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White Maine Coons: color and content features

White Maine Coons: color and content features

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White Maine Coons with blue eyes are amazing creatures of nature. Those who are lucky enough to get acquainted with these wonderful animals remain enthusiastic about them. What is the secret of white Maine Coons, what variations of this color exist, what are the peculiarities of keeping kittens and adult Maine Coons?

Breed description

White color has always been a symbol of purity and innocence, caused a special thrill, so the white graceful cat can not leave anyone indifferent. White-eyed blue-eyed Maine Coons - a rare phenomenon in nature. They have their own characteristics of care and maintenance, but in general are similar to all other representatives of this breed.

The birthplace of the Maine Coon is far North-Eastern America, more precisely, the Isle of Man, with a rather harsh climate. Only enduring and strong animals, among which were these wonderful cats, could survive in adverse conditions. Nature has endowed them with everything necessary to withstand bad weather.

The animal has strong, long and wide paws, so as not to fall into drifts, a powerful elongated body. Luxurious soft and warm undercoat saves them from piercing winds and severe frosts. With a big fluffy tail, the cat is covered like a blanket.

The weight of an adult animal can reach more than 10 kg, and the body length of a Maine Coon is simply amazing. The world's longest cat is a representative of this breed, reaching 132 cm from the tip of its nose to the tailbone. The neck of the animal is short and massive, with a fluffy collar. Maine Coon wool is waterproof. Cats swim well and are not afraid of water.

Cats give a special charm a funny expression of faces and tassels on the ears. Externally, a pet resembles a raccoon or lynx. The fact that these predators are the progenitors of the Maine Coon is just a beautiful legend.

Color variations

Maine Coon fans are often interested in how white cats are born and why they are so rare in nature. To get a white kitten is a great success and expensive pleasure. Scientists, felinologists studying the life of cats, argue that initially there was only one version of the color of Maine Coon - black marble. With the spread of animals in other places, there were 2 more color: black and red, simply - red. All other variations of coon colors are modifications in the process of natural reproduction, and then selection.

White kittens are a rare exception to the rules, a bizarre game of nature itself. The process of the formation of coat color in kittens occurs in the embryo stage. Pigment cells responsible for the color of the future baby should fall into the pigmentation zones of cats located on the back, crown, withers and base of the Maine Coon tail. If a white-colored gene in a cat is represented by the so-called “dominant allele W”, which suppresses other genes, the cells will not be able to get into the necessary zones and will not be able to stain.

So wonderful white kittens are born. You can buy such babies in special nurseries, where experienced breeders are engaged in their breeding.

There are the most bizarre combinations of colors Maine Coons with white spots. Depending on the location and size of white spots on the body of animals, the names of colors appeared.

  • Van - white color with one or several spots. By standards, they can be in the head, neck and shoulders of the cat, near and on the tail.
  • "Harlequin" - variation of color, named after the character of the same name.This is a combination of colors where white is sure to prevail. By international standards, these are spots on the back.
  • Bicolor - a combination of 2 colors, one of which is white.
  • White spots 1-2 cm - name according to the accepted standard. Between themselves, cat lovers call them "white buttons."
  • White markings - also a standardized name. In everyday life, cat owners call them “white gloves”, “medallion” and “tuxedo”.

Eye color

The color of the eyes in white Maine Coons is different. There are albinos not only with blue eyes, but also with green, pink, yellow and even different ones. Among cat breeders, there is an opinion that blue eyes are a sign of deafness in a cat, however, this is not always the case. There are animals with yellow or different color eyes, and at the same time, absolutely deaf. White color with gray spots, found in kittens - is also not an indication that the animal has absolutely normal hearing. Unfortunately, this phenomenon has not yet been studied by scientists to the end.

