Maine Coon

All about red Maine Coons

All about red Maine Coons

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  1. History of origin
  2. Breed description
  3. Varieties of coloring
  4. Character and habits
  5. Care features
  6. Hygiene rules
  7. Name selection

The Maine Coon is an attractive breed. Its representatives are majestic creatures, fascinating with their power and chic appearance. According to the standards, different colors are allowed for this breed, including red color or marble red maine coon. They are the brightest and most popular representatives of their breed. It should be noted that the red color includes various shades - from cream to red.

Ginger colour
Marble Red

History of origin

The northwest of the USA is considered to be the birthplace of this breed. These large cats first appeared in Maine, to which the name Maine Coon corresponds, or Maine Coon Cat

There are several versions of the origin of the breed. Some are sure that it came out thanks to the crossing of cats and raccoons. Others believe that this is a cross between a lynx and a cat. The confirmation of this version, they believe the presence of brushes on the ears of these big cats.

Experts are inclined to believe that the breed appeared as a result of evolution, without any human intervention.

Breed description

Adult cats of this breed admire with their large size. They are considered the largest among domestic breeds. Large expressive eyes, long whiskers and ears with tassels look quite original. Maine-coons develop slowly, full maturity, they reach 4-5 years. By this age, the weight of a cat is 11-15 kg, and cats - 5-7 kg.

Consider the features of this breed.

  • Their head is large and elongated in length, with high cheekbones and a chiseled profile. Eyes wide apart, oval. The nose is wide, the nose is large, the chin is pronounced brightly.
  • Ears with tassels are one of the bright features, which allows you to easily recognize the representatives of the breed.
  • The Maine Coon has a powerful, resilient and muscular body, a large bushy tail. The length of the body in males reaches one meter, the chest is wide, the neck is average in length. The length of the tail is equal to the length of the body.
  • The paws are large, medium in length, and the presence of hair between the fingers gives the paws additional attractiveness.
  • The coat is shiny and long, with a thick undercoat. Wool cover consists of a water-repellent layer that protects against moisture, and a second layer that protects against cold. The hair on the head and shoulders is short, and further along the body it is noticeably lengthened. The coat is absent only on the inner surface of the hind legs.
  • Color is characterized by a variety of shades: white, cream, black, fiery red, striped, tortoise and many other colors. By standards in the breed are not allowed only chocolate, Siamese and purple colors. The color of the eyes varies from green to golden hues; individuals of light color are most often blue-eyed, sometimes multicolored.

Varieties of coloring

The classic color of the red Maine Coon is a red solid. So called uniform coat color - bright brick or rich orange color. Splashes of white color, stripes and streaks on the body, tail, legs and head are allowed.

Experts identify the following color varieties of color breed:

  • brindle - the presence of dark clear stripes characteristic of tigers;
  • spotted - torn stripes and spots;
  • marble - the presence of stains appearing in the red wool;
  • smoky - roots of hairs have a white shade, and on tips - red.

Smoky, in turn, are divided into:

  • standard - The approximate ratio of white and red is 50/50;
  • chinchilla - 1/8 of the hair is painted red, everything else is white;
  • shaded - 1/4 of the hairs are colored red.

Often there are cases of two-tone white-red color Maine Coons. Depending on the proportions of the combination of white and red, two-color Maine Coons are divided into:

  • bicolor - distribution of white and red in the ratio of 50/50;
  • van - only ears and head are painted red, sometimes tail;
  • harlequin - only a few red spots are visible on the body;
  • white locket - the cat is red, with a beautiful white spot on the chest and white socks on the legs;
  • white tuxedo - red color all over the cat's body, except for the white collar and white socks on the paws.

Character and habits

These giant domestic cats at first glance seem harsh. Despite this, their character is wonderful. They get along well with children and other pets. Maine Coon is rightly called the ideal pets - they are very loyal to the owners, patient and delicate, but at the same time affectionate and sensitive. Maine-coons rarely show aggression, while strictly highlighting the boundaries of "friend or foe."

Cats of this breed will suit even busy people. They are self-sufficient and undemanding, even during the absence of the owners will find what to do. Pets will be gladly accommodated near the owner and will be watching him, not distracting from household chores. And yet they are experiencing a long separation hard.

