Maine Coon

All about marble Maine Coons

All about marble Maine Coons

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  1. Features of colors
  2. Rare colors
  3. Characteristics and care of animals

The most beautiful representative of the cat family is considered to be the Maine Coon breed, and the most beautiful is the color black marble. It is this color that is considered natural, which allows the animal to fit in the habitat in the wild. All other colors are obtained by breeding, and today there are many types of Maine Coon. They have certain codes that help evaluate this breed of cats.

Features of colors

This breed of cats can be attributed to the largest domestic animals that can boast not only their grace, size, but also strength, good-natured character and mind. Total breeders brought 6 colors of wool of these cats. This breed was formed for a long time, limited populations crossed here, and the natural colors were black marble and black tiger tabby. To date, breeders began to display a huge number of colors of this breed, and every day the population is growing and replenished with new shades of wool.

There are several especially valuable Maine Coon colors:

  • monochromatic coloring of cats, it is the rarest;
  • Tabby is a natural color, therefore only tiger and marble.

There are also solid colors, which were obtained as a result of the hard work of breeders, this can include:

  • white, no pigment spots in the hair, and kittens have gray spots that disappear after the individual matures;
  • black, there is practically no visible pattern, but if you look closely, you can see a barely noticeable pattern, but it is indistinguishable;
  • the red color has no light hairs, it looks like more red, the shade is completely colored, the red Maine coons have a clear pattern and the pigment is more saturated;
  • the most continuous color among the Maine Coons is considered to be blue, while the wool has a gray-blue tint, where there is no ornament;
  • purely cream-colored cats do not occur in Maine Coons, that is, there are still visible pigment spots on the fur.

Now it is worth considering some types of Maine Coons, habits, the type of coloring they are, and also a few words will be said about caring for this breed of cats.

Auburn, red and cream

Each type of these cats is majestic in its own way, and whatever shade your cat may have, red cats have a particularly bright appearance. Red shade refers to solid colors, wool has a uniform dark red color. But all the same, there are light stripes on the wool, in this case it turns out a shade of tabby. In addition to the usual red color, there is also a tiger color, visible dark stripes appear on the surface of the body.

This type of color can also be attributed to the cream shade of Maine Coon hair, it appears on the head, body and tail of the cat. Pure cream color in the population appears very rarely, there is still a visible pattern.

Also, several other Maine Coon species can be identified for wool, for example, if there is a white undercoat “on silver” on the roots, then this is a silver color.

Black and smoky

The black marble pattern on wool is the same as that of red, only here it will not have stripes, but unusual patterns on a brown skin. Smoky coloring of cats represents a white or light basal surface. And when the cat starts moving, this coloring becomes more noticeable. This color includes the following types of color:

  • blue;
  • the black;
  • red;
  • tortoiseshell.

This color also has differences in the length of the coat and its color:

  • wool is painted on 1/8 part - it is the color of chinchilla;
  • if at 1/4, then it is shading;
  • smoky can be considered if half the wool is dyed.


Such cats have a multi-colored coat, the spots are scattered in a chaotic manner throughout the body, mostly black, white and brown. Most often the Maine Coon cat has this color; all this happens on the gene level when crossed.


These are white cats, over the entire surface of which wool there are beautiful red, black spots on a white background. They differ from the tortoise color in that they have spots on the black color.

Black marble

It is the marble coloring of Maine Coons that is valued very expensive, since the color is very similar to real marble. The color of marble Maine Coon is very often found in the form of a natural color. To choose a Maine Coon kitten, there is a specific table of color designations and markings of their color. With the help of such a table, you can choose an animal without looking at the kittens live or by photo. This breed does not mark only the color of the eyes, since here the iris can be of any color.

Rare colors

In any breed of animals there are rare species of colors, this also applies to Maine Coon, such kittens are not considered defective. These colors include:

  • brown spotted, this cat can easily hide in the grass;
  • creamy blue, this shade is more like a tortoise, only the pattern in it has more pastel colors;
  • chintz, this color is more white, where there are spots of black and red colors;
  • tortoise-white, here comes a mixture of tortoise and white.

Characteristics and care of animals

    Maine-coons are very observant animals, as scientists have proved, they can do conscious actions. Not many of the cat family can raise their offspring together, but the cat and the Maine Coon cat do it together. These cats have an excellent memory, which allows them to memorize several commands from the owner.

    Animals are peaceful and therefore try to adapt to the regime of man and his habits.

    Cats will get along well with other animals, children, because they love to be picked up. To get used to a pet by a new person, time is needed, so cats treat guests with caution. The Maine Coons are very loyal animals, this dedication is comparable to the canine, and they are also easily trained. These are very energetic pets, they need to move a lot, for that there should be enough space.

    Although it is a pet, but still at least several times a week it is necessary to walk on the street.

    Since the Maine Coon is too long and thick wool, it requires careful and constant care. So that the wool is not confused, it should be combed; for this purpose, special combs with rounded teeth are used, this is necessary not to injure the delicate skin of the animal. Cats love to wash and are neutral to water, so they can be easily washed. The ears of these animals are a weak spot, they should be given special attention, they should be cleaned with a soft cloth, the inner surface of the sinks should have a pink tint.

    The Maine Coons love hills, so their personal space must be at a height. Hosts who live on the upper floors should be attentive to open windows in rooms. Since the Maine Coons have large dimensions, they cannot properly group when they fall, so there are accidents with animals.

    Animals love meat, so it must be in their diet, but it is not worth chopping it, chewing food will strengthen the jaws of cats. In the diet should not be fish, milk, and cats should not be given pork and lamb. Kittens of this breed are born fairly large in size, they are very playful and active, almost always busy, and once in an unfamiliar place, they will fully explore the room. You can buy Maine Coon kittens from the age of 12 weeks and up.

    You can buy kittens in a specialized cattery, the price is not small. Here, everything will depend on the color, sex and age of the animal, and you should also consider what the pet will be turned on for. If the animal is not shown at exhibitions, and there are small deviations from certain standards, then their price starts from 20,000 rubles. Of course, on the Internet there is a mass of ads for the sale of these kittens at a lower price, but they are, as a rule, bloodless. And it is worth remembering that the natural colors of the Maine Coon will always be much higher.

    In order to have such an animal, you need to count your care forces, free time, and also money for a decent maintenance of these big cats.

    You will learn more about the marble Maine Coons from the following video.

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