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What and how to properly feed a Maine Coon kitten?

What and how to properly feed a Maine Coon kitten?

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  1. Natural nutrition
  2. Ready feed
  3. Mixed diet
  4. Prohibited Products
  5. Feeding rules by age
  6. Frequent mistakes

Maine Coons are a large breed of cats. Having an impressive size, they have a docile nature and are not very whimsical in care. It is important for owners to pay attention to the nutrition of their pets. Since it is somewhat different from the diet of other breeds.

Natural nutrition

Animals eat meat products, because the basis of the nutrition of cats meat ingredients are about 51%. A well-chosen diet should include natural food and have such products.

  • Chicken meat must be stoned and boiled or raw (thawed).
  • The bird's giblets are the stomachs, the heart and the liver.
  • Fat-free beef and beef offal, which includes the scars of the liver, lungs and heart.
  • Cottage cheese should not have fat and not be sour.
  • Products containing sour milk - yogurt, kefir and ryazhenka.
  • Cheese must be good, hard and natural.
  • Porridge should be buckwheat or multigrain. It is worth cooking on the water, with the content of cereals no more than 11-16%.
  • Products consisting of fresh, boiled, chopped vegetables - carrots, cabbage, zucchini, pumpkin and cucumber.
  • You can give a special cat grass, germinated crops.

Additives such as brewer's yeast and meat and bone meal can be added to natural foods. For natural food to be correct, you need to add complex vitamin supplements, special pastes.

These supplements help cats of this breed to remove woolen lumps from the stomach.

Ready feed

Balanced nutrition is professionally prepared food. The composition of the feed included the necessary vitamins and supplements. It is convenient and practical to use them. On the package must be indicated the necessary daily intake. Food will not quickly deteriorate, as it has a dry appearance.

Veterinarians recommend using professional Maine Coon feed. No need to buy low-quality products. There must be a water tank next to pets.

The best feeds for animals of this breed are as follows.

  • Royal canin. It has dry and wet food for Maine Coons. This food was developed specifically, given the characteristics of the cat.
  • Bosh Sanabelle. It contains food that is intended for large breeds of cats.

    Premium class feeds may be as follows.

    • Eukanuba. Feed has a high protein content.
    • Pronature contain proteins and fats.
    • Hills The composition of the feed is balanced.

      You can not mix the feed, in which on the packaging are different manufacturers, as each of them has its own composition. Fine food is when dry and wet food is included in the diet. Dry products make up the main share - about 76%, canned and puouch - 24%. It will be good if dry and wet food will be produced from one trade brand or have one cash segment. No need to use wet food economy class, they will be harmful, like the dry budget option.

      If the maine coons are in a certain period of growth and development, they are recommended to use a special feed, which has a regulated composition. There is a special line of feed with a characteristic mark. These feeds should be given to neutered and sterilized pets. Sick animals need to purchase food of the Holistic class. For elderly pets recommended food, which contain a few calories. Since older cats are less active.

      If the cat is pregnant or nursing, then you need to use the same feed for it as for the kittens. Thanks to this feed there will be no problems with the digestive system.

      The main thing to remember is that a cat that eats ready-made food needs a lot of water.

      Mixed diet

      A mixed diet is when food is both dry and wet. The easiest and easiest way to provide your pet with adequate nutrition is to buy factory feed. It is possible to meet dry and canned ready-made feed. Products with a dry appearance are cheaper than canned foods that can last for a long time.

      Pets who eat dry products must always drink filtered liquid.

      Canned wet food will be expensive, but it is nutritious, the pet best assimilates it. Wet has a drawback - this is the limited shelf life of the opened can. It is forbidden to leave canned food for a long time in the cat's capacity, because the food will lose all its good qualities. Maine Coon should be given dry and canned foods belonging to the class "Premium".

      It is forbidden to feed these animals with such feeds as: KitiKet, Whiskas and Friskas. They do not have high-quality meat, offal, mineral salts are added in small quantities. The labels must indicate the meat ingredient: chicken, rabbit, turkey or beef. The composition should not contain artificial preservatives.

      Prohibited Products

      Before forming the diet of Maine Coon kittens, you need to use the recommendations of veterinarians. Cats of this breed are prohibited from introducing the following products into the feed.