Leaving Maine Coon as a single house, you definitely need to take care of what it has to do during the absence of the owner. You need to buy for him some interesting toys so that the animal does not have to be bored.

Activity is moderate, often love to soak up on the couch. Well-developed hunting instinct makes them excellent rat catchers. Activity in individuals persists until 5 years of age, then gradually subsides, they increasingly begin to prefer measured rest and sleep to games. At the same time, the hunting instinct does not fade with age, they will track and catch prey with the same perseverance.

Breeders especially appreciate the following traits in Maine Coons:

  • goodwill;
  • friendliness;
  • patience;
  • cleanliness;
  • adaptation to the habits of the owner;
  • devotion.

The owners note a high level of intelligence among representatives of the breed. Animals feel well what is possible and what is not. It is extremely rare to see them when they steal food from a table or damage furniture. They perfectly catch the mood change of the owners and do not bother them.

The Maine Coon cat is not afraid of water and often happily splashes when bathing. It should be noted that Maine Coons know how to communicate not only with the help of meow. They make squeak-like sounds, trills and something like a tweet. They have a well developed body language, and the blow of their big head means a particularly gentle attitude of the pet.

Care features

To grow a healthy individual, the owners need to take into account some points of its content.


Feed for the Maine Coon should choose premium. If natural food is preferred, then the diet should include lean meat, vegetables, fruits, cereals and dairy products, sometimes boiled sea fish and eggs are introduced into the diet. Adults maine coons usually eat three times more than fellows of other breeds, but not because of the love of gluttony, but because of their impressive size.

With enough food, the cat will never be interested in the master plate, it will not sink to theft from the table or begging.


Making wool beautiful will help regular brushing with a metal brush with frequent teeth. This procedure is recommended 2-3 times a week, and during the molting period - daily. Particular attention should be paid to the pet's chic tail.It is necessary to bathe no more than once in 1.5-2 months, with the obligatory use of shampoo for long-haired animals.

It is necessary to accustom to bathing, when the kitten is still small, it will be easier for him to get used to the procedure.

Cat toilet

From the correct cat's toilet depends on the order in the house and the well-being of the animal. Discomfort in coping with the needs adversely affects the well-being of the pet. Toilet for these giants is better to choose the largest, open or with a grid. The toilet house will be inconvenient, and the filling in it will dry much longer.


A pet must be timely vaccination. Any warning signs, whether digestive disturbances, refusal to eat or an uncertain walk, are a reason to visit the vet.


Maine Coons need to maintain an active lifestyle. They are recommended to often walk in the fresh air, arrange entertainment with balls and other toys. Loneliness is not best reflected in the character and appearance of the animal. In the place of its habitat it is necessary to build a device for turning claws and its own rest area.

Hygiene rules

Hygiene plays an important role in the care. Regular cleaning of the ears, claw care and bathing will make your pet a real beauty.

Eyes need to be cleaned of mucus as needed. It is removed with a cotton swab dipped in loose tea.

It is forbidden to use chamomile as a solution - it may cause hair loss around the eyes.

It is recommended to clean the ears of sulfur accumulation with special solutions (sold in veterinary pharmacies and pet stores) and cotton pads. The use of cotton swabs is undesirable, as this can lead to injury to the animal. After completion of the cleaning procedure, it is advisable to powder the ear canal with a special powder that prevents tick infestation.

Claws need periodic trimming. Too regrown, they can cause pain to the animal. For trimming, special circular scissors are used, which are the safest for vessels in cat's claws. It is necessary to look at the light where the capillary is located, and gently cut the tip of the claw at a slight angle. If the vessel is not visible, then it will be necessary to cut it off a bit, at random.

Name selection

Choosing a name is a rather difficult task. Often the owners choose a pet name, focusing on the color of its color. The most common names are:

  • Orange;
  • Tiger;
  • Lyon;
  • Gold (or Goldie - for girls);
  • Apricot;
  • Peach;
  • Garfield;
  • Foxy.

It should be noted that the name is very important. It should be understood that the affectionate and funny options are well suited for a kitten, but when the pet grows into a real giant, they will lose their relevance. Therefore, when choosing a name, you can look closely at the nature of the pet.

    The following names are harmonic:

    • Archie;
    • Alice;
    • Smart;
    • Max;
    • Friendly.

    About features of red Maine Coon, see below.

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