and a long, full skirt. Together, this creates an incredibly beautiful silhouette. These dresses demonstrate the beauty of the neck and shoulders of the bride, emphasize the chest and waist, and also mask all problem areas. High-waisted wedding dresses are so exquisite that stylists advise brides to get by with a minimum of jewelry and choose a very simple hairstyle.

Evening options

Two types of evening dresses with low waist enjoy the greatest love of fashionistas. The first is jazz-style models that have become popular thanks to the Gucci fashion house.

As they look, you can easily imagine, remembering the movie "The Great Gatsby." Little dresses, straight or slightly fitted, with luxurious décor. Embroidery, lace, beads, rhinestones - jewelry can not be too much. The second type is a dress with a low waist and a long straight skirt, which was created by the fashion house Chanel. They are performed and thin, flying fabrics, have a simple, but expensive decor.

Is it complete?

Dresses with low waist perfectly fit for the full, because this style allows you to visually adjust the figure.

If you have a tummy, it means that tight-fitting dresses made of elastic fabric are not for you. But the models with a lowered waistline give the upper part of the figure the shape of a rectangle, thereby hiding all the protruding parts. Lush hips with such a dress can not hide, but corrective underwear solves the problem. But plump arms and shoulders can be balanced with a fairly fluffy skirt. Girls with luxurious forms should choose models with a skirt not above the knee. And do not forget about heels - so you will look much sleeker.

Tips for choosing

  • Details of the dress can favorably emphasize your virtues, or vice versa, ruin everything. If you have a luxurious breasts, pay attention to models with a beautiful, unusual neckline. Flawless skin of the neck and shoulders is an excellent reason to get a dress with an open bodice without a shoulder strap. Graceful hands emphasize short, puffy sleeves.
  • With the length of the dress with a low waist, you need to be very careful, especially if you can not boast of tall. Tall girls can choose for themselves models of any length, but miniature young ladies better to stay on dresses with a skirt to the floor.

What to wear?

The choice of accompaniment to the dress with low waist depends directly on the dress itself. If this is a classic evening dress, then it does not need anything other than shoes, handbags and jewelry. Dresses in the style of the 20s can be complemented with accessories from that era - tiny hats, headbands, a boa or a beaded purse with a chain. The dress in casual style can be combined with almost everything.This dress will look good with a raincoat, jeans or leather jacket. Short sporty-style dresses can be worn with skinny jeans or leggings.


Most of us dress with a low waistline associated with the fashion of the beginning of the last century. To create a harmonious image of decoration for such a dress you need to select the appropriate.

Evening women's dresses in those days embodied the concept of glamor - so much they had luxury and glitter. For a dress for solemn occasions, you should wear exquisite jewelry or retro-style jewelry: long beads, knotted, sparkling dangle earrings, bracelets and rings with large stones. Just do not wear everything at once - a pair of jewelry will be quite enough.


The waist line shifted downwards visually makes you lower, and your legs are slightly shorter. Therefore, the main task in choosing shoes is to choose the one that will smooth out this effect. It means that it is necessary to abandon flat shoes, as well as high boots and boots, which will additionally “cut” the foot horizontally.

The best option is shoes or sandals with high heels. Shoes beige and cramped color will be an excellent choice, because, firstly, it will fit almost any dress, and secondly, it will visually lengthen the legs.

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