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What to wear with a gray dress?

What to wear with a gray dress?

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A black little dress is not the only universal element of women's wardrobe. Along with him is a gray dress, from which you can also form any image. You just need to know about some tricks and remember the basic rules.

Sheath Dress

Dress with the shape of the case can serve as an independent element of the image, which does not need the selection of details. But for the office, you can pick up a white shirt that will refresh your look and add a touch of formality, blue accessories or a bright blouse.


A beautiful figure can be dressed in knitted dresses in gray. The most successful options have a high neck, which can be supplemented with knitted cropped shirts from a pastel palette.

Black leggings can also participate in this ensemble, but they will need to pick up high classic shoes.


Suede shoes - this is the most successful shoes, which is just perfectly combined with a gray dress. The color of such shoes can be classic black, muted red or dark purple.

To work, you definitely need to choose black shoes with a comfortable heel, for a summer walk, boots with metallic décor are more suitable, and for winter and cold autumn, keep high boots, half boots or fashionable boots.

If the dress is short, then under it you should wear boots to the knee of suede. Mouse color looks different with gray.


The choice of tights should be no less serious than any other element. You can choose this accessory in gray color, but only this should be the color of graphite or the shade of wet asphalt.

A harmonic link must be present between the color of the tights and the shoes If your shoes are red, tights should match the dress.


Classic images do not accept the brightness in detail, but gold (preferably white) or silver can be used together with a strict gray dress.

A good alternative to this choice would be a string of pearls, jewelry made of turquoise or gray mother of pearl. Black gloves are asked for this look: tall and elegant, made of thin leather or suede, and a small handbag to match.

If the blue color fits your color type, then know that with a gray dress such accessories fit very well.

Combinations with flowers

People who consider gray dresses to be boring simply do not know how to select additional elements for them and, most importantly, choose colors.

  • Black with gray is an inexhaustible direction for the realization of their skills as a fashion designer. On a gray background, black leather or textile inserts look amazing and will help to hide a few extra pounds. Black color may be present in shoes or accessories.
  • It is worth considering a combination of gray with pink. This combination, though unusual, looks very gentle. At the peak of popularity is the color of fuchsia, which can also be used with a gray dress.
  • Red color makes a gray dress sexy, which will be especially important for evening curtsy.
  • Blue with a gray dress helps to create a glamorous image, not deprived of elegance.
  • Yellow elements on a gray background look spectacular and unexpectedly bright.


Daily look for every day

The best option for everyday wear is a knitted dress.In it, and in the movie you can go, and with friends sit in the nearest coffee shop, and go for the products.

For work

Choosing a gray cardigan dress in a delicate color or a trench coat, among your colleagues you will be the most stylish. You can create an image entirely from various shades of gray scale - for the office, this solution is very appropriate.

The working look, consisting of a gray dress, can easily be made solemn. Just add a few bright accessories and apply red lipstick on your lips.

Solemn images

For special occasions, it is worthwhile to find a dress made of light fabric, on which decorative elements can be placed. In this case, bright shoes that will serve as a magnet for prying eyes will be appropriate. The choice of accessories and handbags (preferably clutch) should be interconnected.


The fashion of the 60s acquires relevance and is expressed in new ideas, so each woman of fashion tries to add a short fitted dress or model with a trapezoid shape to her wardrobe. It will not be possible to do without high dark boots, at low speed, perhaps, lacquered.

Shoes with a delicate shade are suitable for warmer weather.

The active development of fashion for sports dresses went to the hand of lovers of comfortable clothing. The simplicity of the dress is smoothed by bright moments that look impressive on a gray background.

Should be comfortable and shoes, not just a dress, so your favorite sneakers and gym bag and ask in this image.

The fear of a gray dress and the thought that it is inexpressive and boring has no basis. Our advice, your taste, sense of style and gray dress are the irresistible formula under any circumstances.

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