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Home and other equipment for Maine Coon

Home and other equipment for Maine Coon

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  1. What is required?
  2. Scratch pick
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The appearance of a Maine Coon kitten in the family is not only a joyful event, but also a great responsibility. There will be not only funny games with a small pet, but also his upbringing, arranging various places for him to eat, relax, play, use the toilet. You need to buy or make your own home and other equipment for the Maine Coon.

What is required?

With the advent of a small new tenant, many different things will soon appear in the house there, which are necessary for him. Among them are bowls for food and water, toys, a tray, a scraper, play complexes, sleeping baskets, and cabins. It is not necessary to purchase all the items on the very first day. You need to start with the essentials. Given that the Maine Coons are quite large animals and grow quickly, all gaming complexes, houses and other equipment should be spacious and comfortable for pets.

In addition to the most necessary - bowls and a tray, the kitten immediately needs to get a scraper, then you can already have a house, a game complex, and a sleeping place. You can buy everything together or stop the choice on one thing. It already depends on the desires and financial possibilities of the owner.

Perhaps many things are quite realistic to make their own hands.

Scratch pick

If you properly equip the place where the cat will sharpen claws, then the furniture and other things in the house will not suffer at all. The main thing is to equip this place immediately and show the kitten where it is, what it is intended for. There are several options kogtetochek. The choice depends on the habits of the animal or on how much the owner is willing to devote his time to training the baby. He should be taught to sharpen his claws in the right place from the very first day of his stay in the house. It happens that the kitten already knows how to do it, mother-cat showed it to him, then it is better to choose a scratching post with the construction to which the kitten has got used.

If you decide to purchase equipment in the store, then there are several options.

  • Simplest - This is a flat scraper, which can be placed anywhere on the house on the floor or screwed to a vertical surface.
  • The vertical option is more interesting. This is a column located on a horizontal stand. At the top it can be decorated with a tip made of fabric in the form of a ball or have another plane that serves as a bed for the cat.
  • Other models can be presented in combination with gaming complexes, where, in addition to claws, there are horizontal surfaces, ladders on which a cat can jump, climb, just relax.
    Complex model

    When choosing the necessary equipment for your furry friend in the store, you need to take into account the fact that it exceeds the weight and size of its fellows of other breeds, which means that all devices for it must be strong, stable and larger. Any of these devices for the Maine Coon can be done with your own hands, it is completely simple. You can even use a piece of log or wood, but not all domestic cats are ready to use such a device, preferring more soft surfaces.

    • For the most simple kogtetochka need a plate or plywood, a piece of felt, old carpet or thick rope. The plate must be long enough for the cat to have a place to turn when it grows up. Top nailed with nails or screwed with a screw piece of carpet.Such a scraper is universal, it can simply lie on the floor or it can be placed on a wall or cabinet, having strengthened it well.
    • Even easier to make carpet kogtetotochka. To do this, you need to firmly roll the old piece of carpet into a tube and fix it so that it does not unwind - with scotch tape, with ropes. It can be used both horizontally and vertically.
    • Vertical large claw can also be done by hand. For the base fit a piece of thin pipe or wooden stick. They should be long so that the cat, standing up on its hind legs, can calmly sharpen its claws. The column is mounted on a wooden stand. You can pour any box with cement or tile glue and place a pipe or a wooden block there. The liquid will harden - a solid base is ready. The upper part can be wrapped with a thick rope and secured with a piece of old carpet.

    Upstairs there is also a resting area or just a ball-shaped tip. It is easy to make, pushing inside foam rubber or synthetic winterizer and sheathing any fabric. The bottom stand also needs to be covered with a cloth, first overlaid with something soft. Of course, the invention will have to work a little, but the result will please the pet.

    In order to get used to the cat faster, you can hang a toy up above, for which it will “hunt”, and at the same time cling to the surface with its claws.

    Additional devices

      Some people love their pets so much that they are ready to pamper them all the time, since you can buy absolutely everything in pet stores. It is easy to find a good house for cats, a game complex, an original stove bench. All this can be written on the Internet. And there is another option - do it all yourself. But since the game complex is already a more complex structure than a scraper, here you will need drawings. It should consider what will go there.

      Cats love to jump, watch their surroundings. Therefore, in the gaming complex it is necessary to provide several surfaces, a ladder, also a scraper, maybe there will be a house below, where the cat can hide if desired. It is better to upholster it with fur inside and outside; the house will be soft and comfortable. Soft materials also need to sheathe other surfaces. For kogtetochka more coarse coatings are selected - felt, rope, carpet.

      The principle of production is the same as for the scraper, only materials will need much more, as well as time. The house needs to be made big, remembering that the animal will grow. In addition, if the cat in the house, then surely she will have offspring. And in a soft cozy corner she will be comfortable with kittens. For the house itself will need a few pieces of plywood, which will then be covered with a soft cloth.

      On the roof, you can place a soft bed.

      Creating a large complex in the apartment for games and recreation cats, everything can be thought out so that it becomes a decoration of the house, coincides with the interior in color. You can decorate the cat town, as prompted by fantasy. If over time the coating on some parts of the complex is rubbed or torn, it can be updated by inventing another upholstery option. You should always ensure that all accessories are safe for animals. If a wire has crawled out somewhere, a nail or screw sticks out, you need to fix it immediately so that the animal does not get hurt.

      Adaptations can be very different - ladders, hammocks, swings, rings, other simulators for fun and fun. Cats love to hide in different places and watch from there. This may be a barrel-shaped house, but without a lid and bottom or any tunnel, baskets and boxes that can be climbed into. All this, of course, must be carefully fixed, taking into account the sufficiently large weight of the Maine Coon, and it is originally designed to make it look like an interesting touch in the house, rather than a meaningless pile of objects.

      If the scratching post is an obligatory and necessary item, then the game complex and the house are additional items. It all depends on the nature and habits of the cat. If she chose a seat on a chair or a sofa in the house, then you can’t argue with this choice.

      The cat will always find activities and adventures. But the damage to housing will be significantly less if the pet has its own “sports” corner, toys and a recreation area.

      How to choose the attributes for the maintenance of the Maine Coon, you will learn from the following video.

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