Content Features

Maine white cats are unpretentious animals. Caring for them is almost the same as caring for Maine Coons of another color. The main thing is to remember that the correct maintenance of cats is the key to their long and joyful life in your home. To make your pet comfortable, be sure to follow the following rules:

  • buy large, stable water bowls for your cat, as they often spray water with their paw, clearing it from imaginary garbage, as their ancestors did in nature;
  • get two high-sided trays for the animal to make it convenient for a large cat to use them;
  • do regular wet cleaning wherever a cat likes to be, so that its snow-white fur does not get dirty too quickly;
  • shred food not only to kittens, but also to adult pets, then the muzzle and paws of the kuna will not be dirty and greasy after eating.

Deaf Maine Coons

If you find that your snow-white pet with blue eyes is deaf, do not be upset and part with it. Deaf cats live well in the house, perfectly orientated in space, because they sense vibration perfectly. Lack of hearing in the animal is compensated by acute vision and smell. They are very attached to their family, friendly and playful, excellent mouse hunters.

Guests visiting the house for the first time will never believe that your pet suffers from a hearing loss. And you need to constantly remember this: eliminate possible sources of danger for the cat and often look at your feet so as not to harm the animal.

Remember that deaf Maine-coon cannot make independent walks on the street. You should always be near him.


White cats can be fed as special premium food containing vitamins and trace elements necessary for the animal, as well as regular food, without sugar, salt and spices. In case of a choice in favor of ordinary products, it is necessary to give vitamins to cats, additionally to add to the dishes germinated cereals - wheat and oats 2-3 times a week. From natural products in the diet include:

  • meat: beef, chicken, rabbit meat, lean lamb;
  • boiled yolks no more than 2 times a week;
  • vegetables: beets, carrots, zucchini, pumpkin, cabbage;
  • dairy products: low-fat cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, kefir;
  • boiled sea fish;
  • cereals.

It is forbidden to give:

  • any bones;
  • sweets;
  • food from my table, sausage, smoked meats;
  • legumes: potatoes, peas, beans.

Important! Milk is given only to kittens up to 2 months. The body of an adult cat is not able to assimilate it.

Be careful when you give the animal a new product: white Maine Coons are prone to allergies. Allergic reaction in cats is on the following products:

  • fish and other seafood;
  • brightly colored vegetables: carrots, beets; tomatoes;
  • chicken and chicken eggs.

If the animal's eyes are watery, and the snow-white wool has turned yellow, has become dull - immediately remove the innovation from the cat menu.

For kittens

The food of kittens after 2 months does not differ from the diet of an adult cat. It is necessary to feed the babies 5 times a day, giving them food at room temperature in small portions. After 6 months, the number of feedings is reduced. By eight months, kittens are fed only 2 times a day, like an adult cat.


An important part of caring for white Maine Coons is grooming. This procedure is not only a way to prepare an animal for an exhibition. Grooming helps:

  • remove excess animal hair during shedding, which greatly reduces this process in time;
  • keep the cat's skin and hair clean and beautiful;
  • resist dermatitis.

How to conduct:

  • before washing the kuna, cut his claws;
  • we degrease the cat's fur with a special paste, pay attention to the places that are salted quickly, this is the tail, collar, ears and forehead of the animal;
  • wash off the paste with warm water;
  • rub a little degreasing shampoo in the palms and apply to the cat;
  • wash my knees, paws, neck and tail of kuna thoroughly;
  • shampoo is applied only on the growth of hair, otherwise the cat hair may become tangled;
  • after degreasing shampoo, a texturizing agent is used to help restore the structure of the coat;
  • after texturing - the turn of cloning: remove the yellowness from the white coat of the animal with whitening shampoo;
  • we are completing the procedure with the use of a conditioner for white cats, which must be thoroughly washed off, then the coat will be soft as silk;
  • wet the cat with a towel and then dry it with a hairdryer, start with fluffy pants and a tail, and end with a collar;
  • combing mats;
  • we lay wool by means of a hairbrush and the hair dryer.

Daily procedure - care for the eyes of the animal. Rinse them with plain warm boiled water. She will not leave marks on white wool. Weekly pay attention to the ears of the animal. Healthy ears pink inside, without discharge. You can wipe them with a special lotion using a cotton pad.

On the features of the white Maine Coons, see below.

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