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When is it best to dye your hair: before or after keratin straightening?

When is it best to dye your hair: before or after keratin straightening?

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  1. Performing the procedure
  2. How to paint?
  3. Sequence
  4. Useful tips

Modern society dictates strict rules to appearance. Girls give in to these tendencies and constantly change their image. For example, if we consider the fashion for hair color, then 2015 is a monochromatic color, 2017 showed such a technique as a balacer, but in 2019 fashion critics recommend returning the natural hair color. All these changes are bad for the hair. Keratin straightening procedure helps to put hair in order and create a noble look. To the question when it is better to do the procedure: before painting or after, we will answer in this article.

Performing the procedure

Keratin, which is contained in the formulations for performing a straightening session, helps to smooth the hair. In addition to even strands, clients gain many more benefits:

  • shine throughout;
  • ease of combing and pleasant structure;
  • blocking split ends.

Biopolymer keratin allows you to achieve a similar effect, as it is the main element in the structure of the hair. This element creates the integrity of the hair, and with the help of heat-setting it forms a protective layer.

Consider the process of straightening.

  1. Before the session, the hair is washed with a special shampoo.
  2. Be sure to make 3 uniform beam, which will work in stages. This allows you to equally distribute the drug for leveling.
  3. Distribution starts from the roots, with an indentation of approximately 2 cm in thin rows.
  4. After applying the entire drug, comb your hair for even distribution.
  5. With the help of a hair dryer and styling brushes dried strands.
  6. For the formation of a protective layer produce heat treatment with a rectifier.

At the execution of the session must be given approximately 4 hours. Within two days, the drug is still doing its job, so during this period, the hair can not be washed and do hair with them.

How to paint?

Before proceeding to the main issue, it is necessary to understand what is happening with the structure of the hair at the time of dyeing. The main paint composition is hydrogen peroxide and alkaline elements. The first component oxidizes and develops pigment. The second helps the coloring pigment get into the hair scales.

During dyeing:

  1. the master distributes the coloring mass from the roots to the ends of the hair with a special brush;
  2. alkaline elements contribute to the ingress of paint in the scales;
  3. hydrogen peroxide allows hair to lose its natural color;
  4. hair get the expected shade.

The principle of coloring is chemical penetration into the structure of the hair, which leads to a change in color. Now you can begin to deal with the question of the time of staining, if you want to make a keratin straightening.


There are several options for how to deal with hair, preparing for keratin straightening.


The first option is hair coloring after the procedure. Of course, in this case there are many nuances that need to be taken into account.

It is possible to start staining not earlier than in 2 days.

It must be remembered that immediately after the session the hair should not be exposed to any physical and chemical effects. It is impossible to wash the head, it is impossible to do a hairdress, especially curls. If you disobey this rule, then there will be no expected result.

The alignment procedure acts on the hair structure in such a way that the scales are closed.To change the hair color, the hair follicle needs to be opened as much as possible, which the chemical elements in the dye will contribute to. If this does not happen, the hair will remain the same color.

Therefore, the ideal time for staining is not earlier than after 3 weeks.

After this time, keratin slowly diminishes its function, and the protective layer of the hair fades away. Scales of hair will again be ready to take dye chemicals. Accordingly, if the staining is done later, the result will be more effective.


The second option is hair coloring before the procedure. This option is considered more favorable. With the help of a straightening session, the color will be sealed inside the hair and will keep the effect for a long time, it will also be saturated.

But, as in the first version, there are certain nuances that must be observed. There is a requirement for staining time before the procedure. If the color is carried out in natural and dark shades, then before the session must pass at least 10 days. If it is necessary to achieve light shades, then keratin straightening procedure can be performed. no earlier than 20 days. The longest dyeing recovery (30 days) is necessary after performing the highlighting technique.

There is one more tip from professionals. If the curls are stained, then the choice of paint should be approached with all responsibility.

Preference should be given to paints without ammonia. This will avoid deep damage to the hair follicles, since keratin secures all the elements under the protective layer.

Everyone chooses the method that suits him. One has only to know that the option of color is possible both before and after the procedure. Both that and another will carry out the functions. It is impossible to say unequivocally that the first alternative is better than the second, and vice versa.

Useful tips

So that after the hair color change and alignment procedure with keratin, the hair has a rich and brilliant color, need to follow the following rules.

  • To change the color of the strands, use only ammonia-free paints.
  • You can buy basma and henna. They consist of natural elements and do not spoil the hair structure.
  • If a decision was made to change the image drastically (from black to light or vice versa), then the keratin straightening procedure should be carried out not earlier than in 3 months.
  • Do not overdo the composition during dyeing, strictly follow the instructions.
  • If in everyday life a tonic tonic is used, then a few weeks before the procedure it should be discarded. The reason for this rule is that when the hair is heat treated, the shade of the tinting agent will change. What color will be in the end, it is impossible to predict.
  • If the choice fell on the procedure in the Japanese technique, then henna and basma cannot be used for dyeing during the year before the session.

Summing up, we can draw the following conclusion: a session of keratin and hair color can coexist together, but not simultaneously.

If you need hair coloring, you must follow the above rules. In this case, you get the maximum effect of the two procedures. In short, if the color is made before the procedure, then it is necessary to observe a period of 2 weeks, and if after, then not earlier than in a month.

However, don't forget that Paint quality has a strong effect on shortening and extending the time. That is why, deciding on expensive straightening, you should not save on paint.

Technique staining and keratin straightening in one day is shown below.

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