Colors of dresses

How to choose tights for a dress?

How to choose tights for a dress?

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After the need for tights appeared in the mid-twentieth century, this element of the wardrobe did not just stay in the closets, but became one of the main additions to the dress. Therefore, I want to share about what to wear tights and what to choose.

Tights colors

There are many colors and colors of stockings and the palette is replenished every year. Black and gray, white and beige, blue and red, green and brown, striped and checkered, with patterns and without tights, have become an integral part of our wardrobe.

Let's talk about the most popular colors:

  • Black tights slim legs, visually making them thinner and longer.
  • The bodily shades of tights belong to the classics of fashion and fit almost any dress or costume.
  • Colored tights with a pattern are popular in the cold season. They are perfect for mini dresses, emphasizing the legs and bringing silhouette to the highlight.

How to choose a dress

When choosing tights for a dress, you should pay attention to a few rules:

  1. To a monophonic dress tights approach any on density and color. And to a bright color dress - only plain tights.
  2. The thicker the dress, the more transparent the pantyhose.
  3. The selection of tights should be approached with caution and distinguish the fine line between style and bad taste. Tights and outfit should have a similar color scheme and blend harmoniously.
  4. To the tight dress pick up seamless tights.

Tights in the color of the dress


Black tights of any density, plain, with a pattern or with arrows, visually slender legs will suit the black dress.

Excellent tandem is obtained with rich colors and even white.


You can add burgundy, dark red, violet, cherry or dark gray tights to a simple dark blue dress.

The classic option would be a combination of blue dress and black, white or beige tights.

To create a shocking image, you can pick up colored tights with bright colors and pastel-colored patterns. For blue fit pink-gray and purple-blue flowers.


To the passionate red dress is often chosen flesh tights of pantyhose, because it is self-sufficient. But in fashion shows you can meet the bright colors of pantyhose.

If you want to give the image of drama, then wear black tights.

For mini dress you can pick up pink tights.


Tights are not needed for a delicate white dress, but if you are going to go outside during the cold hours of the day, matte tights of any color will warm you and make the look complete.

A white dress with lace tights, striped and speckled looks unusual. The colored ones are particularly advantageous with white outfits.


By the green dress you can pick up green tights on a few tones lighter than the dress, but in addition to black boots.


Gray outfits look especially good with beige, flesh, gray and black tights.


The most optimal for the combination, the color easily make friends with any shade of pantyhose.

For an extraordinary look, choose a bright color: red, orange, burgundy. For an official event suitable tights, a couple of tones different from the dress.

To create a romantic look, choose peach, coral, milk or chocolate tights for the dress.You should not combine a beige dress and black tights: an unsuccessful and rough game of contrasts will ruin the whole image.


For the dresses of brown color and all its shades fit classic colors - black and beige. An interesting combination would be a brown dress and turquoise, ultramarine, gray and purple tights.

How to choose tights for a wedding dress

Regardless of the weather, the appearance of a bride with bare legs will be unacceptable. Therefore, it is worth scrupulous to consider the choice of such an accessory as tights.

Here are some simple rules:

  1. Pantyhose to match the tone of shoes or together
  2. Drawing on tights should not be catchy and simple.
  3. A richly decorated dress is combined with simple tights and vice versa, lace or openwork tights will suit the simple dress.
  4. Tights, imitating stockings or garters, will be a worthy replacement for stockings. They look unusual and interesting, as well as warm in cool weather.
  5. You can pick up to the dress tights, imitating the tattoo. At the same time pick up delicate patterns that emphasize femininity.
  6. For a short dress you can wear tights with arrows or a seam at the back. They slim and make the figure more refined.

Tights colors for leather dress

To the black and red dress fit bodily or thin openwork panty hoses in black. Dark tights do not fit most leather dresses, so be careful not to overdo it when choosing such an accessory.

Combine dresses and panty hoses, relying on your taste, but do not forget about the simple rules that we talked about today.

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