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What to wear with a white dress and what accessories to choose?

What to wear with a white dress and what accessories to choose?

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  1. White and black
  2. White and blue
  3. Laced
  4. Long
  5. A short
  6. What tights to wear
  7. Shoes and other shoes
  8. Accessories and handbags
  9. Outerwear

All of us have a white dress associated with a romantic and easy way. It has long taken a firm position on the world's catwalks and is becoming a strong rival to the little black dress.

White and black

Monochrome dress - concise, strict and always current. Do not be afraid to play with color. A rainbow scarf or red shoes is a great option for this outfit.

Neutral colors black and white are easily combined with the rest of the shades that are present in your wardrobe. To create a classic and austere look, accessories in white or black colors will help you. For example, a brooch, beads from pearls and a black leather belt.

A bright image can be easily and very successfully created using pastel tones - pale pink, heavenly, mint and light yellow shades will be very fresh and brightly combined with your black and white dress.

White and blue

A blue dress in white peas, in a cage or abstraction will give you a romantic, gentle and light look.

You can dilute it with beads or a bead bracelet. The main thing that the accessories were simple.

Sandals on a steady heel of a gentle peach or yellow shade perfectly will approach a summer dress in a strip.

The happy owners of the dress in white and blue stripes are very lucky. With it, you can easily create a marine summer image. It will be harmoniously combined with accessories made of wood and seashells.

And if you want to create a more evening look, feel free to wear black, white or bright terracotta shoes under a white and blue dress.


Special attention is given a white lace dress. For several seasons in a row, white lace continues to win the hearts of the beautiful half of humanity.

It is enough to add a denim jacket or coat to the image, shoes with steady heels and a bag with a fringe - your daily and evening image is complete.

As for jewelry, then limit yourself with beads or earrings to match the dress.

It is possible to emphasize the whiteness and beauty of the lace with a golden belt.

It is worth noting that a white lace dress goes very well with bright shoes. And if you add to them a black or dark brown jacket, you get an excellent party kit.


A long white dress looks luxurious and without a doubt fits to festive occasions. If you need a more casual look, feel free to buy a white long sundress of free fit. It can be easily combined with denim and leather jackets.

You will create a more solemn image by adding silver and gold bracelets, chains and rings. But do not choose frilly decorations, choose modest and concise.

As for shoes, white or beige sandals and shoes and a silver or white clutch to them will fall in the way.

A short

What to wear a short white dress? This question worries many of us. For a day walk in the park, wear a white dress in combination with bright belts, shawls and handbags.

If you decide to wear it to work, then the top is better to wear a black jacket or jacket and the same color shoes. The bag in this case can be both bright and neutral colors.

For a festive outlet, it is better to dilute the image with a gold or silver clutch, and choose shoes with a beige or light caramel color. Emphasize the waist better thin strap, matched in the color of the shoes.

What tights to wear

It is very important to choose the right tights or stockings for a white dress. They should be a neutral shade to match the shoe. In no case can not be combined white tights with black shoes.

The classic combination of white dress with tights of beige, solid and light coffee shades will always be relevant.

For a brighter image you can choose tights of saturated colors.

Shoes and other shoes

With a loose white shirt dress, you can wear massive boots, with a warm knit dress boots and ankle boots, and with summer white dresses you can safely wear pumps, wedge sandals and even moccasins.

In this case, the classic colors of shoes are black, gray and beige. For a casual look, you can combine black shoes, a black strap and a small handbag of the same shade.

Of the bright shades, red, pink, sky, light yellow shoes are perfect.

Accessories and handbags

For a light white dress the perfect friend will be a small clutch on a chain. It is ideal if it will stand out against the background of a white dress due to a bright shade.

Especially advantageous will look red. But in this case you should exclude any massive decorations, otherwise you will look overloaded and tasteless.

Also, under the white dress fit and voluminous bags.

The best option would be thin bracelets, earrings and straps. If you prefer larger jewelery, then beads and rings with natural stones will be most welcome.

Scarves, hats and belts can also be an excellent complement to your look.


If it is cool outside the window and the time of year does not allow to walk in one dress only, then you can easily pick the top of your dress.

In the fall and spring, you can wear a short leather jacket with a lush white dress. An elongated dark leather trench coat or jacket will suit the long and fitted dress. An excellent option would be an elongated vest.

In winter, you can wear a fur-lined down jacket, a long coat or a fur coat. If the dress is of medium length, it is desirable that the fur coat be knee-length.

Everyone knows that in the wardrobe of every girl should be a little black dress. But today, with full confidence we can say that a white dress should hang next to the little black dress. Include all your imagination, experiment with colors, revive yourself and you will always be irresistible!

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