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What to wear with a black dress and what accessories to choose?

What to wear with a black dress and what accessories to choose?

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  1. With sleeves
  2. Without sleeves
  3. Sheath Dress
  4. Black little dress
  5. Long
  6. Up to the knees
  7. Midi
  8. Leather
  9. Laced
  10. With flowers
  11. What tights to wear black dress with?
  12. What shoes to wear
  13. Accessories
  14. Outerwear

No one dares to consider a black dress to be boring, since its character can be easily changed with the help of accessories, shoes and additional items of clothing. There are some rules in this matter, which are mandatory.

With sleeves

If you wear an elongated dress, which has long sleeves, sports shoes, pick up a bag on one shoulder and stylish sunglasses, then at a friendly meeting you will be the most fashionable among your girlfriends.

Classic outfit will not tolerate such a neighborhood. The best choice would be neat pumps. No further additions are required. Is that a black clutch would not be superfluous in such a way.

Without sleeves

Initially, it is worthwhile to consider turtlenecks, t-shirts and shirts as the most acceptable option to complement a black sleeveless dress.

Due to the different colors you can every time appear in new images.

Layering can also save the situation when you want to present an old dress in a new light. In this case, in addition to a turtleneck, you will need to choose a knitted cardigan, which is popular this season. In this image you will not only look stylish, but also feel comfortable.

For a business image it is good to use a short jacket, a light blouse or a turtleneck.

If you add a fur version of outerwear to the black sleeveless dress and even high boots to wear, then you risk becoming the most elegant woman.

Designers have combined a scarf with a jacket. The result is a very stylish element of women's wardrobe, which is perfect for black dresses.

Sheath Dress

Black dress in the form of a case, which has a concise design, can be combined with a large number of accessories and additional elements. It all depends on the image, which in the end should work.

For office bows fit black and gray scale with a bright accent, for example a handbag.

Green, red, brown and purple are suitable for an evening out. Shoes without a heel and a leather jacket are suitable for a walk.

The severity of straight cut can be diluted with an interesting Pavlolopad scarf and bright shoes.

Black little dress

It does not matter what style your little black dress has, which meets the canons of the great Koko. If you add it with the correct, elegant shoes and discreet accessories, then the image will definitely be amazing.

You should not lose sight of the hairstyle and makeup, which allow you to place the correct accents.


For evening celebrations and social events, you must have a long dress in black in your wardrobe.

Shoes with such a heel, the height of which will be comfortable for you, will look good with it. If the dress is open enough, then the shoes may also not be strict.

Up to the knees

You can refresh a little black dress with a white scarf, belt, top element of clothing. The choice is unlimited and you can rely on your taste.


It is easy to combine a black midi dress with gloves, your favorite jewelery, top capes.


A neat selection of jewelry requires a leather dress. Moderation is the main factor to rely on. No more than two items worth picking up.

Shoes must be expensive, to match a chic leather dress.This material in itself is poured, shines and creates glare, so jewelry here will be inappropriate.

But capes can be used freely. For winter, be sure to have a fur outerwear. For a leather dress fit classic jacket.

Leather dress is acceptable to combine with a leather bag.

Due to the belt, you can beat any dress and achieve the desired effect. Belt-elastic bands are popular. Take a closer look at them, maybe this particular element is missing your dress.

If the belt will serve as a contrasting element, then it should be chosen to match the corresponding accessories. It will be enough clutch and shoes. The main element of the image is a dress and you should not clog it with additional elements.


Lace has a light structure, bears tenderness, gives a feeling of airiness and makes a woman fragile. But all these features can be easily spoiled and negated, if you choose the wrong accessories.

Under the dress, the length of which does not reach the knees, it is permissible to wear high boots made of textile material. Well if they also have lace elements. It remains to add a handbag and a few light decorations.

With flowers

Black dresses with flowers in themselves look gorgeous. But what about without accessories? Harmony is the main rule that must be followed in all circumstances. Bright outfits do not accept the presence of the same expressive accessories, be it a shoe or a handbag. In this case, simplicity and classics will be appropriate.

If there are bright flowers on a black dress, accessories can repeat the main color of the dress.

With a light, but rich color dress you can wear sandals with wedges.

Floral motifs on your black dress allow you to shoe different shoes, the choice of which will be based on the style and style of the main dress.

What tights to wear black dress with?

Lack of jewelry can be replaced by interesting and unusual tights. They will look good only with a concise dress, the style of which will be more democratic. A good example would be a bell-shaped dress, a dress with a short length and a high waist.

It is believed that black tights and fishnet stockings with a black dress look vulgar and too defiant.

Tights should be either bright or with a pattern. Choose one thing. Now it has become unfashionable to wear beige tights under a black dress.

What shoes to wear

Evening look is inconceivable without patent leather shoes to match the color of the dress or the boat, which will repeat the shade of the belt or handbag.

In creating a spectacular image will help shoes with a bright platform. For work it is better to choose comfortable shoes with a small and steady heel.

You can wear your most favorite shoes for a walk. You can go to the party all in the same black dress and bright shoes.


It is easy to pick up accessories to a black dress, it is difficult to make a mistake. Still, certain rules should be followed:

  • A black dress will look dark with a lot of black accessories. The color belt will dilute the mourning image;
  • a heavy look with dark brown, purple and bog colors.

Remember what she wore her black dress Coco Chanel. It was of course pearl. You can not depart from the classics and also choose for yourself this exquisite accessory. You can replace it with other natural stones, Murano glass.


Do not miss the opportunity to wear cardigans. Firstly, they are very popular now, and secondly, together with the black dress, this element looks harmonious. You can dilute the dark color of the dress with cardigans of a rich color and a small strap.

In summer, try to complement the dress with a translucent fabric with a coarse denim jacket.

Jacket can be left for a business image. In this case, it should have a calm color that can be repeated in the shoe.

Outerwear is selected for the evening look, depending on the style and celebration.

You can have only one black dress, which, if skillfully combined, will suit any look.

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