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Ultrabond for nails: what is it, how to choose and use?

Ultrabond for nails: what is it, how to choose and use?

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  1. What it is?
  2. What is the difference from the primer?
  3. How to apply?
  4. How to choose?

Gel Polish is the latest invention in the beauty industry. After the procedure, the appearance of nails will be just amazing. To date, afford such a manicure under the force of almost every representative of the beautiful half of humanity. But in order for this beauty to keep as long as possible, you need to use quality materials and intermediaries, such as ultrabond.

What it is?

Today you can find a large number of different gel polishes, as well as tools for the manicure process, a special place among which is given to the primers. Ultrabond for nails is a liquid that has no color. It is designed to cover the nail plate before applying the varnish or the procedure of building. This tool is not characterized by the presence of unpleasant strong odors, and also can not cause allergic reactions or unpleasant consequences.

Ultrabond is a manicure tool that does not contain acid.

Its main functions are as follows:

  • hindering the process of peeling the gels from the natural nail plate;
  • nail preparation for the subsequent process of building;
  • ensuring the adhesion process of materials and nails;
  • degreasing, disinfection, drying nails, additional cleaning of dirt and grease.

    Advantages of Ultra Bondex:

    • during the application of acid-free means the client does not experience discomfort;
    • when contacting the skin around the nail, the ultrabond will not cause any sensations of pain or irritation;
    • It has a sparing effect on the nail, and also guarantees their safety and health;
    • adhesion strength of the material and the nail plate, if properly used;
    • comfort in use due to the absence of unpleasant aroma.

    What is the difference from the primer?

    Acid primers that are used in the procedure of building, can degrease, disinfect, destroy fungi, increase adhesion, as well as prevent the formation of cracks and splits. The basis of this tool is methacrylic acid, which is no more harmful than acetone and lauryl sulfate. Acid primer can cause irritation of the mucous membranes, so when you work should use glasses or a mask.

    In turn, the ultrabond is based on acetic acid ester, therefore it is considered a more benign agent than the previous one. It is best used for working with dry and brittle nails.

    In the acid primer, as in the ultrabond, there are unsafe compounds, but in the acid-free medium they are characterized by a low evaporation rate, therefore they harm human health less. Also, ultrabond less dry nail plate.

    How to apply?

    The primer is a small bottle filled with liquid, on which the result of the procedure depends, what is performed above the nails.

    For a perfect manicure, the home master or professional should be able to correctly use the primers. Instructions for use of the substance is as described below.

    1. Hands need to steam, and move the cuticle, using an orange stick.
    2. Using a grinding nail file, it is necessary to polish the marigolds so that a slight roughness appears.
    3. The nail plate must be coated with a dehydrator, degreased or sanitized. After drying the nails, you can proceed to the following procedures.
    4. Ultrabond applied with a layer of small thickness. If liquid has spilled, then it should be removed with a napkin.
    5. It is required to wait for the primer to dry. According to the instructions, some ultrabondas must be dried using a lamp. You can find out that the acid-free primer is dry by losing wet shine.
    6. It is necessary to apply a second layer of primer and wait for it to dry completely.
    7. Then apply varnish, acrylic or gel polish.

    How to choose?

    Well-proven Ultrabond Kodi, which is a special primer coating and is used for professional manicure. Thanks to this tool, one hundred percent adhesion of the natural nail and gel polish occurs. The result of this tool is a strong mount, as well as the absence of flaking at least 2-3 weeks. Ultrabond is the most sought after manicure. Kodi is a tool that does not harm the cuticle and does not have an unpleasant smell.

    Effective acid-free remedies with similar functions are the substances shown below.

    1. RuNail professional primer.
    2. Bond-primer Aurelia. It is recommended to use for nails that are prone to delamination. This tool does not harm the natural nail plate.
    3. Le Vole Ultra is resistant to manicure after its use. Reviews indicate the perfect application of the substance.

    Many masters do not represent their work without the use of a primer, as they consider it a means that has no alternative. If a situation arises that the ultrabond is not at hand, then it can be replaced by degreasing with acetone or regular alcohol. In such a situation, we should not forget that replacing a professional substance with an assistant will not give a guarantee of a good result and will not provide good reliability when building up. Acetone and alcohol will not be able to qualitatively raise the flakes of the nail, so there is a risk of rapid detachment.

    The choice of this tool is based on the financial capabilities of the buyer. But the main thing to remember is that the use of ultrabond is a guarantee of durability and beauty of manicure, so you should not save on such a tool and a good master.

    For strength of adhesion and preservation of health of nail plates, the use of acid-free primer is mandatory. Also an important factor is the observance of all rules and technologies during manicure.

    About what ultrabond is, what it is for and how to use it, see the next video.

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