      • Do not give bones from the chicken or fish, because small individuals choke, or their intestines are clogged and the esophagus is damaged.
      • Because of pork, cats can become infected with worms or various infectious diseases.
      • It is forbidden to give products in which there are fats. You also can not give canned, smoked products, sausage, products that have spicy and salty flavors.
      • Do not give sweets and confectionery products.
      • It is forbidden to feed animals with potatoes, as starch can cause diarrhea.
      • The gut will not work well if cats are given legumes.
      • It is forbidden to give drugs and vitamins that are intended for humans.

      Feeding rules by age

      Pedigree Maine Coons with an age of 1.5 to 6 months or 1 year in practice have one diet. There are no significant differences in the composition of the food. The only thing is to change the frequency of feeding and the amount of food consumed.

      1 month old kitten feeding

      At first, the kittens need a large amount of milk, it should have a composition that is similar to mother's milk. This product must be purchased at the pet store. It is possible to give goat milk instead of milk mixture. In the first 30 days, the kitten should be fed 6 times in 1 day; small amounts should be given.

      If a person acquires a kitten, then he needs to check with the seller what was the composition and type of food that was used to grow the kitten.

      Feeding from 1 to 6 months

      When a kitten turns 1 or 2 months old, it is necessary to add porridges made from milk to its natural food. For a two-month kitten, the diet should include meat and vegetable ingredients. If the Maine-Coon kittens have reached the age of 3-4 months, then the owner needs to feed such kittens 5-6 times in 1 day. If cats are 5 months old, they must be fed 4 times in one day.

      The structure of good nutrition must include bird chopped offal, vegetables, cottage cheese and whey.

      Meals from 6 months to 1 year

      If a cat is over 6 months old, she can gain weight well, and she does not show any signs of illness, then you need to slowly transfer your pet to finished products. Along with natural nutrition, pets can be given seafood, dairy products, kefir and ryazhenka.

      New products should not be given immediately, it is necessary to observe the reaction and condition of the pet. If the kitten's body weight gains 360-410 grams, then this is considered normal.

      The diet of an adult cat

      Before you keep Maine Coon, you need to know that the animals of this breed are large in size. They are mobile pets that need a balanced, rich diet. For this reason, feed types should not be mixed.

      Cat food from 1 year

      When you need to feed the cats of a given breed, then you need to start using special products for this breed. Among these feeds can be distinguished such:

      • Royal canin - designed for Maine Coon cats;
      • Bosch Sanabelle Grande - must be used to feed large breeds of cats.

      The composition of these feeds is well adapted to the characteristics of the breed. The composition takes into account all the needs of the cat, so the food contains nutrients, vitamin and mineral supplements.

      Nutrition of older animals

      If cats are 10 years old, they need to be provided with a special diet. This will help not to exacerbate various diseases. You need to purchase such products:

      • Eukanuba Mature & Senior dry species feed for older individuals;
      • BiOMill Cat Senior product;
      • dry fit Perfect Fit Senior;
      • Bosch Sanabelle Senior;
      • Pro Plan Vital Age 7+ Dry Chicken & Rice - designed for Maine Coons who have reached the age of 7 years.

      Inactive cats need to purchase Pronature Original food. For older individuals, Flatazor Crocktail Senior is suitable.

      Frequent mistakes

      Many owners of animals do not know what the pet feeding method should be. Owners can give small kittens canned food, and it is forbidden to allow this, since this food should be given to a pet that turns 6 months old. People can save on the purchase of feed, buying cheap brands. Such food will harm the kitten; baby's digestive system will not work well. It is better to buy feeds that are of high quality premium class.

      Cat owners can give forbidden products to their pet. Therefore, before you feed the cats of this breed, you need to know what products can harm a pet. People can feed cats, pets have an extra weight. This should not be done until the cat is over one and a half years old.

      If the weather is hot in the yard, then cats have a worse appetite. At home, you need to provide proper care for pets of this breed. So, the diet for thoroughbred Maine Coons should be selected taking into account all the rules.

      The main thing is not to harm the kitten and learn all the rules of feeding. Thanks to the care of the owners of the cat will look good, they will not have problems with the intestines and digestive system.

      For a review of Maine Coon feed, see below.

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