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What is wearing a blue dress and what accessories to choose?

What is wearing a blue dress and what accessories to choose?

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  1. Dark blue
  2. White and blue
  3. Sheath Dress
  4. To the floor
  5. A short
  6. What tights to wear
  7. What shoes to wear
  8. Accessories

The blue dress is able to correctly emphasize the figure, highlight the advantages and advantageously hide the flaws, as well as add elegance and mystery. Bright and dynamic, but at the same time clean and peaceful, the blue color gives us a special inner spirit.

We all have repeatedly faced the problem - what to wear a blue dress. Let's deal with it.

Dark blue

A dark blue dress will always look perfect not only on young girls, but also on adult ladies. It blends seamlessly with gray, black and beige, as well as with other pastel tones.

Such combinations are perfect for both daytime activities and evening business meetings, which have a strict dress code.

Want a perfect image - combine a dark blue dress with a white jacket, belt and other accessories.

It must be remembered that deep shades of blue will add to your image rigor and rigidity. To make the image bright, add bright red, yellow and orange, brick accessories.

White and blue

Blue in combination with white is a classic that will never go out of style. It is not the first season that such a combination is demonstrated by global brands.

The white and blue dress is a unique maritime style, bright and cheerful, which is especially relevant on hot summer days.

The outfit will look great with white or blue accessories.

Shades of red are also permissible in a blue-white tandem.

But the white-blue dress can easily look simple, but at the same time very cute and concise, become strict and business-like, if it is trimmed, for example, with white cuffs and a collar. You can also dilute the image with a wide belt and white shoes.

Sheath Dress

A favorite of all time is an elegant and discreet sheath dress. It is very versatile due to its simple style. This is what allows us to create many sets in completely different styles, based on a sheath dress.

For example, in the office we can wear it with a jacket of restrained colors and classic shoes, the shoes are perfect.

For shopping with friends we combine a dress with a cozy cardigan and comfortable shoes.

And if you have a special event scheduled for the evening, then you can beat the sheath dress with a chic brooch, a unique belt with pearl beads or a necklace with rhinestones and a concise clutch.

To the floor

Incredibly romantic and gently look dress in the floor. A long light dress of weightless fabric practically does not require any additions. It is quite self-sufficient.

A dress to the floor will look good both with a knitted jacket and a classic jacket, but you can try to combine it with a sweater.

With a summer long dress to the floor will be a great combination of massive jewelry made of plastic, stones and even wood.

If the dress is not too long, the emphasis can be placed on contrasting shoes.

A short

When choosing a short blue dress it is worth remembering that the blue color itself is very self-sufficient and excessive extravagance can overload your look. The blue color is very bright and saturated and it can be a disadvantage with misuse.

To avoid vulgarity when choosing a bright blue dress, try playing on style contrasts.Give up the example of classic shoes, shoes in favor of extravagant ankle boots in the style of rock, as well as complement the image of a leather jacket, leather jacket and a bag with a fringe.

What tights to wear

Shades of blue elegantly emphasize tanned skin. Therefore, if it is summer outside and the weather makes us happy, wear a blue dress with pleasure.

If the weather conditions do not allow you to show your tan, and the calendar is still not summer, then we advise you to choose matte tights for your blue dress. It can be black, bodily, blue and even white. You can also combine a dress with tights of cappuccino or burgundy.

What shoes to wear

When you pick up shoes for a blue dress, do not forget about the combination of shades. Blue does not like frills and overkill in matching shades.

Elegance and style will create the silver shoes of the correct model.

Shoes in the golden scale will look great.

Blue dress looks harmoniously with yellow shoes. However, you can choose shoes of almost any color, adding an accessory to the tone.

Black shoes are ideal. With it, you can create any image.

Brown boots or boots would be the perfect pair for a denim dress. And if you add leather jewelry and a handbag, correctly selected to match the shoes, to such an image, you will be irresistible.

Also under the blue dress you can choose sneakers, shoes with a print or the color of the dress.


A dress in blue will certainly be a great combination with decorations in the following colors:

  • Silvery and gray shades.
  • Golden.
  • Dairy and pearl tones.

Undoubtedly, the best friends for the blue dress were and will be pearls, diamonds, white gold and silver. They will perfectly complete the image, create a complete and complete picture, perfectly emphasize the color.

Black accessories will be a smart addition to the dress in any shade of blue. If you prefer a bright dress in blue, feel free to complement it with accessories of simple shapes in discreet shades. In this case, we strongly recommend that you forget about the pretentiousness and extravagance, so as not to overload the image.

No less advantageous will be combined jewelry in natural, brown shades of leather and wood. Such accessories will be an excellent addition to the summer images.

Classic is the duet of a blue dress with a red belt. And brighter and extravagant ladies should look at accessories from natural stones from orange and wine hues to bright pink colors.


Do not forget about such additions as a leather jacket and bolero, fur cape and autumn coat.

All this is selected depending on the situation and the weather.

The game with color and style is very exciting. After all, it is the original, but at the same time, the right combination of colors make your look unusual and most attractive. Therefore, we boldly embrace the experience of world stylists and create our own unique image!

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