Maine Coon

Maine Coon Sizes

Maine Coon Sizes

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  1. Breed features
  2. general Statistics
  3. What influences the size?
  4. Dimensions by month

Maine Coon is an amazing breed of cats. There are many versions of their origin and lifestyle. These cats are striking in their size, thick long hair and awesome, wild expression of the eyes.

Breed features

Recently, scientists are increasingly inclined to believe that the birthplace of Maine Coon is the territory of the state of Maine, in the northeastern United States.

The natural conditions in this region are quite harsh. The climate is cold, strong winds, in winter a lot of snow falls. As a result of natural selection, this species has been formed for a long time.

Breed description includes the following main points.

  • Big sizes - The average length is about one meter.
  • Impressive weight - from 6 to 12 kg.
  • Strong and graceful body oblong, with strong muscles.
  • Big head heavy shoulders and neck.
  • Powerful paws with hair between fingers.
  • The most varied coloring, including two-and three-colored individuals.
  • Very thick and long furwhich is not afraid of moisture and almost does not get wet from the snow.
  • Luxurious fluffy tail, more than thirty centimeters long.
  • Tassels on the ears, just like a lynx. The ears themselves are also pubescent and covered with thick hair, which serves as additional protection from frost.
  • Animal Sounds - something between rumbling and purring - characteristic only for this breed.

Despite the formidable look, the nature of these giants is kind and docile. Maine Coon loves his masters and is strongly attached to them, calmly treats children. It is considered the best breed for keeping in the family.

Cats have high intelligence, are well trained, understand and fulfill the requirements of the owners. They can remember the meaning of about three hundred words and respond to them with appropriate actions. Sociable and friendly, with great pleasure taking part in a variety of games, fun. Perfectly distinguish the mood of a person and can just sit next to each other.

In addition, kuna by nature endowed with good health, not afraid of cold and drafts. They do not require any special care. The main thing that a pet needs is timely food and communication with the beloved owner.

Of course, the long fluffy wool creates some inconvenience, but you can put up with it - it is enough to comb the cat with a regular comb, in time, especially during shedding. It is better not to leave more valuable items from the wardrobe.

general Statistics

According to statistics, the parameters of animals may differ slightly from the generally accepted standard. Moreover, the size of this breed increases faster than in other species. If at birth the body length of a kitten is about 12 centimeters, by five months it already grows to half a meter.

The same can be said about body weight, which can vary and increase unevenly. The weight of the baby born already exceeds the average performance of various breeds of domestic cats and is 125-170 g, and in other varieties - from 80 to 100 grams. Even quite large Persians and Sphynx kittens are born with a weight of less than 120 g.

In the future, as it grows and develops, the difference in dimensions becomes even more noticeable.

Thus, an adult cat weighs on average from 4.5 to 7.5 kg, and a big cat weighs from 9 to 12 kilograms. The maximum recorded weight of a Maine Coon cat is 14 kg. This giant lives in the UK, and his name is Omar.

Even in comparison with man, they seem to be giants. The increase in parameters and maturation continue up to three, sometimes up to four years. In the book of records the record holder with a body length of 123 centimeters is fixed. According to unverified data, there is a giant somewhere in the world, the size of which is 135 cm in full height. However, the average representative of this breed reaches no more than one meter in length.

An ordinary Maine Coon cat grows up to 40 cm at the withers.

What influences the size?

How a little kitten will grow depends on many factors:

  • from heredity: the larger the parents of the baby, the greater the likelihood that he will not be small;
  • from the state of mom-cat during pregnancy, her mood, as well as from what kind of food she receives during this period and when feeding her offspring;
  • on the number of simultaneously born cubs: the more kittens in the litter, the smaller they are, and, accordingly, vice versa;
  • from the diet of the younger baby, when he no longer receives mother's milk.

Large kittens will grow faster than their smaller brothers.

For about seven to eight weeks, the cat feeds the children with milk. At the age of five weeks, they begin to try another feed.

Up to a year, the growth and development of animals are accelerating.

Dimensions by month

When growing up babies switch to an adult diet, some weight loss is possible. However, by the age of two months, the weight of a young Maine Coon can reach a mark of one kilogram, and sometimes even more.

Three-month kittens in terms of height and weight overtake adult cats of some other breeds.

In six months, cat-boy weighs more than five kg. The kitty girl lags far behind - her weight does not even reach four kilograms.

One year old is characterized by a sharp increase in body weight. And here the weight difference between the cat and the cat becomes quite obvious.

Comparative table of weight Maine Coon up to three years.

Age of animal

Average cat weight, g

The average weight of a cat, g

Week 1



2 weeks



1 month



2 months



3 months



4 months



5 months



6 months



7 months



8 months



9 months



10 months



11 months



12 months



18 months



2 years



2.5 years



3 years



The values ​​given in the table are approximate. Each animal develops at its own pace, and the indicators may not coincide. It is important not to overfeed the pet, so as not to cause obesity and related diseases.

The height and length of adult cats and cats also differ markedly. If at birth they are about the same, about 12–15 centimeters, then after 3-4 weeks the cats become much larger.

To grow such a magnificent beast at home is great, because Maine Coon will respond to care with love and affection for many years.

Interesting facts about Maine Coon, see below.

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